The Ghost Of The Skies -Still In The Works-

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he will return ...he is what stalks in the night ..and what bumps back in the night

Submitted: March 03, 2008

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Submitted: March 03, 2008



"Brian im not gonna make it my engines blown out"
" Ugghh! foxtrot 12 take him out"
"Noooo! FUCK!"

I woke up sweating ive had the same dream since the accident last week, The names brian winters im the ace fighter pilot for the 68th Sqaudron Black Knights also known as the demons of the round table. " Brian The Senate wants to see you in regards of last weeks accident" Tara said. Anyway seeing that i had to face the senate i know they werent all appy about what happend but they have been acting suspiciouly nice latley defending me against charges and all soo i really wasent anxious but i was prepared for what i would hear.

"Brian winters welcome back so your here for last weeks accident we have to resons to believe your the fault for it" Senator lira said
"your fucking kidding me ... ok soo your saying i let alexa die? why would i do that she was of my best pilots there was nothing i could do something went wrong ...and we couldent point it out" Brian Said

"You should of been ready for anything ..theres not-"

"EXCUSE ME? i should of been ready ... first of all we dont where the fuck the missile came from let alone do we know What it came from..u know what this case is closed all of you can honestly blow me ill firgure out what went wrong my fucking self" Brian Said walking off

So there was nothing left to say but something...something went really wrong and i have this feeling its gonna get wors. Other then that i was being sent on a Black Ops mission codename "Viper Strike". I headed down to to the briefing room and grabbed and seat

" Ok kids i wont lie but things are are looking bad other then our radar picking up a strange disturbance Xanders private army has started to attack Arcadia air and land both but today u guys get the honor of going up against his ruthless fighter pilots The Wild Eagles" Captain Connors Stated

" So Xanders back? well this should be fun ok ..Rack Em And Pack Em Boys we leave in 20" Biran Said

After the briefing i went to get a bite and went the docking bay looked like we were in for one hell of a night and now it was time to test out my customized F-22 Raptor Black and Red Baby. Watching tara she looked back at me and smiled yea she was ready believe me i looked at everone else loading thier jets with special weapons it was almost time.

We knew exactly what to except nut we were always on alert other members of the team was Brandon "black venom" , Tara "Black angel" Shawn "Back viper", Amy " Black Avenger" ' And me "Black Raven". All of our jets are custom to are recomendations. We went for debrieing once more suited up and headed to out jets.

"Black Knights Your Clear For Take Off"

So it was a nice night but it wouldent stay like that for long

"Aye tara anthing on the radar yet"

"no nothi- wait 4 planes heading in our direction"

A missile just missed shawns wing we quickly broke up i already has someone on my tail i could seem to get him off so i had to take desprete messures i put on the after burners and pushed them passed the limit risking the engine to blow. i made a quick decent did a roll and came up behind him "goodbye" i said and i launched a missile it smacked right into his left engine he went down. i looked on my side and tara was in a dogfight all ofa sudden of the radio

"Guys alittle help here! i can shake him!" Amy Screamed

i made a quick turn and singled shawn we came up on eachside of the figther i i flew under he flew above him so he couldent escape shawn dropped a bomb on him i quickly flew to the side and the explosion was massive. We got orders to go back to headquarters and thats what we did.

"ok everyone take your seats i got big news tara turn up the volume" Sgt said

On the tv was commander vanessa myers

" James Stockwell CEO of security and strategy corporations says our future depends on the private military the federal trade commision has just approved the merger of security and strategy corporation with black mountain industries creating the largets private military corporation in the world" Vanessa Explained

"no fucking way?! oh man so now we are contracted mercenaries?" Brian Asked

"If the military cant take care of business we need someone who is....some critics may call this profiteering but i call it profit" Sgt said

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