The Rescue Part 1

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Once Your In Too Deep .... U Can Never Get Out

Submitted: November 12, 2007

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Submitted: November 12, 2007



Now here is how this story is gonna go ... im gonna probably tell it from different perspectives ummm im not gonna say who's talking unless it gets to confusing .... so just try and keep up : ] Thank You

Raven right you know , you cant just go over and take her out of that hellhole even if he just is her step father.

You really fucking expect me sit here and just hear of her getting hurt and i dont care if her step father is part of that gang im going to get her out of there regardless out what he tries to do. She knows as well as you im not fucking afraid to go down there and barge in and drag her the fuck out ...and if wants to send his friends after me let him.

And what its like a fucking suicide mission...i know you love her and all but are you really willing to go in there and get her out with your life at risk

Cassandra...u know im fucking willing to do anything for her ... plus i have backup now its either u hand me the gun or im going empty handed

Ok so you think u can think all of that over and firgure out whats going on ... well Jessica is being abused by her step father ..who is the leader of a dangerous drug trading gang ..Jessica is his step daughter but undercover at the same time ...problem is shes into deep and they have suspected that shes not exactly who she says she is

Dark Athena to Team Strike Come in

"Team Strike Here Lt. Salem speaking"

Ah! My girl how ya been ...listen we have a problem and Jessica's mansion alot of shit is going on and we are going in tonight to get her house cause her step father is abusing her ...besides the fact that she is under suicide watch shes suspected of working with us ...and he cant find out she really is.

"So Sergent whats the deal here"

Meet me five miles away from the Valentine mansion at 8 pm tonight

"Got It Sir Teak Strike Out"

Now Cassandra your either fucking coming with me our im leaving you behind FUCK what the kid said ..whats it gonna be

Fine! coming but i swear if anything goes wrong ... ANYTHING were pulling out then and there

Sgt.Raven Carpenter Age 18, Sgt.Cassandra Redlo Age 18 And Undercover Agent Jessica Echo Age 17 Make Up Team Dark Athena theres more member but this story is focused on these 3 the other team ill get into when the story progresses. Team Strike is a recon force made specifically for search rescue and at times destroy missions. Well it was 8 pm and the cars were pulling up Dark Athena in a black dodge ram and team strike in a black bmw truck

So heres how its going down keep up with me Salem take your team and find a way to cut the power once u do that the me and Cassandra will take out the guards after u take the power out do what ever u can to keep a watch on Jessica. Me and Cassandra will have out night vision on and the lasers on our guns and the black camo in the back of the car is what we are wearing so besides the lasers showing we are untraceable. Once we get in ...anything can and im pretty sure will happen but we will keep in contact

"After we take the power out we will inform over the radio"

well then Cassandra lets get the camo on and load up the guns ...were hitting this place now...

So they pulled out 2 M16's and laser attachments ...anyway i hate to say this but

.....To Be continued : ] you know u all love my writing dont bitch lol the 2nd part is the last part but if i decide maybe we will see more of them ...but first we need to see who makes it out alive

.....To Be continued : ] you know u all love my writing dont bitch lol the 2nd part is the last part but if i decide maybe we will see more of them ...but first we need to see who makes it out alive

My Take On What Jessica And Raven Looked Like When they First Started


My Take On Jessicas Two Main Weapons Evny And Lust Two 45mm Custom Desert Eagles


And My First And Not Final Concept On Raven Now


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