stained glass rainbows

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

bo tells mom that shes bisexual and it goes down hill from there !

Mom! No i yelled , i saw the rage in her eyes as she was going to lift up her hand again. But in just in time the door flew open as my dad walked in his jaw litterally dropped to the floor in amazment on whats happening. What the heck is going on he yelled before mom began to he glanced at me and i am standing there in the middle with welts and bruises from what mother did to me. My own mom who is soposed to feed me and treat me with respect, that word i dispise that word respect. mother never gave me any respect at all she caused so much grief for me this year and i never want to go back to that little oh i wish i could say that word. but that would be very wrong to say that about my mother what she did to me was terribly ,terribly wrong wich no mother should ever do to there own child. i sware i thought i was going to die that day but im very thank full my dad walked in just in time.

Mother was going to lay another slap across my face as the door flew open but she stoped as soon as my dad walked in he looked physicly shocked on whats going on. Do you believe this b-bitch she comferms her self as bisexual tell me what do you think of that tom. he looked at me with sad eyes like a puppy would look at you when he wants food "look theres no need for violence he said."

mom stared at me with rage in her eyes she was really mad at me for what i am wanting to become for the rest of my life. Tom glanced at me one more time with a soft voice he said to my mom "oh my god what did you do to her she is your child not your hacky sack". "You listen here you i know what you have been up to the past days and dont look at my like that do you think im crazy or something tom do you said mother in fire eye rage." Look there is no need to beat her if you beat her one more time im out of here said my dad , i just stared at both of them like what the heck am i tearing them apart because if he leaves my life will be in hell for the rest of my highschool carrier.

She glaired at him and yelled in his face pointing her finger and screaming "give him your reason bo give it if your proud of this disision because it will effect your life style". I said very softly to my self " because i am bisexual and im proud of it", What she screamed i cant hear you lift your fucking head up bitch. so i did what i was told with my arms dangling at my side i said "Because im bisexual and im proud of it" i said in a snotty tone. she walked straight over to me and put all her force into this one last hit and yelled " I dont care what you are you will never be welcomed back in my home anymore" she screamed. Tom droped his jaw again and yelled"your out of controll bo is our daughter you are never to hit her like that ever!" she looked at him she through her hands in the air yelling " Oh now im the bitch of the house now, im the bad guy here!" Dad looked at over at me my eye make up streaming down my face from crying from being emotionally abused by mother he said " ill see you in court bo go upstairs and get your things were out of here."

so i went as i was told still hearing the yelling from down stairs i quickly gathered all of my belongings and then it hit me mother never really loved me as her own child she hated me. ever since i was young she new i was differnt from all the other girls out there thats why she beat me every day to gain her wins on how much she hates me. as i went down the stairs i saw dad with his belongings and mother siting on the chair with her arms crossed pouting. she looks like shes thinking she said " what are you looking at" i turned away as i knew it would cause more trouble. my dad took my hand and said lets get the heck out of here you dont need any more trouble he said to me. i smiled as i grabbed his hand back and i gripped hard mom screamed " ill get you in court i will win bo back as i glanced back as we left the drive way thats all i heard. that was the last time i heard from my mom since i was living with her and i never want to go back to those memorys, ever go back. she had giving me welts all over my body that day by slapping me out of my mind i never want to go back to her house again.

Submitted: April 27, 2012

© Copyright 2022 raveprincess. All rights reserved.

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Here are some tips:
-(not ment in bad way) If you are going to type somthing up and put on a website like this, learn to spell the words :)
- Be more descriptive and not so repetative.
- Give a little more back story as to what went on between the daughter & mother.

Hope this helps :)
Remember its only constructive critisism, not ment in offence or anything :)
But keep up the good work.

Fri, April 27th, 2012 12:59am


Thank you :D

Thu, April 26th, 2012 6:04pm


no its not offensive at all i belive thats great advice thank you ! iam working on that more discriptive thoughts :D i will get better as time goes im new at this! lol its a nice story

Fri, April 27th, 2012 1:03am


Here's my advice, first i suggest you use Microsoft word or something with a good spell check system because writing on the website itself is kind of hard.

Second, the quotations are a bit off, you wrote "look theres no need for violence he said" instead of "look theres no need for violence" he said.

Third, i'll repeat the first comment and says you need to get more descriptive, but that's something you learn how to do the more you write.

All things considered, you did pretty well for your first story so keep up the good work ;)

Fri, April 27th, 2012 2:04am


Thank you :D

Sat, April 28th, 2012 10:24am

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