Birth Of Humanity

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The creation humanity through struggle of chaos.

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015



Through the fog it sees with piercing sight,
an eye like no other with searing light.
A gaze so strong to guess weaves a maze,
a maze impassible by our human might.
But fear not for no matter the count of the days,
our everlasting, life giving ways,
give life on pass,
so dare not trespass. 

We are the chosen few or so we believe,
born of light but we all know lives conceive.
Newly born are we no matter the age I say,
No fear have I so by my might and mind I dare lead the way!
Out of a cave and through that maze wandered a man,
but no man is strong alone,
so many followed but many fell,
forever however his name unknown....

What if I told you I was that man,
who stood alone before the others,
each step taken like the last,
with thought chased by a worry.
But I stood as I stand now,
and I looked out of the maze and I knew...
This was the birth
of me,
of us,
of humanity.

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