Love Is Fine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short romance story of Jeremy and Adelade as they fall in love in a single day.

It’s strange how things happen without rhyme or reason and they can be small, simple things, but they can change everything. We really don’t think about how those small everyday events have such a big impact, but what if we stopped and looked back at them? I should've been born two thousand and three hundred years ago with all these philosophical thoughts floating through my head. I reach out and twist the tap off and step out of the shower cringing as the cold air assaults my previously warm skin.


I cross the bathroom snatching a towel off the rack as I pass and stop in front of the large mirror covering the wall above the sink. I do that thing, you know, the thing where you lean in and look at a specific flaw on your face just because you are there, and then you think to yourself: “Ugh I wish that would change.” In reality I’m not that bad looking for an eighteen year old boy, I mean man. I have medium length chestnut brown hair topping my head and flowing into bangs that sweep across the ominous, deep green of my right eye. In the corner of my sight is the narrow ridge of my nose, falling down to my thin red lips and straight, white smile that rarely shines upon the angular jawline and slight stubble that dots it. I am not exactly muscular, but I do have those faint abs you get because you’re so skinny and if I stand just the right way, I can pass it off for genuine muscle. My eyesight is always drawn to my clearly defined collar bone that then branches off into two average arms, the most tanned part of my body as I always wear t-shirts. I am fairly tall standing at about five feet and eleven inches, but most of my height is in my legs, which coincidentally, is where most of my strength is. Once I sit down I don’t appear any taller than anyone else.


Drying myself off sufficiently I wrap the towel around my waist and step out into the hallway where the smooth wooden floor creaks underneath. I grab the uniform for my highschool off the banister and carry it into the living room. Nobody is home in the morning so it doesn’t matter to me where I get changed, I cross into the kitchen and throw some bread in the toaster, slamming the lever multiple times til it finally clicks and stays. I set the one cup coffee maker and head back to my uniform, the same routine every day. I wish more than once that my life had some more action, but what can you do when you are just the most average guy there is. Finishing up my morning ritual I head outside into the sharp, cold air of a Canadian winter morning, I head over to my car and as I open the door I hear someone slip and then the soft thud as they hit the ground. I look over and just down at the end of my driveway is a girl lying face down in the half-frozen slush that has yet to be plowed off the sidewalk.


“Oh brother,” I mumble under my breath watching the words float in front of me as I half walk, half slide down the driveway. “Are you alright there?” I lower myself and sit back on my heels waiting for a response, while I wait I notice some of her features; she has long, dark blonde hair that would probably look pretty if it weren't splayed across her puffy, navy blue winter jacket. She was wearing black dress pants and brown dress boots, no wonder she fell.

“Hey, are you still alive down there?” I poke her jacket and the puffy fabric compresses under my finger, I watch as it pops back up. “Look, I gotta go and you happen to be in the path of my car, so can I help you up or not?” Finally there was movement as I saw her roll over and struggle to get her feet under her. She finally managed and tries to push up, but slips again and falls on her ass this time. She has a tanned complexion and stunning blue eyes that gaze out over her small, round, red lips. My eyes tempting me to gaze farther down, but I resist the temptation and hold my hand out in her face. “Let’s try this again shall we? Hi, my name is Jeremy, can I help you up?” I said with an almost feigned sincerity, but she gets the point and takes my hand, I put my foot in front of hers and stand up pulling her with me. Once she’s up she begins brushing herself down and I notice her jacket zipper isn’t done up which allows me to spot a familiar shirt, it’s the uniform shirt, she goes to my school.


“You know you are going to be late, you have about ten minutes to make a forty-five minute walk,” I smiled looking at the clock on my phone,”and as much as I would love to see that happen it just wouldn’t be very gentlemanly of me. If it doesn’t creep you out with all that stranger danger shit then I can drive you.” I tried my best to put on a sincere smile but I probably came across as more creepy than anything.

“No thanks, no thanks.” I had to lean in to hear her as she was being so quiet, she isn’t that small as far as the girls in my school go, she stands up to me at about 5’6. I just shake my head and turn to go back to my car, “alright if that’s what you want.”

“Wait, would you mind?”

“Well I offered didn’t I? Come on the passenger door is open.” What an odd girl, she must be a minor as I don't recognize her from anywhere. I hear her pad her way up the driveway almost slipping a few times till she makes it to the door and holds onto the handle like she’d be swept away. We both got in and she immediately puts her seatbelt on and sits bolt upright.

“Are you sure you are alright? I know it’s a steep driveway and all, but you act like you have never walked on snow before.”

“I am just a bit of a clutz.”

“Well I think that might be a bit of an understatement.” This wasn’t the excitement I had in mind, but it was certainly a change and I have a huge grin on my face. I drove us to the school and parked, unbuckling my seatbelt before turning the car off, she waited maintaining the same statue pose the whole ride. Finally unbuckling her seat belt she looked at me,

“I’m Adelade, I never introduced myself, thank you for driving me.”

“Yeah no problem, just be more careful next time.” I’m trying to be nonchalant about it, but she still stands frozen outside of the car staring at the large glass doors of the entrance like they are monuments.

“Um, could you tell me where this class is?” She holds out a piece of paper that has her timetable printed on it.

“Class? It’s almost the end of first semester and you don’t know where to go?”

“I got a kind of special transfer here, my last school system was very similar so they allowed it.”

“Alright well let’s see here... “ The timetable seems strangely familiar, “no way, these are the exact same classes as me, um here I guess you can just come with me.” Wow, what are the odds and exactly who is she? A special transfer for a grade twelve student into the end of a semester, that must have been a pretty tough trick to pull off. I lead her through the gigantic glass doors and start nimbly navigating my way through the halls.

“Keep up will you? Mrs. Daudry is a physics teacher, that means she likes order and logic, tardiness is the opposite of those.” Out of the dozens of footsteps falling around I hear her quiet steps quicken behind me like they had their own special signature. We entered the class and I begin walking to my seat out of unconscious habit when I hear a voice interrupt my daily reverie.

“Who’s this with you Jeremy?” Crap, it was mrs. Daudry, she always calls me by my first name because no matter what I do, for some reason, all the teachers like me. Looking at Adelade who was still lurking in my shadow behind me.

“Why don’t you ask her, she’s your new student.” I am not in the mood for change so early in the morning. I hear mrs. Daudry call her out and consider my job done as I resume the automated path to my desk and take a seat. I fell into my mindless distraction and stare at the false grain on the top of the desk, tracing it with my finger to try and find some shape that I haven’t found yet in the year.

“Yes ma’am,” the last words I hear from their conversation brought me from my lost world as I begin to grow curious of what was agreed upon. My questions are quickly answered as Adelade moves down the row and sits in the usually occupied desk beside me. It belongs to a guy named Jacob or Jack or something like that, and she just gave it away to the new girl, what a betrayal. I saw the boy walk in and look at Adelade with widening eyes as he turns to the teacher for an explanation.


“Find a new spot Jason, I am sure you can manage that.” Jason that’s what it was, I was close at least, wait that’s not what's important, why does Adelade get to sit beside me? I look at her hoping to find an answer, but she is just staring dead ahead without the slightest idea of what just happened. Now I am an easy going guy and am ready to just ignore these things, I mean my routine is pretty concrete by now and there really is no reason to mess with a good thing. I will just see how the rest of today goes, we aren’t through it yet.


The bell rings and I leave the class to go to the next, each step is always two floor tiles exactly and if I don’t have room for two I wait til I do. I hear her soft footsteps behind me again, of course that’s not unusual she knows I am going to the same class. I take my seat and again, Adelade and the teacher get into a conversation, and again she comes over and sits in the usually occupied desk beside me and the usual occupant is directed to another desk. This has to be a coincidence, just some weird coincidence.


Next is lunch, I can simply just go, no wait, she doesn’t have anyone to go with. It wouldn’t be right of me to just leave her to wander around right? I’ll see, someone has to ask her I mean look at her, she is beautiful, there is no reason somebody won’t. The bell rings it’s loud, clamorous, saviours tune and I wait. Nobody approaches her and the class begins to clear.  Alright I guess I should do the right thing, “hey Adelade do you have anyone to go to lunch with?”

“Obviously not,” she lets out a slight laugh, but it only makes her nervousness more apparent.

“Well come on then, let's go get something to eat.” I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t leave her there.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to impose.”

“Stop being so sincere it’s obnoxious, when I decide something I stick to it.” Acting tough was getting harder and harder like she’s influencing me with some charm of hers. Granted she is beautiful, but I only just met her and I am not one to jump into something. She follows me out of the class and out to my car where almost like second nature to both of us, we hop in. This is kind of getting weird, but oddly enough I don’t mind. “So what do you want?”


“I asked what you want for lunch?”

“Oh, I hadn’t really thought about it, I’m not sure - anywhere is fine.”

“You don’t have any preference?”



I guess I can’t exactly force her to pick a place so I just drive to the nearest fast food place that’s just too far for all the kids who walk to go there. I pull in, hop out and head in, of course I hold the door for her too I did after all start this whole gentleman thing when asking her to come. Instantly a puzzled look crosses her face and I know she has no idea what to order so I take the lead and step up.

“One number two combo please.”


“Here you are.”

I turn around to look and find if the secret to her puzzlement has been answered, but she seems to have fallen into a quiet resolve and just smiles at my glance.

“Have you decided what to get?”

“Oh, I don’t have money on me, I must have left it at home.”

“You know you can just say that at the start next time, so what do you want?” Next time? Do I plan on doing this on a regular basis? Or is it possible...No, I only just met her there’s no way I am falling for her.

“I’ll have what you had.” Well at least she’s simple enough.


We got our food and sat down, she unwraps her burger and takes a bite. I watch as her eyes widen and those calm blue puddles grow to oceans in what looks like joy.

“Is it good?”

“Absolutely! This is amazing.” The first sign of actual emotion from her and it is joy at a simple fast food burger.

“It’s not really something too amazing, I mean you can better food at a proper restaurant.”

“Really? Can you take me?” As if the oceans couldn’t get brighter they began to fade to the light blue of a summer sky at the prospect.

“What, to a nice restaurant?”

“Yeah I want to try the really good food.”

“You know it’s kind of awkward so soon right?”

“What do you mean? Oh, right. I’m sorry you don’t have to.” Her eyes began to darken and shrink, becoming those rainwater puddles again. I can’t bear to see those sad little puddles now that I have seen what they truly are, something in me just makes me want to stare into them forever.

“No, no it’s okay I’ll take you, um how about six o’clock?”

“Are you sure? If it’s too much trouble it’s fine I already asked so much.”

“Remember what I said about when I make a decision?”

“Okay, your place at six.”

“I can pick you up if you want.”

“No, it’s fine I’ll just meet you at your house, I already know where it is and it isn’t far.”

“I won’t press it, if that works then it's a date.”  It will be a nice evening out and just sort of like a friendly gesture, wait did I say date? I am pretty sure I said date, I hope she doesn’t notice. Man what is coming over me? I waited for her to react or respond in some way but she just returned to her burger and her smile didn’t drop from her lips.


The day went on as we got back to school and the pattern just kept on repeating, in the next two classes the same thing happened: she gets moved beside me and kicks the last owner out. There’s no such thing as fate or destiny it’s all about what we chose and decide every moment of every day. That’s what I am telling myself to stave off these ludicrous ideas that it’s some sort of spell she’s casting. Her mood is definitely chipper this afternoon and as that saving grace of a bell rings her final tune, I turn to Adelade instinctively.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home.”

“Just drop me off at your place, I like the walk, the scenery is nice.” What scenery? I live at the end of a row of houses, beside me is an old farm house and then a reservoir leading down into smaller older houses. There’s no real scenery to look at, but she never stops smiling and how can I say no to what makes her happy? I drive home without a single deviation or thought as my systematic path is so clearly laid out that I have no reason to differ. I should ask her again if I should drop her off, just one more time.


“Thanks for the drive, see you at six.” She cuts me off as she is already hopping out the door and dashing skillfully down my driveway. What is that girl?


The evening rolled around quickly and just as I was getting upstairs the doorbell rang, six o’clock exactly. Wow she has impeccable timing. I open the door and my heart almost skips a beat at what I see, there she is standing in a wondrous beauty bathed in the porch light’s beam. The light hitting her golden flowing hair and giving it the animation necessary for liquid. She was wearing a pure black dress that tucked in at the waist and fanned out at the bottom like a long skirt. Her jacket still covered her upper half, but she wouldn’t stay warm like that for long.


“Hi, are we good to go?” Her eyes were the same light blue as they were at lunch and her smile although straining against awkwardness, permeates the cold dark air with its light.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Turning around I slip my shoes on and snatch my jacket off its hanger feeding my arms into the holes as I leave the door closing it behind me. We walk out and get into my car where I immediately turn the heat on for her. “So it’s my choice right?”

“You were the one with the idea.”

“Good, I know just the place.” I felt a smile drift across my lips and I can’t help but feel a slight anxiousness and warmth coming from within me. I drive us to the fanciest place I know in town, it was a private restaurant that received a four and a half star rating in the last competition. I know it would not be right to take her to any other place, I want to make sure she has the very best. So we walk through the two heavy wood set of doors and out into the grandeur and solitude of the main dining hall. Intricate carvings are inlaid everywhere, depicting scenes that I can not identify for the life of me.

“Table for two sir, madame?”

“Yes please.” The waitress heads off in a direction and twists and turns with acute precision to each step, three tiles long, and weaves the path in front of us, guiding us through this man-made forest.

“Here you are, I will be your waitress this evening. My name is Petra, would you like any drinks or would you rather wait for those?” I glance at Adelade and see she is immediately overwhelmed by even just the decor.

“We will order those with the food thank you.” She nods and turns away leaving two menus in front of us.


“Get anything you want, the steak is phenomenal here.”

“It all just looks so good, I don't know what to get. I know, how about the angus burger?” I can only help to smile at this remark.

“Another burger?”

“Yes, the last one was so good.” Her eyes are still their joyful fluorescent blue and I cannot bring myself to attempt at convincing her otherwise.

“Then it’s settled, and to drink?”

“Hmmmm...Pop is fine.”

“So it shall be I suppose, excuse me miss Petra?” Luckily she spots me and starts coming this way, I don’t want to waste any time and just order our food and drinks. The night goes well and we sit there just talking and laughing for what felt like hours.


“I can’t believe you managed to kick all those people out and get a spot beside me, what was with that?”

“Oh I don’t know, all the teachers just seemed really sympathetic and you were the only person I knew.”

“We hardly knew each other, but you convinced them to do that?” This is a hint, she must have similar feelings for me if that is the case.

“No, it was their suggestion actually, but I wasn’t about to turn it down.”

“So where did you move from?”

“Oh, from down in the states my dad raised me by himself so when he got a job offer up here, well we had to take it.”

“It must have been rough on you to have to get up and leave.”

“Well yes, I do miss all my friends a lot -it was a great bereavement to me and I wish many times that I could go back, I feel less inclined now though as I met you.” It’s true she does have the same feelings, there’s no harm in asking her out after all this is there? I will wait til we get back, I don’t want to make this awkward in a public place.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve that flattering remark.”

“You helped me, a random person where everyone else would have just ignored me. You went out of your way and reached your hand out to me. I don’t just mean this morning when you helped me up, but when you drove me to school, at lunch, going home and again now. You just kept doing so much for me that nobody else would even consider for a stranger.”

“Come on, I am sure plenty of people would and besides all those things were convenient, you had to go to the same place so it didn’t make a difference.”

“It made a difference to me.”

“Well, I am glad that I could help, but honestly with your stunning beauty I am certain someone would've helped. Look at you tonight, you outshine the stars.”

“You are being too flattering, but thank you.” The only response I can think of is to smile, but it seems like that’s enough as she smiles back. We finish our food and she almost shouts one more remark before we leave; “I have never had anything like it!” She must not get out a lot.


We arrive in my driveway and I turn to her: “are you sure you don’t want me to drop you off?”

“No, it’s alright I appreciate all you have done so far.”

“Adelade, I really like you and today has been miles better than any day I have had before.”

“I have to agree, today was better than I could’ve ever hoped for and I think I might be falling for you too Jeremy.”

“Shall we make it official? Will you go out with me officially?”

“Unfortunately, I think we should just wait one more day don’t you?”

“I don’t want to wait at all, I just want to know that I can have every day like this.” I realized I was sounding like a romance movie, probably the only experience I have in this area. She smiled at this silly notion of mine, but something heavy is weighing down on it.

“I have been very selfish Jeremy, and although I think we should wait til tomorrow I want to share something with you now.” She leaned over in her seat and clicked the release on the seatbelt, she began climbing over the middle console and stopped, supporting herself with her hands on the console, she is face to face with me and I could feel her breath softly grazing my cheek. Her hair brushed lightly against my head and then she began to lean forward and my instincts took over as I wrapped my arms around her back and closed my eyes, I felt her lips touch mine and her silky smooth skin. The only noise that radiated through the car is the sound of the warm air blowing through the fans.

I don’t know how long we had already been sitting here, but I undid my seatbelt and she climbed over the console completely and sat in my lap as I struggled to find the seat release and slide it back. I’m constantly pulling her into me to prevent her from hitting the horn, and in doing so our lips get pressed deeper into each other. Finally she broke away and we both open our eyes and look at each other. A sparkle shoots across her infinitely deep eyes, and I know now that I am in love.


“Thank you Jeremy.” She swung herself off and crosses back over to the passenger seat. “You have made me realize so many things today and I realize that there are some things I wish I never did.” A look of concern must be crossing my face as she begins react apologetically, “no, not like that, not about us. I mean other things, I am glad I moved and I am glad I got to meet you, I just wish it was sooner and I wish I didn’t do some of the things I did. Thank you Jeremy, for everything and I hope I get to see you tomorrow, goodbye.” Before I can even untangle my clumsy tongue, she is hopping out the door and down the driveway into the night. Well now how am I supposed to sleep? I will be up all night waiting to see you again Adelade.

“Goodbye” I mumble to myself as I shut off the car and head inside.


The next morning comes and I waste no time in passing through my tradition like clockwork. I didn’t get a wink of sleep, but that doesn’t matter as I feel like I can jump a mile with each step, I grab my coat and slip on my boots and step outside waiting to see her round the corner up my driveway. She doesn’t come after five minutes and despite the worry in my chest I realize she must’ve left early and just gone to school herself. I arrive at the school and walk swiftly up to those monumental glass doors and waste no time in shoving my way through them. I arrive in class and Mrs.Daudry looks shocked at my early arrival and renewed attitude. I take my seat and wait patiently as the clock on the wall ticks by each second til that heralding bell’s call. The bell sings and that boy steps in, Jason, he walks over and takes his regular seat beside me and I just stare shocked at him til he notices.

“Um is there something I can help you with Jeremy?”

“Shhh, listen to the prayer.” I didn’t even notice the announcements had started, we are a catholic school so we usually have prayer in the morning too, I listened attentively.


“And may we all keep that poor girl in our prayers today.” I only heard that ending and I felt a funny feeling well up in the deep crevices within me. I turn abruptly to Jason and I can’t control the question that is about to dive off my tongue;

“Do you not remember that girl that was sitting in your seat yesterday?”

“What are you talking about? People told me you were odd, but I just thought it was because they didn’t know you, this is isn’t helping my theory. Are you alright Jeremy?”

“Yeah,” I just blurted out and even though I know what I will say next, a huge wave of guilt rolls over me and I know that what I am going to say next will be the single biggest lie I will ever tell. “Yeah, I’m fine.”


Submitted: January 16, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Raviere. All rights reserved.

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