Mirrored Emotions

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Perspectives of a girl looking into a mirror, the mirror itself and the reflection looking back. All with their own rhyme patterns.

Submitted: July 03, 2015

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Submitted: July 03, 2015



Mirror Mirror on that wall, test me lest it be the best who fall,
Because a piece of peace is hard to get,
and myself like every other with much regret,
but stand tall, tail tell to the wall for lack of care.
a blank stare.

Empty emotions bind and wind in kind to my troubled mind,
hold me fast, to the past like a ship without a mast,
Progression in session not my true profession,
but strive to thrive seek the feeling to be alive thats whats wrong,
a wordless song.

All their words they sear, as I fear to hear them,
Am I not blessed like the rest feelings suppressed,
by a wall of momentum and all their opinions fall
an unsurpassable object seeming surpassable,
A meaningless parable

Why mirror ever clearer show me a world opposite of mine
perfection in a direction requiring insurrection breaking laws of possibility
I cannot achieve or leave so for this image I grieve,
Tears so near they dont fear to be known anymore,
A vacant core.

You look at me like I hold the answers,
But a mirror is all I am I show what I see
So why seek answers from me,
Seek from your reflection and its standards.

I am a minor piece to a grand puzzle,
a chessboard with more than two players
Dont see us as sooth Sayers
All humanity has that desire so why the muzzle

To silence common thoughts among the masses
To be what you are not when you are what you will ever be
So come and look deep into me
I have no answers I have no passes.

Mirror mirror on that wall, why am I so invisible,
When they say I'm irresistible,
Yet I'm so miserable
And my cries unhearable,

This glass looks back at me
but what's there I dont want to see
Why does this image have to be
Beauty is not there, it can't possibly.

Trust the words of a certain someone
Over my own, the only one,
that disagrees with the hum,
Why do I feel like i'm on the run.

This desire to be what I am not
Inside every human lies this rot
Why can't I accept that simple thought
That I am what I am in life this is my lot.

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