cotten and cow-webs

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we are born alone,we live alone,we die alone,only through our friendship can we create an illusion for a moment that we are'nt alone.......

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



loneliness...the most empty word of the dictionery....

we all have a fear of being alone,no one wants to end up alone but unfortunately today all relationships come with a time limit tag...every relationship has to end somehow or the the end,theres always the dark truth that your alone with noone to walk an extra mile with together..we often create the illusion for the moment with our love,affection,friendship..but then reality sets in....nothing's forever...the only thing that lasts is-MEMORIES.

no matter how hard the walls of your  gaurd are,there's always this one person who manages to seep in,who will show you the world,take you on a merry-go-round and all you can do is hold onto,who will  tell you that your beautifull and you'll believe;ll feel that your lifes full of rainbows and sunshine....but then reality sets in and you'll wake up and realise that its all about cotten and cow-webs instead and your all alone except ofcourse with bitter memories and regrets to hold on to..

As tears caress your cheek,as you walk down the memory lane(alone) you cant help but feel the would have never felt so helpless...ever....And with each passing day you would become more and more obsessive with memories cause that is all your left with...

It hurts to let go...but sometimes it hurts even more to hold onto.....nothings forever and ever...

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