Flight of Freedom

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Arianna, a 17 year old girl living in a foster home. She has the chance to leave it all behind and go on a spontaneous adventure with her two best friends. Will she stay in her small town of Langly forever or will she agree to take the chance at a new life.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



OK, so to start off - I am by no means an experienced writer. So if there are errors this will be why. I've never really focused on writing before and this is the first short story I have ever written. It was an assignment set by my teacher last year in English class for my folio. It was part of my creative writing. However, I really enjoyed writing it! More than i thought possible. Therefore, I have decided (on a limb) to add it on Booksie just to see what people think. Kind of nervous! lol. Comments would be appreciated and any helpful tips to improve my writing also appreciated. :)!


I’ve always thought it was humorous how the sun can change the atmosphere so highly. When it appears during summer, people instantly become more animated, it seems to make them just that extra bit happier. The foster home becomes calmer when the nights become lighter and the younger ones can stay out for longer. Then they don’t complain about coming in early. Joshua and I don’t have to be in early because we’re both 18 soon. So we’re practically adults. Hayley’s parents are always working so they don’t really care how late she stays out. Which you’d think would be good but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be having parents who pay you no attention what so ever.

I sit in the park letting the warmth from the sun soak my skin as Joshua and Hayley play cards. “Do you ever feel like maybe Langly isn’t enough for you?”  Joshua asks, dropping his cards onto the growing pile between Hayley and himself.

“Well… Yes. Why?” His eyes flicker up to look at my confused expression.

“I just want to see the world, see what’s beyond this town.”

“Me too. I’ve never been outside of this town before.” Hayley agrees. I can’t say I blame them. It would be good to see different scenery. Langly isn’t exactly the town of ones dreams. It has a swimming pool and a gym but other than that it’s pretty dull. My thoughts are cut short as Joshua breaks the silence with a question I definitely was not expecting.

Leave? I look over at Hayley, who seems just as confused. Joshua stares at us with a hopeful expression covering his face, his eyebrows raised in suspense. Run away? This is reality, not some cliché Disney film were you runaway and live happily ever after. I manage to choke out a nervous laugh. “What? You really want to leave?” I receive a blank expression as he lowers his eyes to the plumb grass below. He’s serious.

“What about Joe?” Joe is our carer. The closest thing either of us have to a parent.

“She will be fine. We’ll leave her a note; she’ll get over it eventually.”  I’m so confused, where is this coming from? This wasn’t like him.

“Look Arianna, I know you’re a little shocked but there’s nothing for us here, be spontaneous for once. Have some fun!”

“I am spontaneous, I practically ooze spontaneity!” He rolls his eyes as I cross my arms over my crimpled chequered shirt leaving it to gather more creases along my arms.

“No you don’t. And deciding last minute you’re going to walk to school instead of take the bus doesn’t count.” I bow my head as a red tint forms over my cheeks.

OK, so I’m not a rebel or spontaneous. I just like things to be organized before hand. Anyway, Usually Joshua’s idea of being ‘spontaneous’ or having ‘fun’ get’s you grounded for two weeks. He’s always breaking stuff.

“I’m in!” Hayley’s outburst caught me off guard. She’s never agrees to anything crazy! Ever!

“What?” I choke out. Dumbfounded, I stare straight into her eyes, trying to find something, anything to understand where this is coming from.

“I said ‘I’m in’” she replies taking in an edgy breath

“I’m tired of waiting for my parents; they’re always in different countries having meetings, staying in fancy hotels and I have to stay in the house all by myself!” Joshua jumps to his feet his face beaming with excitement, straight away convincing her of how great it will be.

After a couple of minutes trying to undo this tight not of confusion in my head and figure out what they were both thinking, I start weighing up the pros and cons of leaving. If I stay my two best friends would leave and I would be left alone. They were the only people I could count on – my family, I couldn’t stay here without them. If I go I suppose it could be an adventure.

This was to fast I have to have some time to think about this. However, as I look up at both Hayley and Joshua discussing times and details I knew I had to make the decision now. They weren’t happy here, never have been and now they’re older, they’re willing to take a chance at a better life rather than live in this small town forever. They’re determined to leave behind the world of foster homes and feelings of neglect. Maybe I should be ‘spontaneous’ for once and just take the chance with them. Maybe I should forget about over thinking it and just… go with the flow.


“I’ll go” Both sets of eyes land on me, stopping the heated discussion they were previously engrossed in. After my statement seems to sink in, Joshua runs over engulfing me in a bear hug spinning me around and around. I grip the back of his neck in shock, laughing into his shoulder.

“I knew you’d agree! I wouldn’t have left without you. If you said no you would’ve been getting kidnapped.” He says with a smirk, placing me lightly on the grass. Standing mere centimetres back I smile up at him.  I catch Hayley’s eye as she beams at me, adding in a small wink when Joshua’s not looking. She always tells me one day Joshua and I will get married and live happily ever after, saying I’m ‘blinded’ and when would I realise we were perfect for each other. But I’ve always laughed it off. Joshua is my best friend, that’s all and I couldn’t ruin that.

As we head home nerves start to take over. Both Joshua and I left Hayley at the park (she lives on the other side of town) with an agreement to meet at the train station later that night. This left the two of us together to return to the bungalow. I guess Joshua senses my unease because he begins reassuring me. “It’ll be OK Arianna, trust me. You would need to leave the care home soon anyway, this way we can leave together and I can keep you safe. I know you like it here but how many families have taken you in? Out of those how many did you stay with for more than 6 months? None. Plus, Joe may be the closest thing we have to a mother and take care of us but when was the last time you had a conversation with her?”

I let my gaze fall to the concrete below. He’s right. It must have been at least 4 years ago, just after I returned from the 5th family that took me under their roof. That was also the last. I soon came to realise couples don’t want older children they all want to foster young kids. It was actually after that I became close with Joshua, I had always been friendly with him but because he was in the same position as me we had a mutual understanding. We got talking a few times about the situation. Confiding in each other about how we felt. Eventually those conversations stemmed out and we started talking about other things. I trusted him and he trusted me. He was always there for me: When I failed any of my exams; When my first crush laughed in my face after I told him I liked him and I thought my life was over. He was always there with my favourite film and ice cream to help me through it. He was my rock.

I lift my head from the ground, looking as he entwined our hands together and all of a sudden the image of Hayley winking at me comes to mind and I hear her high pitched voice in my head. “Arianna and Joshua sitting in a tree…” I shake away the thought before I over think it. Best friends. Nothing more! I meet his eyes.

“I suppose you’re right. Anyway, change is good. Isn’t that what you always say when you dye your hair every 3 months?”

Laughing, he nods. “I guess it is.”

“Although you might want to take it easy with that or you’ll be bald before you’re 25!” I laugh as his eyes widen and a smirk appears on his face.

“Even if I did go bald I’d look amazing.”

“Can your head get any bigger? Maybe it’ll just explode instead?”

“Very funny” he replies dryly as his eyes narrow. I can’t help but feel better, less nervous, more relaxed. It’s extremely amusing winding up my best friend.

His grin returns as he let’s go of my hand and reaches in his pockets for something. My smile falters the slightest. I don’t want him to let go. I want to immediately reach out and capture his hand in my own once more but I resist the urge. Instead I fidget with the hem on my shirt.

“Hayley text me; she’s got the train tickets. We just need to get home, pack and meet her there at five thirty. It’s four o’clock right now, we have plenty of time.”

“Will Joe be home?” I really will miss her.

“No, she’s picking up the kids from summer camp today after her Pilates class, so she shouldn’t be home until around six o’clock.”


“Hey, look at me.” Joshua tilts my head up to him. He stares right into my eyes.

“It’s just me and you know.”

“And Hayley” I add.

“Yes. Hayley also! But, we’re a team, you and I. We always will be.” I don’t know what to say so I just step forward and hug him. His arms wrap around my shoulders in a tight embrace. I could stay like this forever.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” I raise my eyebrows and pull my head back a little to face him.

“OK, what song is that from?” I question.

“I could have come up with that myself.”

“Yeah… I highly doubt it.”

“OK, fine! I got it from a song. I can’t really remember which one. It just kind of stuck with me I guess?” I pry my arms for their position around his chest and turn to walk away. Swivelling around again, I realise he hasn’t moved.

“Well, are you coming?”

“Yes.” He shuffles over beside me slinging his arm around my shoulder as we begin walking once more.

“Let’s go have our new beginning.” 

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