The Ghost Orphan

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Alexa, we thought she was perfect. But this story has only just begun.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



It was a sunny autumn afternoon, walking up the stairs I took a quick reassuring glance out of the landing window before calling “CARL, get Phoebe ready to go.” Walking swiftly into the bedroom sweeping the hair from my face; I searched frantically under my bed for my purse realising we needed gas. Laying my hand on the soft leather of my purse I dragged myself back up, tucking the purse into my pocket, before rushing down the stairs.

Carl had always been a brilliant husband. He had already got Phoebe in the car dressed and fed, and they were now having a tickle fight. I grabbed my bag walking to the car. Getting into the passenger’s seat I waited for Carl patiently. Getting out the brochure for the orphanage from the glove box, I sighed as we were about to go.

My heart raced as Carl started the car, I reached my hand back placing it on Phoebes little knee patting it gently before placing my hand back in on my thigh.

The orphanage was a large Victorian house with acres of land; it was fenced off by a barrier of trees. Flutters of red orange and gold leafs formed a path up to the house whilst others danced freely in the keen autumn wind.

Getting out of the car I held Phoebes hand and Carl’s waist as we walked up the path to the front door, where we were greeted by Sister Mary.

Sister Mary was a fairly young nun. Her skin was a creamy ivory, with wide deep brown eyes. Her deep chestnut hair collided with the colour of her irises whilst hanging at ease through the veil.

We walked up the stairs glancing through several door frames. Some girls were playing while others stood and grinned with a garish look. I kept a tight hold of phoebes hand as we kept on walking. Soon we ended up at the top dorm; it was the smallest of the ones we have seen.

“There used to be two girls in this room, but Monica has just left. Only Alexa is left now. The bed will soon be occupied though; although Alexa seems to like it alone.” said Sister Mary.

She emerged from the cupboard in the corner. Her face lit up at the sight of visitors. Skipping over eagerly she smiled and introduced herself “Hello I’m Alexa….”

We thought she was perfect.

* * * *


Driving from the orphanage I smiled at Phoebe and Alexa in the rear view mirror.

“WOW! This is your house?” Alexa exclaimed.

Simply nodding we parked the car in the garage, getting out we walked along the cobbles to the front door. I looked over at Carl asking “Want a hand?” I grinned as he dropped two suitcases, he had always been clumsy.

We showed Alexa the house before we showed her the bedroom. I have always enjoyed decorating and furnishing rooms. This was probably the best I had ever done.

Opening the door I let Phoebe and Alexa wander in. Their faces lit up as the saw the pink walls and white furniture arranged in total harmony. On the shelf books were placed in alphabetical order with plenty of room for Alexa’s possessions. She fitted into the family perfectly, I had a great feeling about this.


* * * *

Early December snow was already blanketing the ground, the lake nearby had frozen over comforted with a layer of snow on top. Alexa had fitted in in ways I couldn’t describe, yet I began to have bad feelings about the whole thing.

First there were the clothes, very Victorian era. Being in the orphanage of course she had to where her assigned clothes, we never saw her true style or colours. These dresses were in perfect condition, no labels or anything just pure cotton, not a trace to where they came from.

Secondly there was her extreme independence and isolation. Alexa personally didn’t like people looking at her body, she never let us help her dress nor bathe. Being only seven and that independent made me suspicious.

Lastly was her sense of fun. Alexa didn’t seem fond of anything electrical TV, lights, radios or radiators. She continuously asked to light the log fire, and at night time use a candle. Regularly she read books like she had nothing more important to do. Also she was fond of my piano and cooking, although her recipes seemed to unusual to even think of eating.

Having Alexa for only just over two months I thought I might look into her history. Calling up Sister Mary I asked “Sister, do you have any information on Alexa’s past?”

I heard the typing of a keyboard and flicking’s of pieces of paper, before she replied “No. the only info I have found is that she came with the house. She was sitting on the door step, her parents died in a fire before we rebuilt it into the orphanage. We know nothing else.”

I sighed before replying “Thank you.” hanging up.

I decided to  investigate myself. Determined I tried to bond more with Alexa. After days of trying I didn’t seem to get anywhere. Frustration was building making me tense.

Sitting with Alexa on her bed reading a book I placed it between us taking her wrist holding it gently feeling for her pulse. Finishing the book I closed it before putting it onto the side not letting my hand leave her wrist. Unable to feel her pulse I pulled back panicking slightly as I kissed her goodnight walking out of the door.

That night I didn’t sleep, desperate to fix the puzzle together I lay awake for hours on end. In the morning once the kids had left for school I turned on my computer. Waiting for Google to load, I quickly read the name of the house off the leaflet before typing it into the search box. “Willowbury house fire.” Clicking on the first icon I scan red the page. “11th December 185o, Willowbury house burnt in a tragic fire, no life’s remained.” Looking at the picture it was the same house.

I shaked my head desperate not to believe clicking on the next icon which still said the same date. I no longer new what to do looking at today’s date I saw it was the 11th December 2000.

“You’re just being paranoid.” I thought to myself as I walked into the kitchen sitting down racking my brain endlessly for some sort of answer.


* * * *


Waking up in the morning after a perfect sleep I walked over to Phoebe’s bedroom waking her up for school. Walking along the landing I opened the door to Alexa’s room to see nothing but a utility room, no bed, no shelves nothing just an ironing board, a spare wardrobe, some draws and a laundry pamper. Staring in confusion I shout “CARL!” I ran back into our bedroom shaking him vigorously yelling “ALEXAS GONE!”

Wiping the sleep from his eyes he looked at me puzzled and said “Who is Alexa hunnie?” placing his hand on my knee I stared back at him in disbelief.

Patting my leg Phoebe asked “Yes mommy who is Alexa?” I look down at her and back at Carl who had now stood up stretching his neck and arms.

“Don’t worry.” I said as I began to get Phoebe ready for school.

Later that day I sat alone in the room now known as the utility room. No longer knowing what to do I decide to try and find the adoption forms.

Looking downstairs in the cupboard I saw the whole of the adoption file had disappeared. Gazing out of the living room French doors I saw the snow man she built has disappeared too, even though the surrounding snow was still there. Running into the kitchen I saw the picture on the fridge Alexa drew had also gone too.

I banged my head on the fridge door in frustration before turning around seeing Alexa’s silhouette in the door frame, fading in and fading out. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped slightly as I stared at her ghostly figure. Swallowing I composed myself as she began to explain.

“I’m sorry I left, I had a limit on how many years I could live on for. That limit was a hundred and fifty years. To everyone else I disappeared and got forgotten but since you had a suspicion you still remembered me. When I leave, you will forget me, so I guess I shouldn’t bother even saying this. Goodbye.” Alexa’s ghost faded, as I collapsed on the floor into a deep slumber.

“And that’s all I remember Doctor.” I say glancing over at Doctor Wood sitting at his desk writing in his note book.

Sighing he looked up with a slight bit of confusion in his eyes before he replied, “It seems like this was a ghostly encounter. I’m surprised you remember all the details. As you know I am not a super naturalist, I’m just a physiatrist.”

Getting up from the couch I shook his hand saying “Thank you for your time.” Before picking up my bag and leaving.

My life had never been the same since. Still five years later I let my mind wander aimlessly over what happened. It distresses me because neither Carl nor Phoebe remembers. I guess its better this way I always think to myself as my life just keeps progressing.

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