Account HEEEEELP!!!!

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Submitted: March 10, 2008

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Submitted: March 10, 2008



Before this account (wheee~) I was under the penname , ' The Infinite ' . I am a guy , yes , an extremely over-active caffiene crazed guy . ...But sane at the moment . This is NOT a story !!! I'm serious!!!

After I got one story out under penname 'The Infinite ' , I checked comments the next da y , and on the next day , it wouldn't let me into my 'The Infinite ' account . I checked for my password , yes , I did , and nothing ever came in my email account!  So I ended up making a new account , I was annoyed , yes , coz I had to start allllll over again .  >.< .

So then  , as half an experiment , I made a new account  using the same email address as my ' The Infinite ' account .  It worked , so I was thinking ' Oh , heeeey ! I guess my other account must've been deleted or something . I guess start fresh..?"  and  so , I wrote a story with that one , checked comments next day , and on Monday (todaaay~) I was thinking 

"I'm RAWWWRRR now ! w0000t!" and then...

...It logged me in as The Infinite!!!!

And then I checked everything (thanks for the comments and new fans!!!) and then I was thinking "WTF happened ?!" so I log out , log back in , and then I'm RAWWWRRR again . I'm a genius for having the same password for BOTH ACCOUNTS!!! Someone PLEEEASE tell me how I fix this! Either that , or I'll try to change p/ws...? I tried to inform the thingy's , but it won't work for some reason . So now , I'm attempting this .  And IF I figure out how to get rid of the accounts , I'll smush them into one explaining WTH happened!!! ...End of 'story ' .

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Account HEEEEELP!!!!

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