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Sugar crash is not safe ! This random thingy is the result . I don't even know what i'm writing about... ha ha...

Submitted: March 10, 2008

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Submitted: March 10, 2008



As though you disappeared...

As though you had simply died..

As though we'd never see eachother ever again...

Let's fly up to space

Go far away

The way we were ,

Back at age 8

Let's pretend

That we were Eternal

And somehow believed

We could be saved.

Though somehow we were all alone ,

Though we could simply say  ' It's okay ' ,

We could lie to all ,

And for what cause ,

To say we were eachothers' friend.

Can't we go back ?

The way we were , with the little flowers ,

And the quietest prayer....

Mother this ,

Oh Brother that ,

What pressure forced , pressure given , and why , oh why ,

I couldn't say ,

"I hate you , I hate you , the way it's been ,

You're not that ' who '  I thought you were ,

You're not that ' dream ' of what I've dreamt of , and you'll never be the one that says :

'Victory ! At last I've won! '

For I'll be the one last laughing ,

The one that gets ahead of you !"

But you left me all alone in dust ,

With nothing left to simply say ,

Oh , hey , not like I had a chance ,

Not like it would even help ,

Not like we were ever free ,

Not like that we ever cared , or even thought of

Being there , so let's pretend it never happened .

Pretend , pretend , pretend , pretend...

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