New Kid

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Oh , look ! A new person at school has bested me at my own game . I think I'm gonna murder him..

Submitted: March 11, 2008

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Submitted: March 11, 2008



1st period , room 403 , science , 8:45 A.M March 11 , 2008

Alright then , so it was a perfectly .... perfect day at school , once again . I'm middle class , not popular , but not in the bottom .

God forbid I'm at the bottom .

So I'm at my desk , not giving a DAMN about what the guy sitting next to me had for dinner the last night , and not caring that I could be at home playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl instead . I loves that game . So , theTeacher is over at the white board with his low , blobby sounding voice with an accent I couldn't even identify , then some average looking kiddo walks through the door as though he were the hottest thing to ever walk the planet .

He looked like an ' Emo ' guy , with long , obviously straightened hair with bleach streaks at random points . He had on black jeans and checkered vans . Feh .

And that's when Teacher mumbles something to us . "Okay , Jared , go sit behind Vergylle in the back there . Yes , the one that looks like a girl . " everyone starts laughing . Ha ha , verrry funny . Jared struts over here and sits calmly in front of me .

I . DON'T . THINK . SO .

So he's assigned to sit in the empty desk in front of me . Oh , yeah , and then he stretches back ' on accident ' so he can pretty much stab me in theforehead .. ' on accident ' . And then he turnsto me with the(fakest ! ) sweeetest ' OMGEE I'm sososo sorry ! ' look on his face , and amazingly , exactly says :

" Oh my God ! I'm so so soooo sorry ,man ! Are you okay ? "

qwertyasdfxzcvbnm !!! (That's me cussing in my head ) 'Do you think I'm okay ?! 'was what I wanted to scream at him , but no thanks . I'm too good to waste my breath on him .

And then , my ex behind me starts talking to him , right in front of ME , who is pretty much sandwhich-ed between the two ... people . So she's being all ' Karla ' like , and he then asks for her MySpace to add her as a friend .


Then Teacher yells at him to pay attention , then I quietly snicker with an evil smirk on my face .

I guess he heard me , cause the next thing I knew , myforehead was stabbed yet AGAIN on accident .Lemme guess , he'll say something like -

" I'm sorry ! I forgot you were sitting there ! I'll try to think more next time..."

..And he took the words right out of my head . Okay , wise guy ! I'll get you for that ! You think your all cool with your fake friggin ' hair and make up ? And those jeans ? THOSE . JEANS ! What the Hell is up with that piercing on your eyebrow ? I bet it's fake ! And that voice of yours ? I've heard a person giving birth sing a better tune than your voice , which could kill if it weren't for that friggin'.. urgh! qwertyasdfzxzcvbnm ...

Nothing happened , of course .

2:45 , same day , room 407 , History .

I have the same class as Maya here! She is so adorable with her obsession over Darell . He doesn't even know ! Ha Ha ! So I've calmed down a bit , but -

QWERTY . Just...QWERTY . I'm supposed to be the one people swoon over !

I'm supposed to be the one being asked for MySpace ! Darell's tech deck hit me in the face just now . Maya , I know you like the guy and all , but please , for the love of God , don't give him murderous! I threw it back to him . Jared , I somehow reminded myselfof Jared . You know.. If it weren't illegal , I would slap that friggin' Jared's cocky smile off his face right now , and maybe do something about that piercing..

And he just walked into the class . asdfasdfasdfasdf .

I had to think of something , fast . Maya was at the hospital , so I couldn't call on her..

"Darell! Take the seat next to me! " and thankfully , he did . By the end of the day , Jared had over 10 people's MySpaces . He tried asking Darell , but Darell kindly enough threw a wad pf paper at his head screaming , " Sheesh , I don't know you like that !" and if Maya were here to see him do so , she would 'accidentally ' kick Jared in the family jewelsby loosening her shoe laces and pretend kicking .

Man , I gotta stop daydreaming . I don't think I'll be able to survive this year..

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