Captain Cool

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A starship crew journeys to a new planet and makes a shocking discovery

Submitted: December 17, 2015

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Submitted: December 17, 2015





It was the year 2089. I'll never forget that particular day when we finally made contact.

After so many decades of nothing, on a rainy May seventeenth of that year, an image finally came on the screen at our NASA headquarters in New Houston.  It had taken three years to reach us.

Fifteen years before, we had sent probes into deep space. This one, the Galaxy Seven, entered into  the galaxy of Andromeda after twelve years of it's voyage and with it's advanced devices detected that a planet, whom we named Andromeda 1957, had the atmosphere and movement that indicated life.

It touched down in what appeared to be some kind of park in a vast city. This city was like L. Frank Baum,'s Emerald City in the Wizard of OZ, with it's soaring glass towers, shimmering streets and breathtaking landscape. With it's 360 degree rotating camera, it soaked in all the panorama.

We had put a screen on the front part of the probe indicating in pictures that we had come in peace. Figures of authority came up to the screen. Soon more came. Through their motion type communication they indicated that they understood and would accept our presense, The inhabitants looked just like us, only some had blue colored skin and the others had green colored skin. Sophisticated looking craft zoomed by the probe, in all directions.

We popped champagne corks and had a big celebration. Our president announced the good news to the world and stated that it was just a matter of weeks before we would voyage to this new planet and share knowledge with them. They seemed freindly and of advanced technology. Sharing with them was bound to be very beneficial to us.

A few days later I graduated form U.S. Cosmos Training. Due to the fact that I had headed the whole program, I was put in command of the new starship that would take us there, the USS Constellation II.

A few weeks later we broke away from the orbiting station and sped towards the stars at warp speed.

The USS Constellation II was relatively small. Our crew consisted only of myself, an ambassador, a military official, and three scientists.

After makng sure the proper course was set and making the appropriate system checks, I, along with the others, climbed into our pods for the fifteen year sleep.


It seemed like only a few minutes, and then we were awoken. In three days we would be at our destination.  On the final day of our journey, we tried to make contact with them but for some reason we could not get through.

We got in our shuttle and entered the atmosphere. Down and down we went through the clouds, our hearts pounding in our chests. Our coordinates were set to have us touch down in the same area as the probe.

Finally the city came into sight. As we got closer, it was apparent that something was wrong. Very wrong.

We landed and stepped out. All of us stood and surveyed our surroundings in complete shock.

The once magnificent city lay in complete ruin. All the structures were crumbled wrecks. The once beautiful landscape was burnt to a crisp.

I gave orders to divide into groups of two and explore the area, contacting everyone else if they saw signs of life.

Still quite bewildered, one of the scientists, Karen, and I started walking down a street that lead to the tallest structure visible. There was still no sight or sound of life.

Suddenly I caught movement in the corner of my eye. I turned and a figure was emerging from a dark orifice underneath one of the buildings. I drew my weapon and through my microphoned helmet I told him to stay where he was. He did just that, which was a little surprising given the language difference. I radioed the others and waited for them to come.The figure just continued to stand there as we  advanced on him. As we got closer, we saw it was one of the green clolored ones with some kind of advanced headphone set on his head.

To our surprise, he raised his arms and greeted us, speaking english.

After we gathered around him, I told him where we had come from and the purpose of our mission. Then I asked what had happened to his city. He asked if there was a place we could go to talk.

We made it back to our shuttle,  took off our helmets,  and sat down. The alien sat down also, and began to tell us his tale of woe.

Three years ago they had elected a new emporer. They had a democratic system much the same as ours.

The one they elected was very young for the office and did not have much experience as a leader, but had a lot of charisma and was the first one of blue skin to ever be elected as emporer.

All loved their new leader as he was full of hope and promise. The empire had serious problems and all turned to the new one to solve them. They named him "Captain Cool" as he had so much charisma.

One of the great problems was their health care system. It was flawed and caused lots of problems. But the new leader came up with a plan.

The only problem was this plan was flawed as well, and half the populace did not like it. But everyone was sure Captain Cool would get things worked out.

The weeks went by. The new emporer did nothing, much to the bewilderment of all.

Another large problem plaguing the empre was that their neighbor to the north did not take care of it's inhabitants, so many were crossing the border illegally for a better life. The big problem was, however, so many were bringing diseases. There were also many who were criminals of a violent nature and some were mentally ill. All looked to Captain Cool to solve the problem.

But again, much to everyone's amazement, he did nothing, and the problem continued for years and got worse. Even some of their citizens had been murdred by the ones who had crossed over.

No one could understand why Captain Cool was being this way, Afterall, he was so handsome and was the first one of blue color to be elected.

Time passed. Then, across their great oceans, evil arose and came into great power. The evil ones invaded other empires and murdered many innocent inhabitants. Many many were driven from their homes and became like nomads. Many were captured as well.

Furthermore, it was very well known that this evil empire hated their empire and had pledged to destroy it many times over.

Empires battling this evil asked Captain Cool for his help, but he did very little for them.

The evil spread like an enormous cancer. Captain Cool made a very kind gesture and offered their empire as a safe haven for thousands of refugees. But many advised him against it, saying there was not a  way to make sure all were good, and that  the evil empire had gotten news of this and were already plotting to have false identifications made and infiltrate the refugees.

But Captain Cool would not change his mind. Again, everyone was so bewildred. Didn't their emporer care about his inhabitants?

The dark day finally came when some who had infitrated the refugees had managed to get super weapons of mass destruction shipped in within falsely marked crates. They were planted all over the empire in very dark places.

By coordinated plans, the weapons were detonated destroying their empire. Only a few survived. They had to live in secret places.

All of us sat around and looked at each other in great sorrow.

We used the shuttle and made several trips back and forth from the starship, bringing as many as we could. Then we started our long journey back. We had ample food and water, all put in in case the pods malfunctioned. The aliens had no problems eating it, as they were just like us except for their skin color. I still worried if there would be enough, though.

I looked out the window of the shuttle as we picked the last of them up. I prayed our nation would never have to go through anything like what they had.





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