The Bond

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This story is dedicated to my brother and sister^^xoxo I love you guys

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



Caellagh,stop running so fast!!Her sister just smiled and waited for Angel to catch up.Where did Uzi go ?Angel asked her sister.Caellagh responded I dont know.A voice came from behind them im right here.Uzi a tall and handsome boy with black hair and blue eyes just smiled at his sisters.Caellagh and Angel 13 year old twin girls who have long jet black hair and blue eyes loved to run around and sit in trees.Hey Uzi,he looks at Angel yes Angel? Angel replies in a cheerful voice hi and she runs around the back yard with her sister.Caellagh im going out later.With who? Caellagh asked in a curious voice.Sis I will be fine,Uzi...he looks at Angel and in a firm voice he says stay here the both of you!Caellagh...should we listen?We should Caellagh responds in a hesitant voice but we have to keep out of sight.Angel stands up and runs upstairs to get her shoes on.Then her and Caellagh walk out of the house searching for their brother.The girls soon come up to a long dark ally way.Angel starts to walk down it,All of a sudden Caellagh see's someone laying on the ground,Angel stop!!She stops walking and and she looks over to where her sister is pointing and she see's her brother laying on the ground still alive but not getting up.The girls quickly run to their brothers side he has a broken leg and it looks bad. Caellagh what should we do?Uzi what happend?Uzi replies in a firm but relieved voice I thought I told you girls to stay back.Angel and Caellagh both smiled and replied sweetly yes Uzi?He says in a warm voice thank you.The twin girls smile your welcome Uzi.The girls hear the bus coming to take them to school.Cya later Uzi!I hope your leg feels better.Angel?Yes Uzi? You forgot your backpack.He starts laughing as his sister come back in and grabs her bag.Just as the bus pulled up to the house,Angel and Caellagh ran back inside and hugged thier brother.

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