The End

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The end is near stand your ground and dont give in

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



Blowing away like sand on the ground,So faded and broken,So sad yet so happy,Darkness closing in all around us,Eyes begin to darken and you go blind,All you feel is the heat from a light but an evil light,Stay close to the ones you hold dear.So far away and in pain,Stay with me and never lie,Darkness has no power over us,Crying at night and yelling at day,Why must we live like this day by day,Kiss me softly love me tenderly,What will happen to us.


It's coming close now,Its almost here,The day we all fear,The time when the guard call on high and the people in the streets crying,Noone knows why and noone knows how,Its a mystery that wants an answer but won't have any meaning of joy,May there be a light in a shadowed land or a kind soul to keep me warm,Guards will call by day one by one till the day is through.


The dogs bark loudly each night,So we wake,The coldness on our bodies is unbearable but we must stay strong,Otherwise the ground will shake with the angry footsteps of the guards coming towards us in the blackness of day,Even in the day the sky is black as hell,The whips on our bodies feels like a lifeline just dropped, As we wait and and stay all alone we grow weaker and grow more afraid,


We become uneasy and unsure of whats to come,But we are not allowed to ask why,The guard comes in daily and yells,He does this to keep us scare us and to keep us unaware,We soon realize that there is nothing else coming to this nightmare,We live in fear and wander in darkness,On and on slowly fading until we drop


Then the guard calls out one last time,In a loud and firm voice that make us all aware,He says,


This is the end


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