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I welcome fan fiction writers

I ,as a writer of not only Romance fictions but also literary works, welcome any aspiring writer to make use of any of my characters, or plots, by name,  or exploit in order to feed your most astute imaginings to create a new creation.  In fact i would be flattered to find an unexpected turn of plot or a quite logical development of a character or situation.  I could not myself concieve how else my characters could come alive, in some other fictive dimention, as it may be; maybe you can!  The world of the fiction writer should be unlimited, and the world of the inspired reader should be fed with encouragement.  A writer in the present Age who would not condone such a practice is a whimp, and an excusiver.  Let all part-take in our joint fantasies which after all resemble reality so much more true than the very ordinary events of our mutual existances.  One word of advice   -   Blessed be they who practice what they preach, in this world, and what other world could there be   -  I ask you? 

Submitted: May 09, 2018

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