Realism Vs Naturalism

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Realism Vs Naturalism - The debate.

Submitted: May 12, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



I am no expert on literary history. I have not studied it. How ever from what I know all great literary authors claim to be realists, including Dickens and Jane Austin. I would not quibble with their claims which were reflective of their Age. Some writers such as Emile Zola and Turganev claimed to be naturalists. This just means that in Turganev's case he wrote about people other than the wealthy, he wrote of the peasantry. Zola on the other hand wrote about the people of Paris and France in general, the rich and the poor. Thse writers were amongst the first to picture they who had not beeen considered worthy of writing about for they were not written for, the poor could not read. A writer such as Katherine Mansfield, now I consider her to be one of the great naturalistic writers, her characters were not special, they were for the most part of the newer middle class of society who did very ordinary things. It was just the way she wrote about these people, so 'natural'.

To get a better understanding of my philosophy on such contentious subjects as - 'realism,' - 'naturalism' and the overlooked style I call - 'idealism' check out my two volume novel titled ...

the, Palma de Mallorca Mystique, available on Amazon Kindle. Here I get down to the knitty-gritty details and spell it all out in a pleasing context and with pleasing characters and diologues. All is not lost - we shall get to the bottom of this issue. Feel free to add your bit. Thanx  - Raymond Crane.

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