The Ester World

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Having sacrificed herself for Jace and Vladin by dragging Aldor Zano with her into the Ester World, Erin Lyker finds herself alone in a strange place, with no idea as to where Aldor went. confused,
she sets out to meet with the Goddess Esta, but what she doesn't know is the dark history behind the Ester world, and what really happened to Aldor.

Table of Contents


"Let me go!", Ethenia shouts from a cage as she watches Dellius, who is pacing back and forth in front of the cage, "If you don't give me... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

I awoke to find myself lying in a field, surrounded on all sides by trees. The sun was shining down on me, and felt warm to the touch. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

-Twenty Four Hours Earlier In Elzenara, City Of The Gods- "It seems that she's started to make her move, after all these years", whis... Read Chapter