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This story takes you inside a hood where lies, and deception dwell!!! Tabreen is a sexy young woman with a free spirit who has been battling an abusive and corrupted relationship with (Marcus) the most known dealer on the block. She falls for his enemy (Razmo) who seemed to have stepped right out of her most wanted desires which forces her to make a decision that could change her life for the better...or will it be the worst decision she's ever made?

Submitted: January 04, 2011

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Submitted: January 04, 2011



Tabreen sat in the front passenger side seat of her boyfriend’s
SUV staring into space. He whirled into the parking lot and
stopped in front of the building where she worked. She got out
and slammed the door.
“Thank you. For making me late! I’m so glad I’m getting my
own wheels back today.” She howled.
“Awh, hell I told you not to get your car painted this week
anyway, you knew I had shit to do. Look at you acting all brand
new.” He gave her a smile and licked his lips. It was the same
gesture that hooked her when they met.
“Marcus, I have to clock in at eight and it’s already eight-
fifteen.” She snapped, “You can’t never do shit on time when in
comes to me!”
He pointed to the clock in his dash. Tabreen looked at it a
second time and remembered that it was fifteen minutes fast.
“See look at ya, jumping off on a nigga when he just tryna help
you out. Now, come here and gimme them lips so I can be out.”
He slapped her on the ass then squeezed it. “You sure you don’t
need me to pick you up lata cause I-.”
She cut him off, “Yeah Marcus, I’m sure now let me go before
I’m late for real.”
He frowned. “Let you go? You know I’ll never do that without
a fight, Ma.” He kissed her lips again and drove away.
Marcus was always confusing Tabreen with his expressions
and saying things that made his jealousy evident, he was full of
surprises and so much drama . In the beginning she used to think
the drama was flattering but things had changed since then. She
had grown tired of all the episodes and embarrassing moments
but she wasn’t ready to move on from him just yet. Her sister felt
she could do so much better and so did her mother. She detested
him and it bothered her that Tabreen didn’t respect herself
enough to get out of the relationship. She feared something
terrible would happen to her daughter eventually and Marcus’
name would be all over it.
She said, “Tabreen, ain’t nothing good gone come out of this
thing ya’ll got going on here!”
Tabreen just laughed and replied, “Ma, I a’int worried about
Marcus and you shouldn’t be either, cause I know how to take
care of myself.”
“Yeah, but you been saying that same shit for two years and
for two years that nigga been smacking you upside yo head!”
A year after she and Marcus met her and a few friends were
at a night club. Marcus tracked her down and created a scene.
She made it her business not to tell him where she would be that
night but he had friends; more like spies that knew and told
everything. He came up behind her and put his arms around her
waist. “So you sneaking out on a Nigga now? Who you come up
here to see?” She didn’t get word in before he grabbed her by the
hair, bit her in the face and called her a sneaky Bitch. When he let
go, she slapped him and ran out of the nightclub screaming. He
chased her down and manhandled her while onlookers watched
but everyone knew Marcus and what he was capable of so they
just continued to watch as he pummeled her to the ground. It
was that way all of the time because of that he had become
impossible to love.
She walked into the building looking at the time on her cell.
She still had a few minutes to kill in the break room. She thought
about Marcus and the look on his face when he said he would
never let her go. Even though she was use to that behavior in him
it was something about the look in his eyes that made her feel
uncomfortable today; she shivered at the thought of it. She loved
him but she wasn’t in love with him and being with him now was
only routine. She couldn’t bring herself to leave him though,
because she didn’t have the strength nor the courage, besides
she knew she could never pull it off without the shed of her own
blood. There were days when everything was good, the days she
used to get full body massages where he would start from her
head work his way to her feet then finish with a little oral
pleasure with her on the receiving end. He would prepare
candle lit baths for her after a stressful day or just because. He
would even have take out waiting on the table, he couldn’t cook
so it was always the thought that counted but those days were
long gone. Somehow their sexual connection remained the
same, what ever it was she was holding on to solely depending
up on that bond. Although, his oral skills were mind blowing,
she was always the giver when it came to to pleasing. After
things went sour between them it became obvious to her that
they weren’t going to last and she decided that remaining
faithful would be in vain. Then she met Razmo, the man who
knew how to please her and made her feel brand new again. He
could make her cum just by looking at her just the thought of him
made her vagina muscles contract and she would become weak
at the knees. They met six months ago while she and her sister
were visiting their mother on her birthday. He wasn’t the
handsomest man she ever went out with but he was fine ass hell
and willing to please her and any chance she’d get to be with him
she would take it. Even though there was an art in creating a
good lie to break away from Marcus it was worth every one. On
most occasions she used going to visit her mother as an alibi
which for the most part would be the truth, but by night she’d be
with Razmo and sometimes it was the other way around; she
always made sure her tracks were completely invisible.
After work she caught a ride with a co-worker to pick up her
car. She jumped in her BMW, stopped to treat herself to a fruit
smoothie then called her best friend Kileena.
“What you doing, girl?” Tabreen asked.
“Not a damn thang. You get your wheels back?”
“Yeah, I’m back rollin again.”
 “Fa sho! Cause I know your ass was gone go crazy if you had
to ride with that nigga another day.”
“Hell yeah, you know me.” They both laughed.
“I saw him and his boys today, shooting the shit as always.”
“Yep, but shit…I ain’t worried about him right now, I got
other plans tonight.”
“Mmm, uh, Razmo.”Kilee teased.
“You know i-i-i-t!” Tabreen sang.
“Ooh, girl let me shut up cause Marcus jealous detective ass
can probably here me from six blocks away.” Kilee said
laughing. “We still kicking it tonight right, cause I know later on
you gone be creeping. Where yall going anyway?”
“Kilee, don’t start, you know I ain’t telling you shit! That’s the
one thing I keep from you for your protection and especially
mine so don’t be acting all brand new with the questions.
Everybody know you keeping it hot for Pocco. All Marcus gotta
do is send the nigga over there to dick you down and you’ll be
singing like a canary.”
“You still tripping off of that Pocco shit? Bitch, please I
already tapped that. As a matter of fact I’m still tapping that!”
“Oooh, I knew you was a hoe. You been dicked down and
now you really can’t be trusted!”
Tabreen said with a smile in her voice.
Kilee sucked her teeth, “Bitch, fuck you. That’s Ms. Hoe to
you stank you very much.”
“Hoe.” Tabreen emphasized. “Just get ready cause you need
to be at my house by eight on the dot, so you think you can keep
your legs closed long enough to get dressed?” Tabreen laughed.
And hung up the phone.
Tabreen and Kilee had been close friends since the nineth
grade. Tabreen was never good at making female friends but it
was something about Kilee that made that an exception.
Tabreen loved to sing in school and in her eight grade year she’d
enter school talent shows all by herself. It changed the year she
met Kilee she had experience singing in front a few large crowds
with her church choir.Tabreen heard her singing in the halls and thought she had a
nice voice. From that point on they were entering school talent
shows together in fact they did everything together after that,
until their senior year rolled around. Killee started skipping
school and failing all her classes. It seemed that whenever the
bell rang there was a girl fight in the halls and she was always the
cause. She began getting Tabreen caught up in her drama and
Tabreen couldn’t really trust her anymore but she still remained
friends with her because she knew Kilee needed her. Kilee’s
mother was a drug addict and couldn’t be there for her, so
Tabreen just decided to watch Kilee very closely. On graduation
day Tabreen walked across the stage and received her diploma
with honors,while Kilee was returning home after being on lock
down for all of eight months in result of hanging with the wrong
crowd. Tabreen never really understood why Kilee fell into that
kind of life style back then because she was so grounded when
they met but just so the past could remained the past, she never
Tabreen stood about five-seven, she had a big apple bottom
ass, a small waist line, medium sized breast and thick thighs.
Her complexion was brown her eyes were big to match her
naturally long hair and natural lashes and had lips that made
Angelina’s look less appealing. Kilee had a rocking body too,
although she was shorter, darker and had short hair, her eyes
were arranged into a hypnotizing slant that complimented her
oval-shaped lips and exceptionally small breast. Although she
didn’t have the apple ass her toned six-pack made that
decreasingly unnoticeable. They possessed the same tastes in
men and clothing, except for days where Kilee stepped outside
of their circle into something that covered very little skin.
Tabreen never bothered to question her behavior, because she
would only act like someone else when she hung out with
Yonnie, the girl she remained friends with from High school. It
was something about Yonnie that Tabreen didn’t like but she
knew it wasn’t her business to pick and choose who Kilee hung
out with. She figured one day when push came to shove,
anything that needed to be seen would come to the light
anyway, so she held her peace.
She dropped her keys on the counter and checked her
machine messages. Beep: “What up baby, just tryna see if you
made it home yet. I’ma holla at you lata.” It was Marcus. Beep:
“Hey Hoochie, this your sista, I wanted to know if we were still
going out tonight, call me, bye.” Tabreen laughed at her sister’s
humor. Her ass always ready to party. She thought. When she heard
the voice on the next message she became anxious. Beep:
“What’s up Shorty, we still on for tonight or what? I haven’t
heard from you since yesterday. Hit me up when you… Tabreen
stopped the message she didn’t wait to hear the rest. She picked
up the phone and dialed Razmo’s number. He answers,
“What’s good?”
“Hey baby, I just got your message.”
“So what’s up? We still chillin tonight?”
“Yeah, but I’ma kick it with my girls first, you know, set the
even off right.” She chuckled.
“A’ight, that’s what’s up.”Meet me at the Chindelle Suites
room 345. Look, I gotta take care of something so I’ll see you
when I get there.”
“I miss you babe and I can’t wait to see you!” A smiled spread
across her face.
“Yeah me too shorty. Keep it wet for me, aight?” He hung up.
She called her sister to tell her what time she wanted to meet
up then called Marcus.
“You called me earlier?” She asked.
“Yeah what time you leaving cause a nigga wanna spend
some time with you before you leave?” He sounded a bit
She thought about it for a second then said “I ain’t doing
nothing right now so come on.”
“A’ight, I’m on my way.”
She hung up and went to the bedroom to slip into her pink PJ
short set she got from Marcus for Valentine’s Day, then went into
the kitchen to fix her self a sandwich, she sat on the sofa watching
a movie waiting for Marcus. Fifteen minutes later there was a
knock at the door. When she opened it her sister Tangie was
standing there looking nervous. She pushed her way in.
Tabreen says, “Tramp, what’s wrong with you?”
“You talk to Marcus today?”
“Yeah, he on his way over here now. Why, what’s up?”
“He know about Razmo. I mean, I think he knows.”
“Hoe, quit lying!” Tabreen grew paralyzed with fear. Her
stomach was in knots and she needed to sit down.
Tangie replies, “I ain’t lying! I heard Lo-down and Poboy
talking and Lo-down said he was out in the Oaks last weekend
and thought he saw you getting into a purple Escalade with
some Nigga but he couldn’t tell if it was you.”
“What the fuck was he doing out there anyway. Something is
up, Tangie,” she assured her sister.
“I know,” Tangie agreed.
“Shit, and I was in the Oaks with Raz last weekend too.” She
sighed then became angry.”Well, what the fuck was that nigga
doing in Oak Town anyway and why you didn’t mention this
when you called? Did you just find this out?” She didn’t wait for
an answer. “Damn! I bet Marcus got that nigga following me and
shit.” She took a deep breath and blew it out. “Like you said he
wasn’t for sure it was me, right? So maybe his nosy ass will just
kept it to himself.”
Tangie speaks up,”Yeah but that’s if he ain’t already opened
his big ass mouth because you know Lo-down lives just for the
purpose of kissing Marcus’ ass and then some.”
“What about Poboy, did he say anything to you?”
“Nawh, but you know him, anything that ain’t got shit to do
with his money he don’t pay it no mind. But he think he slick
though, talkin bout, why I ain’t going to see my momma too. I
told that nigga I was staying so I can watch his ass. Then I accused
him of tryna get rid of me just to change the subject.” She
chuckled but noticed Tabreen wasn’t laughing. She sucked her
teeth, “Look Breen, if you that damn stressed about it, then just
tell Razmo you can’t see him no more and you can save all the
other bullshit.”
Tabreen looked at Tangie as if she were crazy. “Bitch, you
must be high, I mean that sounds easy enough but I a’int bout to
leave Raz and I’m not ready to leave Marcus either, so squash
“Alright, it’s your life and your choice but you playing with
fire and whether you know it or not, jungling two niggas at the
same time is suicide, Breen. And one of these days you will have
to make a choice. Lil’ sis just be careful with what you doing
cause even though I know Marcus ai’nt shit, you ain’t all the way
right yourself!”
“Hoe, shut up! You sound like momma. Tabreen laughed. “I
got this and I’m not telling nobody nothing and they ain’t gone
find out until I decide they need to know. Besides they can hold
their own.”
“See, I ain’t talking bout them I’m talking bout you. I’ma tell
you what else I’m talking about…you acting just like your
homegirl, she finally rubbed off on your ass, uh?” She gave
Tabreen a funky look.
Tabreen sucked her teeth and rolled hers eyes, “Whatever,
hooka go home.”
There was another knock at the door. Tangie looked out of the
peep hole and whispered, “You want me to stay? It’s Marcus.”
“Nah, I’m good. I can handle him.” Tabreen whispered back.
She opened the door so that Marcus could come in and her sister
could leave but Tangie hesitated.
“Alright,Tang I’ma see you later.”Tabreen said.
Tangie frowned at Marcus and walked out of the door.
Tabreen turned to Marcus sitting on the sofa looking right at her.
“What nigga?” she asked.
“Come here.”
She walked over and sat down next to him. “What?”
“My boy gave me some red flag news today and I hope it ain’t
true.” He paused before speaking again.”You fucking around
on me?”
“Uh?” She wasn’t sure how to respond.
“Bitch, you heard me, I a’int stutter.”
“Bitch?” She filled her lungs with air and stood up, “Nigga,
don’t come up in my shit disrespecting me! If you wanna know
something then ask me like you got some mothafuckin sense!”
“Yo shit?” He barked. “Bitch, this my shit too! I was that nigga
paying the rent when you was out of job and sitting on yo ass!”
“Nigga, that’s the key phrase, when-I-wasn’t-working. I been
working for six months now and was only out of work for two so
you a’int do shit! Like I said, my-shit and you can get the fuck
He jumped up and grabbed her by the neck.
“Bitch, I a’int going nowhere.” He growled. Tabreen couldn’t
breath, her eyes were bulging out of her head. She tried to free
her neck from his hand but his grip was too strong.
“You must be out your goddamn mind, girl.” He let go of her
and pushed her down on the couch so hard she hurt her ass bone.
“Marcus, why you tripping?”She said in an attempt to calm
him down.
He didn’t say a word he paced backwards and forward in
front of her, she knew it would be any minute before he went all
the way off. She sat there looking at him. She knew she was
cheating but she couldn’t believe he was tripping so hard off of
something he’d heard, she thought about all the hoes she had to
check behind him. Hell, it was just last week she was coming out
of the nail shop and some female got up in her face. She blew her
off because she was so tired of all the drama and unaffectedly
use to it by then. This nigga got me fucked up today. She thought.
Then jumped up and ran to her room.
Marcus yelled, “Where the fuck you going? Get yo ass back
in here!”
Tabreen opened her top drawer and pulled out the twenty-
two her mother gave to her the day she walked through her door
with a black eye and bruises, It was the kind of thing a mother
was force to do when she knew her child was being beaten and
she couldn’t do anything about it.
On her way out of her room Marcus met her at the door. She
pointed her gun at him, “Back up!”
“Tabreen, what you doing with that, put that shit down!”
“Shut the fuck up!” Now I got the power, nigga! You ain’t
gone keep on beating my ass without consequences, Marcus.
That shit stops today!” She walked forward he backed up. They
ended up right back where they started.
“Breen…babe, put the gun down! I mean, come on Breen, you
know me, girl. I just get heated at times.”
“That’s just the problem, I know you and I’m tired of you
putting your hands on me?”
“I never meant to hurt you though,you know I’m sick about
you. It just makes me crazy to think about another man being all
up on you, come on, Breen you know it a’int even like that with
us.” He pleaded.
Tabreen stood there contemplating with her finger locked on
the trigger. After a few seconds she finally placed the gun on the
table. He slowly walked up to her and squeezed her ass, pulled
her close and kissed her softly but with force, “That shit turns me
on,girl.” He said seductively as he continued kissing her. “You
know I love your sexy ass.”He uttered in between kisses. He slid
his hand down her shorts and stimulated her clitoris then stuck
a finger up her pussy. Her hot juices oozed onto his hand. She
allowed her self to become aroused and kissed him back. She
took off her hearts, ordered him to drop his jeans then pushed
him down on the couch and straddled herself on top of him. As
she glided onto his dick, he cupped her hips with both hands
then rotated them for his benefit. His eyes rolled into the back of
his head as she switched to her own rhythm.
“Oh shit!” He said.
You like that Daddy?”She asked.
“Hell yeah!” He squealed and whispered, “I love you.”
After he left she cleaned up and fixed herself something to eat
she took a hot shower. The muscles in her back felt tight so she
adjusted the water pressure to work out the knots. She stepped
out of the shower and she heard the phone ringing and ran to
pick it up, it was Kilee.
“Hey girl, I heard about that hoe ass nigga Lo-down all up in
your business, you alright?”
“Yeah I’m good.”
“What you gone say when you see him?”
“See who, Marcus? Girl, he just left.”
“What happened?”
“Nothing. I rode that dick real good and and made his ass
forget.” She laughed.

Tangie and Poboy
Tangie felt a vibration in her lap. She looked down at her cell
phone then picked it up. The voice on the other side said,
“Where you at, shorty?”
“I”m at where I’m at.” She giggled.
“Man, quit playing, where you at?”
“At home bout to get dressed. Why?”
“Look in the hall closet and bring me that black bag.” Poboy
“Boy, I’m standing here in a towel. I can’t leave right.”
“Damn,Tang! A’ight, well, bring it to me before you hook up
wit them hood rats.”
“My sister is not a hood rat.” She declared.
“I’m talkin about that scandalous ass Kilee. I don’t know why
ya’ll won’t run that bitch off, she ain’t shit!”
“You ain’t telling me nothing I don’t already know. You
should enlighten Breen about her tramp ass friend. I still wanna
kick that bitch ass for tryna push up on you last year but I ain’t
trippin though…not for now anyway, I’m just laying back to
catch the hoe slipping.”
“Yeah, I feel you, I feel you. Hey, bring some extra panties
cause we gon finish what we started this morning.” He said with
a smile that Tangie could feel. She agreed and smiled just the
same and hung up the phone.
Tangie stood in front of her mirror checking her self out before
heading out of the door. She rocked her new stilettos with one of
her favorite dresses that gripped her body to show every curve
in her figure. Looking at her was like looking at Tabreen except
she was taller. She had vanilla skin, wider hips and smaller lips
and possessed a hidden sexual disposition. Which is what made
Poboy hang up his thug and slide his ‘G’ under the bed every
time they had sex. “Damn, I look good!” She told the mirror. She
grabbed Po-boy’s bag picked up her matching purse and stuffed
in a pair of her panties and locked her door. She called Tabreen
from the car to tell her that she was on her way but didn’t get an
answer so she left her a message. She remembered that Marcus
was at her apartment when she left and hoped that everything
was alright. He was like a ticking bomb she never knew when he
was going to go off. She didn’t see how Tabreen lived with his
drama for so long it was as if she thought his violent rages were
as natural as breathing. She knew that if her sister didn’t do
something soon somebody was going to get hurt. She didn’t like
Marcus but she never worded it to Tabreen she held her peace
unless it was absolutely necessary to do the opposite. Her and
Poboy had an understanding in their relationship and they
trusted one another. She never ask too many questions about the
things he did when she wasn’t around and neither did he when
she wasn’t around. They always communicated and gave each
other space when space was needed. She didn’t have to worry
about him raising a hand to her, it just wasn’t his kind of thing.
They argued and of course disagreed just like any body else,
sometimes she’d get the best of him and sometimes he did the
same, but whenever he lost an argument he’d go into his corner
still feeling like the man because he was completely comfortable
with his manhood. That’s why she never understood how
someone like Marcus could be so close with some one like
Poboy they were too different kinds of people. She spent so
many days wishing that Poboy would out grow him but gave up
when she realized in wasn’t going to happen.Tangie turned up
the radio to he song playing and sang along. “Ya love got me
looking so crazy right now…” Her phone vibrated again. She
picked it up so fast she scratched the inside of her thigh with her
finger nail.
“What’s up hoochie?”
“I just called you, you alright? What were you doing?”
“Nothing, tryna get dressed.”
“He still there?”
“Nawh, he gone I sent his ass off with a smile on his face ! She
chuckled. “Why you coming soearly anyway?”
“I’m not,I gotta drop Po off his bag first and I’ll be there after
“Alright hooka, I see you when you get here.”
Poboy was standing in the door way when Tangie arrived. As
soon as she reached him he took the bag out of her hand and
dropped it by the door, pulled her close, cupped her ass in his
hands and kissed her passionately. Then slide down on his
knees, lifted up her dress and took off her panties. He placed her
right leg over his left shoulder and began licking her pussy; her
juices filled his mouth like a sweet peach. She cooed and
grabbed a hold of his head, which was covered by the flow of her
She held her position until her knees became weak and she
could barely stand. Then she pulled her dress all the way over
her head and tossed it over the chair. She motioned him up and
stuck her tongue in his mouth and walked to the bedroom. He
watched the twist in her naked ass as he followed. She laid down
on the bed on her back. “Come and get it Daddy.” She
murmured. He walked over and attentively and slowly slid
himself in. She threw her hips back at him so good that he could
no longer hold it, he released. They both lay there looking at the
ceiling trying to get back their wind until Tangie looked at the
time. “Shit, babe, I gotta go.” He pulled her back down and
started sucking on her breast.
She tried resisting. “I gotta go baby, I don’t wanna ride by
myself. I’m riding with Tabreen and if I don’t leave now I’ll get
left.” He ignored her and stuck his penis back into her already
wet pussy and this time his strokes were faster. He wanted to
make her squeal and call out his name and she did just that.

Kilee and Pocco
Kilee took Yonnie’s advice, she went into her closet and
pulled out one of her hottest outfits and held it to her body
spinning in a half circle. “This will get me some attention
tonight.” She said checking out her butt in the mirror. Pocco was
laying in her bed naked waiting for her. “Hey,baby what you
doing in there!” She put the dress back on the rack and stepped
out of the closet door wearing heels and a birthday suit.
“Now that’s what I’m talking bout, come here girl!” He
anxiously demanded.
She walked to the end of the bed, he sat up and got closer to
her. She planted her high heel on the bed right next to his bare
ass, her pussy was two inches from his nose. He put his face in
it and her precious sounds became music to his ears. She put her
head back and closed her eyes and imagined his tongue was
Marcus’ tongue. Her mind took her back to the night they first
had sex together. Tabreen had disappeared without notice and
Marcus came to her for answers. He knew Tangie wasn’t going
to tell him anything so she was his only option. He knocked on
her door like the police, she ran to answer it ready to go off. She
flung it open and he was standing there dripping wet from the
“Where’s is Tabreen?” She started to curse him out slam the
door in his face but thought about it then smirked. She had an
ideal of where Tabreen had gone, but didn’t tell him. Instead she
invited him in and told him that Tabreen would be calling soon.
It was a lie, but she wanted him to stay just long enough to get
him out of his wet clothes and fuck him while they were drying.
He stood in her bathroom in his boxers wiping water from his
body with the towel she gave him. She watched his six feet tall
slim, muscular frame as he dried it. Damn. All sorts of thoughts
raced through her head and panties became moist as she
continued to watch. Before he finished she raced to the kitchen
and took a shot of Brandy then poured up two glasses with
crushed ice and sprite. When he came out of the bathroom she
offered him a glass and they sat on the sofa.
He took a drink from his glass, “So you don’t know where she
is, huh?”
“She been gone since this morning and she ain’t called you?”
“No!” She said with an innocent smile.
“I don’t believe that shit.”
She took another sip before speaking again. “I told you she
might be calling at anytime, damn what else do you want me to
say? Let’s just sit here and wait and talk about something else.”
“Whatever, man you ain’t fooling nobody.” He said
crunching on ice.
She began to feel her buzz and her hormones began to rage
out of control. Her hand found it’s way to his knee then
massaged it’s way up is thigh right into his crotch. She pulled it
out and wrapped her lips around it. He didn’t stop her, he sat
back to enjoy the ride, his dick was hard as cement and throbbing
for attention. As she sucked she felt him grab the back of her head
for better friction Before he could release in her mouth she took
off her shorts and spread her legs expecting something else first.
“Kiss it.” She said. “I wanna see if your tongue really got that
magic like she said.”
He frowned and stood up, pushed back the coffee table,
violently bent her over the couch and shoved his dick inside of
her. He slapped her ass and banged her so hard the couch almost
tilted over from the force. He never gave her the oral sex when
she asked and she wanted it so badly; she tried everything but
it never worked. It pissed her off when she had to listen to
Tabreen tell detailed stories about how skillful he was with his
tongue, but tonight would be different because she was tired of
holding Tabreens’ little secret. She wanted the attention, she
wanted to be the only girl in Marcus’ life and didn’t care what she
had to do to make it happen. She planned to tell Marcus
everything she knew and was ready to deal with whatever came
long with it. Her feelings for him and grown very deep now and
she wanted him all to herself and if she couldn’t have him she
was going to make for damn sure that Tabreen couldn’t either.
After Pocco was done swallowing her juices, he lay in her bed
waiting for something more.
“Uh, uh nigga! She squealed. “Get your ass up cause I’m bout
to go!” She demanded.
“Oh, so you just gone do a nigga like that?”
“You damn right! I got shit to do.”
“Okay, we gone finish this later then!” He insisted.
She pointed between the two of them. “We ain’t finishing shit
later! You need to leave.” She pointed at him.
“Fuck you—you scandalous Bitch!” He roared.
“That’s Ms. Bitch now get the fuck out!” He rushed at her and
webbed his hand over her face and pushed her head into the
wall. “You ain’t nothing but a dirty hoe anyway!”
“Yeah and you love this dirty Bitch too!” She yelled at the
back of his head as he left her room. She waited until she heard
the door slam then ran to lock it. Ten seconds later she heard a
knock again and ran to look out of the peep hole. “Oh, it’s Biz.”
She said under her breath. She sighed and opened the door.

Poboy picked the black bag up off of the floor and sat it on the
counter. As soon as he unzipped it Pocco and Lodown came
through the front door.
“What up Po?” Lodown asked.
“Man I been calling you mothafukas and I ain’t get no answer!
Nigga, where ya’ll been?”
“Man, you know me. I been handling business then I get a call
from this nigga talking bout come scoop him up.” Lodown
looks at Pocco and shakes his head. “Nigga, I told you bout
fuckin with that busted up hoe! Bitch put you out and got you
standing on corners and shit, nigga your nose is wide open!”
Pocco speaks up, “Nawh man, it ain’t even like that. You
know I don’t give a damn about that hoe!”
Poboy sucks his teeth, Shit, you saying that now but you’ll be
your ass over there tomorrow begging that bitch to let you in.”
He and Lodown laughed.
Pocco got up and walked to his room. “Man fuck both of
Lodown asks, “Say man, your girl bring that?”
“Yeah, it’s over there.”Poyboy pointed to the black bag. “Go
check it out.” He said taking two beers out of the fridge and
placing one on the counter.
Lodown unzips the bag, “Hell yeah nigga, this the shit right
here!” He said smiling. Feeling accomplished he lit a cigarette
and sat down. He blew out smoke and picked the beer up off of
the counter then starts to lecture, “Say man, you need to talk to
your boy cause he been fuckin up for a minute now. We got
business we need to take care of right now plus in the future and
we—nawh scratch that, I can’t have that nigga fuckin up my
money over some nothing ass hoe. Everybody in the hood done
tapped that hoe-bitch including me and he come al

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