Bound A Fairytale

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A fairy tale with a not so happy ending.

Submitted: June 13, 2007

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Submitted: June 13, 2007



Bound A Fairytale

From the shore a young girl can be seen wondering tirelessly, alone. There is something hauntingly sorrowful in her slow steady tread; she wears her beauty like a tragic mask and all the while she wonders, searching, searching, searching

As she makes her way across the shore she can feel the sand beneath her soles and the soft hesitant imprint of her feet. She glances back and gets a fleeting glimpse of footprints meandering off following some unspoken trail. She smells the tangy aroma of salt and sea, wind and air. All around her she hears the almighty roar of the ever constant motion of the sea. She finds herself sitting on the shore watching the ocean as the waves come lapping at her feet, calling her, drawing her, wanting her. She closes her eyes and becomes lost in the siren call of the ocean, its haunting melody washes over her, calming her, loving her. The harsh beauty of her surroundings disappears and all that is left is infinite beautiful light and wind soft strong constant wind and aroma harsh poignant unending aroma. She imagines that she is drifting along the waves carried from crest to crest, boundless freedom surrounds her an eternity of forever. As she awakes the dream fades slowly to the back of her mind and sorrow washes over her drowning her hope, for what good is it for her to hope for the freedom of the ocean when she is bound to the shore.

From the sea a face unnoticed by the wondering girl watches her and knows her thoughts. A face old yet not old, timeless as the sea itself smiles sadly and disappears beneath the sea with a smooth liquid dive and a flick of a strong graceful mermaid tail.

After watching the young lost girl I begin to swim desperately, haunted beyond hope burdened beyond assistance. What a cruel web the spider of life spins. Thoughts crash and burn around my cluttered mind searching for a way out of the plan I in desperation concocted in vain tried to forget and constantly brings itself to the fore of my mind. In my heart I know it is the only choice I have the only answer to the terrible disaster that circumstance has made. My only hope. Such a plan demands a sacrifice, two lives precious in their own way will be irrevocably changed. As I reach home I try to calm my whirling emotions. With my mind still in a blur of indecision, I go to find my daughter. As I hold her to my breast feel her nuzzling baby breath, stroke her soft downy hair and touch her silken baby skin my mind slows my jumbled thoughts recede my decision is made, on the morrow I shall visit the girl from the shore.

A figure just beneath the surface can be seen swimmingly tragically yet determined towards the shore a small bundle tucked safely in her arms, If one could see her face the sorrow etched there would be terrible in its pain her beauty forever smothered by the wretchedness she will always feel. To soon her head breaks the water.

As I reach the surface I scan the horizon my eyes urgently search the shoreline looking for the young girl that is there everyday without fail. I soon spot her a little off to the right, I glance down at my baby stiffen my shoulders as well as my resolve and dive beneath the water to swim the last mile. Once I’m close enough I call out to the little girl “Melody…” Like all mermaids I possess the siren call irresistible in its persuasion she comes to me as though in a trance gently swaying to the rhythm of the ocean. As she gets closer I am for the first time able to really see her features, I gasp in shock never before in all my years had I ever seen anyone so beautiful. Features so intricately refined so utterly delicate, large blue green eyes the exact colour of the ocean are fringed by thick sooty lashes a nose straight and regal slightly pert at the end adds character, lips perfectly formed and ruby red complete the perfection. For adornment luscious hair windswept from the sea falls around her shoulders in a mass of blue black curls. Such beauty in one so young is not uncommon; it is rare like pearls or diamonds her beauty will last forever. Slowly I lift the trance from her. She blinks twice as if she has woken from a deep slumber. Confused she looks at me and asks “who are…” but stops in mid sentence as she sees all I entail. Confusion turns to shock “What… why… how… I don’t understand?” she manages to stutter. “Be calm my child let me explain I am a mermaid and I have come to ask a favour of you.” I gently elaborate. “A mermaid” she gasps her eyes widen with the magic of it a slow smile dawns on her face so sweet in its innocence her voice filled with wonder she exclaims “I knew you existed…I just knew it” with dawning realisation a crease forms on her brow and hesitant she asks “A favour me? But why? What favour? …you’re a mermaid?” I can’t help but smile at her utter confusion. Listen carefully my child “I am indeed a mermaid my name is Madrigal. Why you? Well that is easy to answer, you love the sea with fierce unconditional passion everyday you come and day dream about how it would be like to be a part of this unending beauty and unrivalled freedom you live breathe and feel the sea, your spirit is that of water not earth, that is why I chose you my dear. As for the favour, it is best I begin at the beginning, and that beginning would have to be my baby Sierra, you see my baby young as she is holds the weight of all the mer-people on her shoulders. For she is heir to the throne, her destiny is to be queen, it is her birth right unfortunately there are people out there on land or sea that wish to reshape peoples destiny’s my husband the king is such a person. You see my husband refuses to have a female sit on the throne to him females are but a pretty adornment not really needed but nice to have. The only legitimate heir to the throne is my baby Sierra and my husband will prevent her claiming her birthright at all costs even if that cost is murder. My husband would kill my child, my flesh, my love. He would steal her life leave her dead and kill me in doing so.” At this point she gasps and look heart broken my instinct is to leave this child of innocence and not interfere in her precious young life but I cant the child of my flesh is what binds me to my decision and so I preserver. “Please darling do not be afraid but let me finish, I want your help you have the power to save my babies life. Now listen carefully I know a magic, a magic older than time itself, it is a magic that can take your human essence the very thing that makes you human and exchange it with another who is not human. It is a magic that can take a mermaid essence the very thing that makes my baby a mermaid and exchange it with another that is not mermaid. This is what I want to do with you and my baby I wish to make my baby human and place her in the human world safe from harm and I want to make you a mermaid and give you your hearts dearest wish your very life’s desire. Will you child of land and spirit of sea exchange places with my baby girl?”

Every minute seems to last an hour, as I wait for her reply. I watch the child as she nibbles on her lower lip and wrings her hands, I offer her no assistance this is a choice she alone must make and so silently I wait. After what seems an eternity she looks up and speaks in a soft hesitant voice “If I could be a mermaid and live beneath the sea I would do almost anything, I… I will swop places with your baby.” A glowing smile ripples across her face, and like sunlight hitting the ocean I am once again struck by her incredible beauty. Her answer brings me great relief and great sorrow but with the resignation of one left with no other choice I get to work at the task at hand and once again turn to Melody “Very well my child your choice is made, come with me.” I hold my hand out to her, she gently takes hold of it, we move deeper into the sea until the water is at her shoulders. “One with land, one with earth enriched with nature from moment of birth, yet spirit of sea resides in thee, Savage Ocean answer my plea, exchange two spirits born of you, as I ask so shall you do” As I end the spell a great churning of the ocean can be heard and my daughter along with Melody is swept into a great whirlwind of water. Soon their outlines become lost in the churning ocean until suddenly the water becomes still and both my daughter and melody float to the surface they both appear unconscious as they lie on their bed of water then with a great explosion of blinding white light the exchange is made. Human becomes mermaid, mermaid becomes human their fate is sealed.

As I hold my precious baby girl tears slip unchecked down my cheeks, sorrow washes time and time again over my head. My heart tells me to hold on, my mind forces me to finish what I began, my soul tells me, the hardest part of holding on is letting go. So I say the words that will take my darling child to the shore, to a life free from danger, a life free from me, “Master of me, master of sea, I beseech thee transport flesh of my blood daughter of my soul to the shore safe from harm safe from all that threatens her, so mote it be.” As soon as the words leave my lips a great wave sweeps my daughter up and surges her towards the shore and I let my daughter go. From far off I can hear a tortured scream and in the back of my mind the place where sanity has hidden I know the scream is my own. Then quite suddenly everything becomes silent, it seems as though the ocean has ceased its ever constant motion as though time itself has stopped. The silence becomes a heavy weight but softly hesitantly a gentle humming can be heard that soon becomes a beautiful deafening symphony of explosive sound. I turn to find Melody resplendent in her newly born mermaid body the sound is all around her, no! Not around but in her. Before my eyes Melody commands the sea with her voice calling all creatures to her and in that instant Melody transforms into the most beautiful women the world will ever know, no longer is the shy uncertain child, but a woman so beautiful it hurts. A woman that the ocean has claimed as his most beloved and beautiful bride, the mistress of the sea Melody.

Shock vibrates through my body, shaken to my very core I can only wonder what I have done, I asked this child now woman to help me, pleaded with her, little did I know that as well as granting her hearts desire I was also granting the oceans. In the matter of a few seconds Melody has become superior to everything in the ocean save the ocean itself. As I look Melody in the eye she smiles and swims up to me takes hold of my hands and in a hushed voice asks “isn’t it wonderful?” and suddenly I understand. Before me stands a woman that was once a child she has grown in knowledge and in beauty but her innocence remains. Gently I embrace Melody and whisper in her ear “yes it is wonderful, come let us go home.” With that we both slip beneath the ocean, Melody free and unrestrained, wholly innocent and I imprisoned in my sorrow, burdened beyond assistance, fearful of the day Melody will come to regret her choice and find herself once again bound. ~The End~

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