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This is not finished bare with me.

Submitted: October 16, 2009

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Submitted: October 16, 2009



Who are we? He thought. Where did we come from?

Ikron sat and thought to himself as he looked at his metal hands. His body bent over, perfected in a metal hide of shining silver. His face pulled liquid faces, like ever changing masks. The iron window in in his cell, allowed some light to enter, the stone block that was his sector. His artificial lights stared and took in his arms and hands; if indeed they can be called by those names. Those artificial functions, bolts and plates. The movement of those metal digits and screws that made up the bipedal body in the form of some unknown being or creature. How in deed did they work? Why was he created? He sat up and thought about his purpose. Did he have a purpose? And if so, what purpose was that?

For Ikron, or as he was called by his fellows, Ikron 5551551, purpose meant everything. It defined him, it made him understand who he was. And that was what he wanted. It is a strange thing for such a being to think of their purpose in life. Such a question as "who am I" was rarely asked on the planet designated the code name E.A.R.T.H And for those who do not kow of this code name, (which I presume you all do not know) code name E.A.R.T.H meant Eco-Artificial Robotic Terrain Habitat.

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