Mindless Behavior babes

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4 18 yr old girlz that r dating mindless behavior lots of drama,&love. Find out how life

goes for them. Who's going get prego.
Taja'- ray ray
Nia - princeton
Justice -prodigy
Jada - roc royal

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



MB is on tour with their girlz.

Everybody on the bus.

Prince: we got practice in 2 hours so wht we goin do

Nia: How about we play 10 minutes in heaven

everbody except nia: cool

nia turned the bottle it landed on princeton. They went into the closet. Princeton started kissin on her neck. She was moanin. Then she unbutton her bra and took it off and let him suck her teddies. She put jer leg around his waist and she started to kiss his neck.

Taja'- TIME UP

They came out and nia said jada had yo spend the bottle.It landed on roc. They wnt in the closet. They both took off all their stuff and roc pus jada aganist the wall and kiss her until her neck until he found her weck spot. She screamed wen he sucked her teddies.

Prince: TIME UP

They came out and justice spon the bottle it. Landed on prodigy they went onto the closet and made noisy because they weren't ready to do it Nia:YALL CAN CUM THE FUCK OUT YALL ANIT DOING SHIT BUT MAKING NOISY they came out and set back down. Taja spon the bottle and it landed on ray they went in the closet ray took off his shirt and. Kissed all over taja

Roc:time up

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