The Star of Power & Goodness *RAY OF LIGHT*

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Hello Iam Ray R. Ellis, the following is one of many testimonials that I have received from my clients as a result of providing them Spiritual Healing for a period of time. This gentleman was very pleased and satisfied with the outcome resulting from his healing. He is a very spiritual individual with very positive and strong beliefs.
Thank you. With Blessings and Light to all.

Submitted: March 06, 2011

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Submitted: March 06, 2011



Spiritual Healing

Some years ago I had cancer in one of my kidneys and later had surgery to remove it.  It was years later, and of course I was teaching at an University here in Brazil, and from time to time, I would experience various health problems. Anyway, I became familar with Ray from Canada better known as (Ray of Light) The International Psychic Medium.
We became very good friends and so had many conversations with him. During the past years, I have experienced many difficulties and sorrows in my life. Having lost many loved ones within my family and family relatives, having to deal with serious health concerns along the way. I have had surgeries for my lungs, related heart difficulties, this after a minor heart attack. etc., etc. About two years ago, it was discovered that the cancer had returned in my one and only remaining kidney, after many medical treatments, I was then told it  had spread near and into my bladder. I just assumed that my life was finished and that I was dying, with next to no hope for any type of recovery.
It was too, at this same time, my lungs were developing cancerous spores and breathing was becoming almost impossible. No matter what kind of treatments and/or medications I was being given, little or nothing was really working or correcting this conditions. Nor, was my health improving. I became extremely depressed and had simply lost all my will to live and was only existing and it was becoming a Real Hell to greet each day of my life in such a desperate state. During all this time, my friendship with Ray continued and developed everyday. I continued to think of him and felt in my heart, body and soul, he was the life force to which I was feeling a source of strength and that he was now like the greatest light in my life, like the Morning Sun. From our conversations and his constant out pouring of words and wisdom to persuade me to move forward with my life.
Through his insistance that I would get better and that he could help me with his exceptional Psychic abilities and healing Powers to overcome my intense serious health problems and circumstances. I never had any doubt or skepticism about his empowering abilities. One only needs to talk to Ray, to realize how sincere he is and to feel his exceptional presence and powerful influences that he generates through his personal energy levels. I just knew, in my heart and body, he could and would instill a Miracle into me and my total body through his personal projection of distant healings.
Upon Ray doing his initial energy scan and inner vision of my body and making the necessary focus that he felt was appropriate in order for him to project the appropriate light, the healing process began. Over the next number of months, Ray continued his healings with me. Yes, there were times, I could feel his presence, sometimes, a tingling sensation throughout my body, other times, a cooling effect around me. I continued to know and realize that his powers were entering my body and that some things were happening. As time progressed, Ray would draw out sketches as to how he was visualizing the effects that the healings were having and sent to me various forms of material outlining the images as he saw them.
I later, took them to my doctors to compare them with the xrays and scans that had been and were continued to be taking the medical experts. After, several months, I was then informed and requested to go to the hospital and have extensive tests and examinations pertaining to my overall health condition. After several repeated tests and results. I was then told to return home and that my doctors would call me. Within a few weeks, I was once again scheduled for more extensive examinations. At this time, I truly felt, that my life was finished and that I was dying. It was the most terrible feeling that I have ever experienced.
A few days later, I had the tests and again, told to return home and wait for a telephone call. I did this and within a week returned to the hospital and was scheduled to having a thorough discussion with my many doctors. They told me, about my lungs, said, one was healing slowly and progress continued to be made. Also, I was told that other minor problems were slowly improving. Then to my absolute amazement, the doctors said to me, the cancer in the remaining kidney had Disappeared, and then said, the cancer in and around my Bladder had too disappeared. I can never forget their words, when they said to me, You have NO CANCER and your body is free of it.
The relief, joy and total release that I felt, words can never described. I felt alive, like a very heavy burden was no gone from me. I was totally over whelmed. I now was getting my life back. Oh, tears of joy and thankfulness filled my heart.
I was now a special child of the Universe, of GOD and all that breathe life into me. Of course, my friend Ray, I knew had provided me with this Miracle, through his unique and Marvelous Gift as it has been blessed to him through giving of GOD. I immediately, contacted Ray and told him about the news that I had received from the doctors and that he was responsible ridding me of that dreadful Cancer.
I am so thankful for having such a dear friend as Ray. He is my Miracle and my precious treasure. I am so truly blessed and honored to have known him and to say, that Ray is so valued to me and will always be my friend and pal throughout my journey of life. Thank you dear friend, for all of your caring, kindness and love that you have shown and expressed to me, in my greatest time of need. Your amazing abilities and power has given me my life back. Together now with you, God and the beautiful Universe, I can move forward as I have been given a second chance at the most precious treasure of all, Life.
Thank you Ray, my dearest, with most heartful thanks and blessings, you are the Star of Power and Goodness, Ray of light.
W. M. Prado
Dr. of Physics
Sao Paulo, Brazil
This article is one of many testimonials that I have received from
clients of mine upon having completed my healing sessions with them.
Ray can be contacted in Canada at Tel. 001-204-467-7730
Email: or

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