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Self Creative Essay


For analysing videos/posters in media, i decided to deconstruct one of my favourite music videos - We Are Never Getting Back Together!


Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013



Write an essay about creative music video deconstructing

the typical values of the video and how as video it’s creative.

Also include examples.

Analysis of ‘We are never getting back together’ music video

by Taylor Swift.

This pop music video includes the typical values of its genre as it has bright colours used, is fun/ happy and includes smiling characters e.g. dancers. A theme colour is red which is used in the video subtly as Taylor wears red lipstick and has one red outfit (red top with white spots and black shorts) representing her quirky style as an artist. Also on a deeper level it represents her album ‘Red’ which Taylor feels is the colour of mixed emotions of love which she felt whilst writing the album.

There are various characters in this music video such as the dumped boyfriend; dancers in the party themed living room and musicians playing instruments dressed as different animal characters e.g. squirrel, bear. The purpose of this makes the song light hearted and empowering by its’ title of telling someone their relationship is finished – with the humorous value of the animal characters added in. As the video is made to look like a popup book, these animals are amongst those typically found in a book for kids - perhaps of a fantasy/ woodland world.

The boyfriend in the video is trying to win back Taylor and captures the humorous aspect as he continuously knocks at her door while she tells him they are never getting back together. The dancers and musicians play a part of dancing to the song during at which Taylor is changing her costume (as the video was filmed in one long take). This makes the video light hearted as opposed to the song’s fiery title; the actors dancing promote the happy image of a fun party whilst animal dressed musicians play instruments, in time with the backing soundtrack of the song.

The different sets are of parts of a house such as the living area, table room and outside garden area. From these sets and the beginning and end of the pop up looking landscape of buildings it sets the aspect the video is of the pop up theme.

By Rayshaun D.W

From an MTV interview Taylor herself mentioned the technical aspect of the music video. She comments ‘It was filmed about 32 times as one long take’, telling her target audience that the video which changes from various sets wasn’t edited. During which she changes from up to 5 different outfits – mainly dresses, at this point extra’s are shown dancing. This is interesting and makes the video unique as many of today’s current videos have animated features matching the different edited shots – instead of the camera continuously panning as the scene transitions.


0-5 – E

Demonstrated minimal knowledge with little or no understanding of

the concept.

6-10- D

Demonstrated some knowledge with some understanding

of the concept and vague examples.

11-17- C

Demonstrated good knowledge with a well explained

understanding of the concept and good examples.

18-23- B

Demonstrated great knowledge with a great understanding

of the concept and a range of examples.

24-28 –A

Demonstrated developed knowledge with a full

understanding of the concept and developed examples.


Examiner’s Marks

This candidate achieved top marks by talking about a music video of a distinctive

genre with developed knowledge and understanding of different aspects of the

concept. The candidate does this by explaining the costume, characters and

technical aspects of the ‘pop’ genre. Furthermore the candidate explains connotations

and denotations of the music video as a whole. The candidate uses examples from

the artists aspect on the video included in the different explained aspects.


To improve I could have used specific examples of other pop music

videos and how they have the same aspects like bright colours and

dancers used to make the video fun and happy. I could further

explain how this could link to the artist’s age as well as their video

sticking to typical conventions. Also talk about props like – the blue knitted

bird and the knitted pattern wallpaper, relating to the bright colours and

quirky videos style.


Justin Bieber’s music video Baby’ contrast Taylor’s video as his

video consists of different edited shots of him and dancers in a

bowling alley as opposed to different scenes of a house. This links to

his song concept and there is a dance routine as opposed to

people dancing around as if at a party (Taylor). This could link to his

young age of wanting to look cool/slick, whilst Taylor’s is more

free spirited so has a party theme in which the people dance around


© Copyright 2016 Rayshaun DW. All rights reserved.

Self Creative Essay

Essay by: Rayshaun DW

Status: Finished

Genre: Song Lyrics


Essay by: Rayshaun DW


Status: Finished

Genre: Song Lyrics



For analysing videos/posters in media, i decided to deconstruct one of my favourite music videos - We Are Never Getting Back Together!

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