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A temporary problem, does not require a permanent solution.

Submitted: August 25, 2013

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Submitted: August 25, 2013



In your Loneliness,

You may sometimes be reminded of me...


While it would be getting dark,

No one shall peer into your rotten heart.

Maybe now you'll know how it feels to be alone,

Lying wrecked battered, wanting to mourn...


All your pride and egotism would now be gone,

As you're waiting...desperately for dawn…

You'll finally realize, that you were always wrong,

As endless moments of regret would feel a bit too long...


And finally, when night arrives,

Lightening...may suddenly strike,

And that lightening may burn down the world of love,

So you'll not be able to find anywhere to rove...


You'll not be able to live, nor will you be able to die,

As tears of anguish and suffering would fill your eye...

You'll remember to the good memories, all the happy times...

But I'll still be there waiting for you, even though you're no longer sublime...


Nights pass like winds and I just can't sleep.

'cause the pungent wounds, the truth, never leaves...

You'll not feel any blood passing through my veins...

'cause left inside, there’s only heartache and pain.


Now, my heart becomes a cloud,

I burst open everything aloud…

I know it’s not easy to obtain happiness from grief,

I know deep down, that you would believe…


Why the hell is that love always has to hurt,

Until your heart, finally gets full of dirt...

Now I think, was your heart really mine...?

As I'm sitting in bars all night, drinking wine...


In your Loneliness,

You may sometimes be reminded of me.....



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