Products for a Better Future

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The future is not bad. It is our choice to make it what we want it to be. Like all the time on hand in a future world, some people would still prefer to cook their food the traditional way.

Products for a Better Future

Some of these products are likely to be launched in the near to distant future. Let us capture a glimpse of the upcoming technological innovations;

  1. 3D Printers making medicines of precise potency, formulation adjustment and quantity for patients as and when prescribed by their physician unlike the currently available drugs of standard strength and pack sizes and diminishing product efficacy with prolonged storage, these will be freshly made. The use of 3D printers will be extended to make critical spares, allowing continuity of operations, ensuing efficiencies and massive cost reduction. We may witness a wider use later, maybe vehicles, houses and other things. Imagine you go to a large kiosk, choose your car design, color, your own logo or brand and other features and it is produced for you then and there.

  2. Safe Cigarette – The traditional cigarette but safe for human consumption and environmental friendly with no residue.

  3. Virtual physician encompassing all the subject knowledge acquired to-date by humankind, communicating in alomost all languages with patients and accessible by most of the global population with capability of remote monitoring and checking patient’s records and readings.

  4. Conveniently located operation theaters in cities and villages where robots will operate patients under human supervision, or humans will do the surgery getting help from robots and Artifical Intelligence with almost 100 percent success rate.

  5. Virtual Teacher possessing total knowledge of the subject acquired to-date by humankind and accessible by most of the global population in a telepresence environment, like a live and interactive class session. Multiple languages will be an option available to students who would be able to attend the required sessions in their own language, sitting anywhere in the world. So basically a lecture delivered in English language will be received in whatever language the receiver chooses suggesting quick and simultaneous communication in multiple languages. The existing infrastructure can be used in different countries with only one main central school with complete faculty comprising both humans and AI.

  6. Synthetic gas at fraction of the current gas prices. The fuel of the future might actually help the environment.

  7. Incubators will cure and reverse cell erosion and rejuvenate humans, making them young and healthy again after they become old or weak.

  8. Artificial skin for burn patients.

  9. Artificial blood customized for each individual. Sample taken and it gets produced.

  10. Blind people will have the gadgets to see like normal people.

  11. Deaf people will be able to hear using gadgets either detached or implanted.

  12. Dumb people will be able to speak using gadgets either detached or implanted.

  13. Cancer and other malignant diseases will be cured like common cold and other minor ailments.

  14. Birth defects would be almost negligible as technology will detect and correct those defects beforehand.

  15. A device will retrieve all sounds, voices and images from the past. It would be a massive advancement making the lost archives accessible and transparent. It would be equivalent to re-writing history. An era of massive adjustments where some heroes will turn out to be villains and vice versa.

  16. Virtual entertainment where viewers will have the option to watch movies by becoming a part of those movies. Like running away from fictional or ancient beasts and engaging in battles with aliens.

  17. Hologram television projecting from a smaller device like cellphone or pen and viewable anywhere with as big a screen as desired with sound on or turn mute feature with earphones. Imagine watching a movie in the jungle.

  18. Apparels, shoes and purses that will change color to suit the occasion.

The new products and technology will not trigger mass unemployment and chaos as many people fear. Yes, in the short term it may cause confusion and unrest but it would rather be a boon for the world in the long run. While much of the infrastructure will become redundant for the then current use, the abandoned premises will be used for human interactions, exhibitions, arts and entertainment events and will be converted to resorts where people will enjoy with their loved ones.

Some of the extinct species of animals will be recreated and all creatures will peacefully coexist on a shared planet.

The future is not bad. The upcoming technologies are disruptive in nature but they will not be destructive. In fact they will only disrupt our mindset and way of doing work. If we are prepared and fully aligned, it will just be a smooth and pleasant transition. It is our choice to make it what we want it to be. Like all the time on hand in a future world, some people would prefer to cook their food the traditional way. Some people would prefer horse carts over bullet trains.

That is how a beautiful resort looks like.

And that is how the true human life should be; free of worries and hassle, like living in a paradise!




Submitted: May 10, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Razi Akber. All rights reserved.

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So, uh, how the hell does a safe cigarette work? Does i include nicotine? Is it actually smoked?
The skin thing can be done as human skin does have some stem cells and all, but blood is a different thing. If you want any cells, blood cells for example, to work like HeLa cells, they are most likely going to be tumor cells. Besides, there are different types of blood cells and blood contains a lot of other stuff too. It would also be quite useless and expensive to have blood made for people, as not most people need it, and blood can easily be transferred.

Another thing, hearing and seeing devices might work if the issue is in your eye or ear. If it's in your brain, you can have perfect eyes, your brain just don't get the picture. That's not going to be solved with artificial eyes or something, you would have to grow new brain cells and have them do the job, which is a million times harder.

Also, there already is synthetic methane, so inventing that isn't something that's in the future. It's just a bit longer process to produce it, as it requires electrolysis, but it also creates energy.

Sat, May 11th, 2019 11:04am


Thanks for your comments, much appreciated!

Sat, May 11th, 2019 7:53am

Serge Wlodarski

Good article. I think 3D printers will have a profound impact in the coming decades.

Sat, May 11th, 2019 3:38pm


Yes, they are already in use. Our company recently bought one.

Sat, May 11th, 2019 11:32am

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