Cain And Raziel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is an extract from a story i was writing. i'm not sure if i'm going to finish it though..

Submitted: March 08, 2009

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Submitted: March 08, 2009



The Final Showdown?

The first thing that Jake and Melvin realised was that the leader of the attack was Cayne the Un-Dead one. When the others asked what that meant Melvin told them.

He is a vampire from the Ancient times. He is from the 14th century. The only person that has defeated him is another vampire, who is leader of Da Crew. Yes, he is with Dave. Da Crew is the only hope we have of saving Terra Firma!”

But weren’t they banished to Kloiden-6 last century because of the fact that they were all turned to vampires by Raziel?” asked Alex. Alex was the only girl that didn’t get distressed by wars or anything else. She was also second in command of Terra Firma. She would be in charge if the other leaders of the world didn’t vote to keep Melvin in charge of EVERYTHING, the fact that they did this really got on her nerves. The fact that she could be in charge if she got enough people to follow her got on Melvin’s nerves because he was so used to having everyone follow him that competition kind of scared him, that plus Alex is a WOMAN and women shouldn’t lead whole planets into war to create a new EMPIRE!

Yes Alex that is the case, but we need to get them back on to our side before Cayne gets them on to his side. We have around twenty thousand fighters but Da Crew is now around TWO MILLION and they are all Space Fighters that can whoop all over the old Empire’s Space Wolves! WE NEED THEM ON OUR SIDE!!!” stressed Jake. Alex got on his nerves as well but only because she always asked questions instead of following orders.

Jake, calm down. Alex, how long do we have BEFORE Cayne gets close enough to start his attack?”

We have three days minimum. I think that should be enough time to get Dave, Raziel, Loz, Lauren, Andy and the other old members of Da Crew back here and fighting on our side.”

Good. I’ll go with you; Gus, Jake and three others that you must hand pick to make sure that we have enough back-up in case things get nasty.”


Meanwhile on Siriustar-72 ……

My lord the Earthlings know about our plans. They are going to try to get Dave and his Crew to fight us along side them. They are our prey and therefore should die as we see fit, without much off a struggle! Not like they are gong to, giving us a decent battle in which we will lose a lot of our brethren to flames and space and swords that spin!”

Thank you Memnoch; that will be all. I didn’t ask you for your opinion of our enemies; I just wanted to hear whether or not they had detected us. They have. We will proceed as before. We will attack in six days.” Whispered the Un-Dead leader Cayne.

Cayne was the supposed ‘original’ vampire, despite what the text books and folk-lore of Earth before the Technological Dark-Ages, which are the only ones remembered by anyone except the vampires he created, tell the people. According to those stupid texts Dracula was the original, but Cayne let Dracula get the attention. Only the true ones evolved and got gifts from Ariel, the only thing that could be said to be a god for Vampires. Cayne’s latest gift was the gift of automatic translation; he can speak to any creature that uses a language no matter how simple. This is at the moment more useful than any of his other gifts from the spectral realm including his extra powerful muscles and stronger bone structure; these are more powerful than any of his kin’s equivalent gifts.

That is with the exception of Dave who has all the Gifts Cayne has plus the ability to shift to any Realm, even the Realm of Time itself and go back to any point in time that he has already been to. Dave also has a set of wings and as no Vampire needs to breath in space he can go anywhere in the Universe and also, that to his Realm traversing ability, any Time as well….


Because Dave can fly in space he can drag any of Cayne’s Brethren to the nearest Star and send them to there deaths by fires hotter than the hottest flames of Seth’s Underworld. Also no other Brother has wings, so without ‘Mech Armour none of the Dark Ones can be saved from the Daemons of Space or Chaos and even Vampires fear these devourers of body and soul. Dave knows these facts and has used them and his Abilities to help the people he protects in the battles he missed by going back in Time and then he was recorded as being in more than one place at once.

+Lauren how are our Comrade in Arms doing? + Dave asks the spy in the midst of Cayne’s army, the only one there to have ANY form of telepathy.

+Come on Dave you should know that one. They are still in need of our help and Cayne knows the humans have detected his presence three days away even though he is going to take six days to get there and feed or turn however many people he wants without our help in trying to repel him before the slaughter starts. Which I would like to remind you we have never done. We always join the fray once the killing has started and we feed on the dying to satisfy our own Thirsts. So you know maybe we should…+

+We should jump the gun and START the fight with Cayne instead of letting a few innocents die? Have you taken the time to notice who I let get killed in the start of the battle? I’ll tell you who were the first to do and also the only ones that died, shall I? Oh you have nothing to say to that, never mind I’ll tell you any way. The only people that die in any battle we have joined in have been the generals and old men that hate US as well as Cayne and his Dark Ones.+

+Dave I know you are the most blessed, are our leader and everything but can you please stop arguing with our source of information via telepathy? I’m trying to finish your human friend Carl!+

+Sorry Loz, but she was saying that I’m making bad choices about when we join fights, when in the fights I held back in some of our newest members still had the Thirst to quench.+

+I appreciate that fact but back down once in a while and admit you make mistakes o.k.?+

+Yeah sure, whatever you say.+

+Loz how the Fenris Wolf did you do that? No-one EVER gets Dave to calm down as quickly or completely as you do!+

+You just have to know him as well as I do. I’m one of the first members of Da Crew, whereas you are one of the newest that he was referring to about still having the Thirst.+

+Yeah I know but sometimes he really is too slow to join the fray, it’s almost like he’s afraid of something but won’t let us know what. That just means we can’t help him over come the object of his fear.+

+I know what he’s afraid of and I’m trying to remedy it now!+

+How do you know what he’s afraid of and more to the point how are you remedying it?+

+He’s afraid of Carl joining the Dark Ones and becoming as powerful as him. I’m taking care of that by using a spell while I Turn Carl into one of us. To do that I need to use our version of the Cup of Russ. Have you heard of it?+

+Yeah I have, but isn’t it dangerous to use it on someone while you Turn them?+

+Not if you use the right spells and perform the correct sacrifices. Which as the Sorceress of Da Crew I know every sacrifice and spell used by every people in the whole Universe, largely due to Dave going and researching them first hand. Carl’ll be ready to fight on our side with the same powers as Raziel, which means he will be nearly as advanced on the path to true Vampire-Hood as Dave himself, without going through the Thirst.+

+Good plan, I just hope for your sake, as well as Carl’s, that it works properly!+


Cayne and his frontal attack squadron arrive on Earth, the scene of the first battles shortly after Cayne’s birth as a vampire, in the cover of several meteor showers that happened all over the planet’s now battered surface. The reason it is battered is the number of meteors that impact the surface, now that the Moon and the two moons of Mars have both been destroyed in blasts that were shaped to try and take Earth out with them. None of the attempts worked but now there are lots of meteors that are slowly doing the task that they were meant to do in the first place. These lumps of rock provide cover for legions of Chaos worshippers to try and attack the heart of the Old Empire, just as Cayne is doing now. As soon as Cayne and the rest of his legion landed they said the litanies of the Dark Lords they all worship, doing this showed them where the best site is for a Temple of Chaos.

The site for the temple was twenty metres from where they landed so they walked to the spot and said the next litanies of Chaos and a tunnel down to the temple opened beneath them. The tunnel itself was a gentle incline down into the core of Terra Firma itself and as the Legion of Death, so called because that is what Cayne’s personal soldiers excelled at, walked down the slope some who had just joined Cayne’s army but excelled at combat started to feel uneasy. The new ‘recruits’ had every reason to feel uneasy. This temple was the one in which they would get the first Gift from the Unmentionable one who bestows all the Vampires in Cayne’s army with their powers and other attributes.


Unknown to Cayne, Dave had set up the spot for the Temple of Chaos and it would take away the immortality that all Vampires that enter it possess. If the Vampire that enters is a Fledging then they would have a choice join Dave and Da Crew or die with Cayne’s Damned Fools! You would be surprised how many chose to die but that comes into the story later on…..


Now then Dave, we are so glad you are here to help,” the leader of the remaining Free-world Leaders, Nefer, said into the mike on his desk next to the only video conference system that could display images of Vampires, “however, I believe it is too little too late. Cayne and his personal Legion have landed and created a ‘Temple of Chaos’ here on Earth!! And more to the point we have no idea where the hell YOUR Vamps are!!!”

I understand your being nervous but me and ‘my Vamps’ set up the temple so he would find it and get his followers to think he created it for the sole purpose of testing his new recruits as he likes to call them. Every member of Da Crew is on Earth somewhere near the ‘Temple’ that Cayne is resting in.”

A new voice cut in “Nefer he be telling the trut’ dawg so chill on some toga man. Everything is under control. Da Crew is here and dis time we be fighting Cayne’s elite and that is the best battle any one could ask for. I should know me and Dave go WAY, WAY back to like the Stone Age. Or somewhere close right Dave?”

Yeah that’s right, Bate Dogg, we go way back to the Stoner Age of the mid-tenth century born Vampires. Unlike Cayne who evolved into one by a freak trick of Evolution and Chaos. Now he spreads the Chaos that helped to create him like the parasitic virus it is. Oh and what happened to Alex, Jake and Melvin?”

They decided that I should talk to you lot in case you try and turn US into f-ffr... people like yourselves. Although why you would want to do that to the people you swore to protect I don’t know. I think they are scared of you but I don’ know why. But rumour has it that Cayne and your friend Raziel are the ‘original Vampires’ and they had themselves a major fall out and recruited more by giving the recruits a Gift of the Sire’s blood. Is this true?”

No it isn’t. I was BORN a Vampire, born Vampires can go anywhere a normal man can go but will be quicker, stronger and completely silent while he is moving. Turned Vamps cannot enter the rays of any sun if it lights up a planet without burning to death, they can be heard and their presence is felt before you can even see them. Turned Vamps are weaker as they do not contain the Full Gift but just whatever part their body does not break down into proteins. There is a way of getting around this but Cayne does not know it otherwise his Legionnaires would be as strong and as quick and nearly invulnerable as Da Crew.”

So every Vampire in your Crew has the Full Gift? Did you say nearly invulnerable?

Yeah every Vampire in Da Crew has the Full Gift. There is a way of killing us but no-one has found it and as soon as someone does I go back and kill them before they get the word round. The reason being that if someone like Gus got hold of that info all TWO MILLION of Da Crew would die helping Earth or not. That cannot happen because there are Fanged Ones in Da Crew who overcame the Thirst by feeding on animal blood for a couple of centuries or more depending on the obsession with killing for fun or food. Of course it would help if we had a God for our kind that wasn’t related to Chaos, but there is only Russ and he is God and Brother to the Space Wolves and the other Space Marines, the only reason we can worship him is I was in battle with him in the Ancient times and we, like the Wolves have fangs, for different purposes of course, but fangs all the same.”

We shouldn’t be having a history lesson, WE SHOULD BE TRYING TO KILL THAT BASTARD CAYNE!!!” Exclaimed Alex who was listening but hidden by security circuits so that not even Nefer or Melvin could find where she is or how long she has been listening.

Alex, how gracious of you to join our discussion. Why don’t you lose the security overrides you FOUND and join us properly?”

How do you know about the overrides?”

Nefer tell our little female general here who designed and built the communications system to allow it to display the image of TRUE Vampires.”

No, Nefer don’t bother, I get the picture. Literally. It was your engineer Vamps, right? If it wasn’t them it was you.”

You’re half right with both of those answers; it was me, Bate and a couple of new recruits that designed the system three of your generations ago. Those recruits are still recruits by our standards anyway. The reason being they still suffer from the Thirst or haven’t gone through the first Transformation yet.”

Nefer breaks up the technology talks by asking “When will you strike Cayne, in order to DESTROY him? And when you do, will any of our human forces be used?”

None of your forces will be used, unless of course you have a suicide squad which can take out twice as many of the Evil Ones as there are of them. The strike will be as soon as Loz finishes the surprise she has for me, and the strike will be during the day so they will be even weaker by comparison to us”


Cayne knew nothing of the plans of the humans working with Dave; all he knew was that something was going to happen soon. Cayne also had no idea that one of the recruits was already a Vampire who came from his enemies to spy on him. Because of the imminent fight he was expecting from the humans, he brought the rest of his forces to Earth while the recruits were in the Temple of Chaos. One thing was troubling him though, just which God was this temple dedicated to? He could find no signs of his usual God, Ariel who isn’t actually a God but a spirit who allows the Vampires to go through time and receive their evolution Gifts earlier than they should, and the lack of signs was starting to cause Cayne to panic. He spent three hours looking for the usual signs and also for the way out but he couldn’t remember where it was. He was starting to suspect Dave and Bate Dogg had something to do with the Temple he had ‘created’ but he couldn’t be sure because he had been in two Temples set up like this one before and everything had turned out fine.


While Cayne was worrying Dave was going through his final preparations for the battle that would destroy Cayne for good. He had his forces doing weapons practise and hand combat drills, however in the real battle the techniques used would be down to the individual but the drills were useful because it showed him which of his fighters had the discipline they would need to leave any humans that come to the area alone. So far all of his fighters had shown the right amount of discipline to fight like the old Human berserkers when the time comes, however he got to the end of the gun ranges and found his brother Carl using a gun only Vampires can hold.

Carl, what the Fenris Wolf are you doing here and more to the point how can you keep a hold on that gun?”

You have Loz to thank for that. She used our Cup of Russ to turn me at such an accelerated rate that I have gone through the first two Gifts and I can control the Thirst as well as the first of your recruits. That all means that I can lead the squad you promised me!”

That was on the condition that it would be me using the sire technique, not a Blasphemy, to bring you to be one of us! You are lucky to be alive still!”

Don’t get mad, Loz told me what you’re most afraid of and I asked if there was a way I could be turned quickly and completely so that I have full strength. It was my fault that this supposed Blasphemy came about not your beloved Loz! All she did was help me overcome your fears for YOU! So stop trying to protect me like I’m a BABY and let me fight. Your way I would still be trying to control the Thirst and I would be half as weak as any of the recruits, who by the way YOU brought over using the same technique that Loz used today except she knows the Litanies that overcome the unnecessary Thirst which to start with is excessive!”

OK Carl you can lead the squad you want. But I’ll warn you now leading ain’t as easy as you may think, it has taken me forever to get the levels of diplomacy and ruthlessness right……”

I know, anyway how the hell am I your brother? I mean I’m Human, always have been till today anyway, and you’re a Vampire and always have been? I ain’t as old as you, I’m only eighteen, you’re how old again?”

That is a long story and I’m not going into it now. If we both survive this battle I’ll tell you. Bear in mind what I’ve said about leading alright?”

Sure thing Bro!”

We truly are brothers now Carl.”


© Copyright 2020 RaZiEl De Diablo. All rights reserved.

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