A Lost Soul (MW)

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Losing someone to addiction or suicide cements pain in ones mind.

Submitted: April 21, 2014

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Submitted: April 21, 2014



A Lost Soul

Standing I watch,
Thru my wondering eyes,
Invisible of ones troubles,
Until reaching their demise,
Why O' why,
That's how I feel inside!

What could I do,
Looking back,
What do they want?
We care, help, and pray,
We beseech everyday,
Pleading till their bitter end!

Sadly in their mind,
We are expendable,
If we had the right words,
If they had no more pain,
Inside they are falling on a sword,
Outside they just never complain.

A Lost Soul is immincible,
Their life twirling out of control,
Unattainable their world is,
Locked to the bitter end,
Invisible are their demons,
And the battles they fight!

We can only help them,
With all our might,
In their hopeless endeavor,
But the struggle they own,
That's constructed in their mind,
And its solely their fight.

We trust in God,
From the beginning,
To the very end,
Most struggle is never quick,
And a heart never fully mends,
After losing a "Lost Soul"!

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