Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party

Submitted: December 10, 2014

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Submitted: December 10, 2014



The day of December

December the sixteenth

Ships rolled into the harbor

The waves thundering beneath


The men shout from the ships

Anger in their voices

Something big was about to happen

We should be careful with our choices


“Overboard with the tea!

We’re sick of paying the tax

And now Britain will see

The result of the Tea Act!”


A rush of people gather around

Hoots and hollers of cheer

People rolling over the mounds

To see what happens near


“Sure British tea is cheaper

But of course there is a tax!

You dig in our pockets deeper

You even charge candle wax!


“This can’t go on forever

Taxing the whole town!

Us Colonists are pretty clever

Your tea is going down!”


Tea is going over the bow

Pouring it into the sea

Making the most pleasant sound

The sound of sweet victory


Rounds of applause erupted

The entire crowd went wild

Saying goodbye to our tea is quite abrupt

But why would we be mild?


“Not only is it tea, you know

You tax most of our stuff

But now your tea is swimming below

And we have had enough!”


Another crate of leaves

Falling into the oceans bowles

Never again to be seen

As the midnight moon howls


“This is where we say

Farewell to trade with Great Britain

We know we will see you ‘cross the bay

But our future with you lies unwritten


“So this is the beginning

The beginning of the end

The start of something beautiful

The American Revolution


So goodbye to you Britan

And until we meet again”


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