Easter 2016

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The Easter Tribulation.

Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016



Livin' high end (materialistic) begins to appear tarnished once one stands and gazes from behind the cross.

The patchwork fills the void to cover those without a warm heart as it brings a tranquility of hope.

A light slowly peers through the darkness as the sun rises over the horizon of the blackened sky.

A rejuvenation begins as the frozen landscape begins to thaw and disappear into the crevices of salvation.

The moniker of flight tricks the impure to follow each to their final judgment by the calvary's knights.

The Arabian sword cuts through to bleed the unrighteous of the passover by the saints.

The smoke spreads across the land as the greedy look in denial of the great salvation that was placed before their fatal cliff.

Their choice was made following the stoning of crucifixion leaving only death and a broken people.

As the Holy Spirit flies it touches death leaving only the chosen one to rise.

Never walk those halls of death to find the living, a spirit materializes to break its hold, now he has risen!

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