How It Used To Be (RM)

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Sometimes I long for how it used to be.

Sometimes I long for How It Used To Be,

Those days moving easily,

playing pool at night, living foot loose n' fancy free,

these days I find none of the above.


All I find is pain and endless suffering.

Difficult to walk, move, and sometime breath,

Brings me many times to my knees,

Will I ever return to normal life?


No nice vacations on the Florida coast,

I am chicken in the rotisserie that's begun to roast,

The heat in my nerves, fires unconditionally,

while my body is cold, fragile an disfunctioning,


I want one that includes a pursuit of happiness.

but the ungratification of pain continues,

it splashes across my back, my life, and soul.

Life was so much better back then...


Oh, how I long for How It Used To Be!

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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