Love To Hate (RM)

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Nothing hurts more than Love To Hate.

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



Love To Hate

Sitting alone,
just my thoughts with me,
my mind is blank,
no congenial thoughts I see.

Abandoned and feeling used,
love burned to hate,
now your the one I can't stand,
it happened at such a fast rate.

Like gambling, the flipping of a coin,
love and hate on separate sides,
when it lands on hate,
then the love just dies.

As embers turn to ash,
the smell of smoke on a breeze of virility,
no actions do I take,
my mind is filled with utmost hostility.

Somehow I burned Love To Hate.

The candle reached its end,
the flame of love has went out,
no love left in thy heart,
just the hate inside to let out.

Like drowning in a river,
of fire smoldering hot,
no actions do you take,
when one has burned Love To Hate.

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