The Raging Battle Of The Minds

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The battle for lost souls explained and the dimensions of sin.

Submitted: January 15, 2016

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Submitted: January 15, 2016



Within the struggle of evil versus good,
the latter solely embodies and refines the image of Christ,
and the former is seeded from jealousy and hate.

Serenity of the soul is truly gained,
by only the nature of good,
and the sacrifice today to prosper in the future.

Living in chaos is a precursor,
to the coming enslavement,
to the halls of hell.

In the Battle of the Minds,
the three dimensions foretold,
will be purged after Mephistopheles defeat.

Those who follow the unholy path,
find their soulful image stained,
within the first dimension's domain.

The Great Spirit that embodies all,
will purge those dimensions of fire and darkness,
after the Magog to the north rises.

Yahweh speaks:

“In The Battle for the Minds,
You must defeat the evil spirits in the third dimension,
You must defeat the desire for power and greed the second dimension,
You must defeat the devilish deeds of the evil doers in the first dimension.
Defeat all three and you can defeat the Mephistopheles,
That is your only hope and the only way to defeat him,
The Angel of Death will never visit the Devil because he is an Angel,
And so my battle rages on.”

The Devil comes to take his share,
Indoctrinated by the hate they preach,
Beware of the truth the established hide,
They are always manipulating the naive.

The armies mounting upon the ridges,
His defenders stand resolute,
Satan's bounty is in the valley below,
A centena of hopeless lost souls.

There is no time to rest,
Soon the war will rage on,
Many souls will be unfortunately lost,
Standing in purgatory is their cost.

Is the darkness lighting your eyes?
Does Mephistopheles claim your desires?
His blood is on your hands,
The lost silently are ripped away.

A red haze for all to behold,
Many arrive there totally unprepared,
They watch the stones of the liar's wail,
While the lost are deaf to the coming wretchedness.

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