A Much Needed Change

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A short opinion piece about the new instant replay rule changes implemented by Major League Baseball.

Submitted: May 13, 2014

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Submitted: May 13, 2014



A Much Needed Change

Starting in 2014, Major League Baseball will be implementing a much needed change. The 2014 baseball season will see one of the most dramatic changes in baseball history. The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and the Commission made the decision to expand the use of instant replay during games.

When I first heard that baseball had made the decision to extend instant replay to pretty much every questionable call except for balls and strikes, I was ecstatic. Too many times in the past few years have controversial calls from the umpiring crews altered the outcome of a game. With this change crews will be able to get the call right and change the incorrect calls to fair calls.

Major League Baseball, until now, was the only major professional sports league that didn’t use replay extensively in their officiating. This was likely because of the long standing tradition that the umpires trained to officiate the game should be considered infallible.

Like all human beings, they are not infallible. They do make mistakes from time to time, but I’m not going to dive into that topic here and try to identify the countless times a baseball umpire made a call that cost a team a victory. Save that for another day.

I believe everyone in the baseball world saw this day coming eventually, myself included. We live in a day and age where failure at any level is not accepted, and a missed call by a major league umpire would be a failure by the strictest definition of the word. These men are paid large amounts of money. They should be able to make the correct call. If the call they make is uncertain or too difficult to determine, the new introduction of instant replay makes the baseball travesty of a botched call all but disappear.

In baseball’s one hundred and fifty year run, instant replay has been possible for nearly fifty years, and yet the tradition stood. Now times have changed. America’s pastime has transformed into one of the largest sports organization. The fans, myself, the players, analysts, managers and everyone in between deserve the absolute best game baseball can provide. Baseball with replay, however preserving the integrity of an umpire’s balls and strike calls is able to provide a game as such is demanded and deserved.

Gone are the days where managers, players and bystanders were at the mercy of an umpire’s errant call, now he can be corrected through video evidence beginning in the 2014 Major League Baseball season. This added rule should excite the emotions and appease the anxiety of all baseball fans as it has my own.

We can from this point forward enjoy the sights and sounds of a baseball game without that slight feeling stuck in the back of our minds that the winning team could lose when in reality they should have been awarded the victory. Expanded replay adds a whole new dimension that shows MLB is steps closer to making baseball a one hundred percent clean game, and any baseball fan would be proud of that and marvel at this momentous point in baseball’s history.

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