Its Not a Free Country

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The son of a government office, Chris Willfields, tries to save his father after being abducted by the dystopian society, The Saviors. But he has one problem. Where to start. He also has 7 year old brother Joey Willfields to look after. How will he pull this trick off?

Submitted: February 08, 2014

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Submitted: February 08, 2014



Do you know how it feels, to live in a land torn up


by war, famine,


and corruption? The power in their hands, they said would help us to


regain a state of prosperity. Soon, they let all that power go their heads


and the result is a doom struck land of war. Homes were burnt to


ashes, hundreds massacred. The corrupt politicians and governors

collect taxes, just for their own benefit. We also have problems in our part of


land. Or what used to be our homeland.


Blackouts, water shortages, and droughts would drown us in a state


of helplessness. We are now so brought apart, we don’t bother to help


each other. In school, we learnt what part of “America” we live in. And the


reason for these disasters. The whole mid section of “America”. Its not


called that anymore though. Our nation is called United Quadsector.


“Meep! Meep! Meep!” the alarm shook. “Chris! Chris!” a familiar voice


exclaimed. “Get up Chris!” “Argh- What is it Joey?” “Chris, father is back


from his business trip!” Father is an officer for the government, which is a


very secretive society.


“Chris, Joey! I’ve missed you!” a warm and soothing voice said. “How


was your trip?” I asked. “A dreadful and doom-struck visit I’m afraid.


went to visit the other Quads, and famine and poverty has increased by


6%. It might not look like much of a difference, but if you visit, its a whole


new disaster.” I feel like I should tell him something about the


government. To see its true identity. But I don’t blame him, it is a very


secretive organization. “And that is not good news for a government


officer.” We are pretty wealthy, the wealthiest in Quad 3, but around me, I


see destruction. Over 83 years ago, was the Doom Days. During this


rulers of “America”, the presidents and politicians, came to their end.


They ran out of money to perform any type of political move, and no


more taxes. The residents of “America” finally had a war against them,


on how they collected outrageous taxes and minimum wage jobs.


But they weren’t merciful. In fact they sent  in hundreds of troops into


each state, and broke apart the nation. That is why we were separated


into Quadsectorials. Whoever tried to rebel, was sadly executed on live


television. “Well, at least we have each other.”I smiled at him, I


remembered my mother , she said the same thing. At least she used to,


as she was sadly killed in one of the rebel riots 5 years ago.There was a


hard knock on our door. ”Open the door at once! “said a mean, sharp


voice . I recognised the tone,they were Advisors from the central


government. “I said open the door! ” My father quickly jolted the door


open.” Are you Jacob Willfields?” asked the Advisor. My father  gave a


hurried response” Yes, how may I help you?” “You’re coming with us,


please cooperate. “Wait! Wha-” And he was gone. I saw him being


kidnapped and thrown into a hovercraft, and it disappeared. Something so disastrous can happen so quickly. “NOO! Father…..why…!” Then Joey started to chirp in. “Chris..What- where is father?!” Joey cried. “He’s.. gone..” “Where?! Tell me!!” he said annoyingly. “Can’t you see?! He’s been kidnapped by that- government!”  Since it was night, we decided to take some rest and calm ourselves. The next morning, I started thinking about what to do- and where to start. “What can an 11 year old boy do? Think Chris think! Maybe I could travel to the country central. But Joey, he’s only seven, it is risky. I think we could pull it off.” I thought to myself. “Joey! Start packing up your belongings! We are going to travel to the quadrant district supervisor.” The quadrant supervisor was a very nice man. He helped our family with many problems. He will ought to get us safely to the Capitol. “But what about our home? Is it safe to go?” Joey chirped. I sharply responded. “Do you want to save dad or not?” “Ok….” The following afternoon, we set off to the quadrant center. “Ok, lets get our tickets. Ahh here we are, nice comfy seats!” I said. “This is fun! But I’m still a little reluctant.” Joey quietly said. A few hours later, I heard a humongous rattle and explosion nearby. “Everybody, OFF the train!” an attendant screamed. I quickly shook Joey up and threw him on my back. “Chris?! What’s going on?” Joey screamed. “Don’t worry. We’ll get back safely. I hope” I asked an attendant what had happened. “We don’t know. The engine burst and started a fire. We had a thorough check before setting off. I think it had an overload of power.” Hmm, could it have a sabotage by the government? Maybe they tracked us down! “How far from the Quadrant Central?” I asked. “About 5 miles. If I were you, I would take the Madison River route. It is the safest way.” He replied. “Thank you.” I said. “Good luck, oh- here is an emergency kit. It is filled with all the supplies you need.” He said. We set off for the Quad-Central. When we finally reached the Madison River, the sun started to rise. “Ahhh. Just 5 more miles till hope.” I reassured. “But Chris, does the government know where we are?” Joey asked. “You never know.” I took out some cash that I had took from the treasury. “Look here Joey, we have 500 dollars. We need to use it sparingly, just use it for food, water, and tickets for any transportation.” We started to trek towards the Central. When we reached, I assumed it had taken 7 hours, including rests. “Ouch, my feet are aching.” Joey whined. “Ah, we are finally here. Lets knock. But instead we used a little button which said: PLEASE PRESS BEFORE ENTERING.” The voice of a man came out. “Hello? Who is this, and how may I help you?” “Uhm, Mr. Supervisor sir? Its Chris. Jacob Willfields s- “Oh please come in! I’m happy to see you!” The supervisor chirped. “Actually, we were wondering if you could set us up for a trip to the Central airport?” I asked. “Sure! But may I ask why?” I told him about what happened with dad and the government. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll be happy to help!” He said. The following afternoon, we set off to the airport. We seized two seats in the waiting lounge. “We’ll be staying here until our flight. Then, out of no where, the most peculiar man appeared. “Excuse me, are you two kids waiting for this flight?” He asked. I seemed reluctant about responded. “No, we are not alone.” I harshly snapped. The man gave me the “evil eye”, when I noticed something extremely suspicious. He had a Government badge. Only the secret agents did, he must be one. I knew it, I thought, the government is stalking us! Then our flight was called. “ FLIGHT Q4-582,  PLEASE COME TO TERMINAL 290.” The speaker chirped. “Ok Joey, come on.” I said. Then I saw the man again. He was talking to the flight attendant. This seemed very suspicious. The man eyed me and walked away. The attendant scanned our tickets. “Ok gentlemen, you are seated in the 1st-Class seats. “Chris, doesn’t that seem just too much- for us?” Joey whispered. “I know it seems like that, but just be cautious.” I said. A few minutes later we got into our seats. Then the speaker turned on. “WE WILL BE PASSING OUT DINNER IN 15 MINUTES. THANK YOU.” “Ah, delicious dinner.” I yelped. Then the attendant shuffled over to us. “We have something special for you two gentlemen.” He gave us an evil smile. I saw his face- It was the man! He was hiding something behind his back. “Excuse me, what is tha-” I felt a sharp strike of pain throughout my body. My whole body was numb. What could this be? Then all I saw was darkness, all I heard was Joey’s screams of anguish. And feel. I felt the emptiness of pain. Joey?! I thought. What could have happened? Then I blacked out. Darkness. Pain. Screams.



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Its Not a Free Country

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