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Teens go to a house and it is haunted, simple and plain. My first script so comments are welcome.

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



Car – Evening

Chris: Are we close yet? This is such a long trip.

Leon: Barry said it was a ways out here then there should be a dirt road or something.

Chris: I hope nobody is out here already; I wanna get scared as fuck tonight man.

Leon: Me too, Barry said it shook him up bad. He said he and Mariah couldn’t sleep for like a week after.

Chris: Hell yeah man that’s what I’m talking about.

Jill: Why did I let you talk me into this?

Leon: Because you love me so much babe and I won’t forget it.

Jill: Yeah well you better buy me something pretty when we get back.

Claire: And that goes double for me Chris.

Chris: Of course babe I wouldn’t forget about you.

Leon: Hey Billy, you alright back there?

Billy: Oh shit man, we may have to pull over soon I’m getting queasy from all the love up in here.

Jill: (Laughs) Shut up Billy! Why didn’t you bring Debbie?

Billy: She had to go with her family to Alabama, her grandma is pretty sick I guess.

Chris: A.K.A. she had to see a man about a penis injection. (Under his breath)

Claire: (Hits Chris) Stop it! (Whispering)

(Billy returns to looking out the window)

Claire: Well anyways, what’s the story behind this place Leon? Chris gave me the gist but since he’s a moron I’m not really thinking he got it right.

Chris: (In a stupid voice) Who me?

Leon: Well I haven’t heard it in a while but from what I can remember there is a house out here and a long time ago there was a woman and two men who used to live there. Now they weren’t your ordinary family if you could even call them that, they were more like a very small cult. They were obsessed with the concept of life after death. They studied in all fields of the occult, looking for a supernatural way to escape death. But here is where the story gets edgy on the fields of lore and suspecting of what happened because there was and is no one who lives out around these parts. Some people say they killed themselves believing that the sacrifice to death would help them achieve some form of afterlife in this world, some people say they had someone from the nearby town kill them because of what they were doing out here, and some say they found a “fountain of youth” type potion and still live out here in solitude. Personally I think it’s all shit but a lot of people who have been out here report some pretty crazy stories.

Claire: Wow… that sounds spooky turn around I don’t wanna go Chris told me it was just an old run down mansion.

Chris: Babe it is, don’t worry these are just stories fixed up by crazy old people to scare kids at Halloween.

Jill: Yeah, it’s all fake Claire don’t worry, nothing is going to happen out here we are safe.

Billy: What are some of stories you’ve heard about out here?

Leon: Well, I’m sure you heard about Ian Mclane coming out here right?

Billy: I know he went missing a while back I didn’t know it was out here.

Leon: Well yes and no, he was supposedly on his way out here but he disappeared so you know he could have just moved, ran away or something and didn’t tell anyone.

Billy: Are there any more?

Leon: Well I don’t know, I kinda suspect people make some of these up to feed the legend. But I have heard a few. Camaron and Lance said they came out here with Jenna and Jordan and saw a light in the attic when they were walking up, and when they went up there it was a single lit candle and the words “breathe cautiously” were carved into the table it was on. That scared Jordan and Jenna though and they left. Zac, Danny and Tyler all came out here and said they went into the basement and their flashlights went out while they were down there and in the blackness they said they heard like Whispers and footsteps or something.

Claire: Wow really? I’m going to go ahead and make my last request now before we go any further. I wish we would go back.

Chris: Come on Claire where’s your sense of adventure? Besides do you really believe those stories? Especially Zac, Danny and Tyler’s, I bet they were to chicken to even go in when they got there.

Jill: Chris is Right Claire don’t take these stories truthfully I’m sure they made it up.

Claire: But what if they didn’t guys? What if this is all true and we are really headed to a haunted house?

(Leon sees the dirt road and takes the turn off.)

Billy: Then it’s gonna be a long, scary night. (He says leaning over the seat.)


Leon: It’s like pitch black out there. You got the flashlights I hope right Jill?

Jill: Yeah I got them, how much farther do you think we are from the house?

Leon: Well even after we get there it’s still like a mile walk out there. We turned off the main road what like a half hour ago? Barry said it was about a half hour to forty-five minutes out this road and then there is a clearing to park.

Chris: So we should be there soon is what you’re saying. Thank Jesus, I have to stretch the ole legs out.

Claire: The closer we get to this place the sicker I feel.

Jill: Honey it will be fine, we will get there and…

(One of the tires on the car pops and Leon pulls the car to a stop.)

Leon: Fuck! Really?

(Leon jumps out of the car and slams the door behind him.)

Chris: (Laughs) Wooooooow, what are the chances!

(Chris and Billy jump out of the car as well and the three of them check out the damage.)

Claire: Jill what are we going to do? I can’t be stuck out here all night I will go crazy, I knew I shouldn’t have let Chris talk me into this. He is such an idiot, why am I dating him this is ridiculous I should have stayed with Marcus he was so much smarter and will actually make something out of himself, now I have no options I have to be out here and die with that ass hole…. (Claire says rambling on out of fear.)

Jill: Claire, Claire honey calm down, breathe it will be ok. Check your cell and see if you have service and we will just call someone.

Claire: (Shuts up and pulls herself together.) Ok, ok, ok. (Rummages through her purse and pulls out a phone.) Damn it, no bars at all. Did you check yours?

Jill: I haven’t had service since we turned on this road.

(Meanwhile outside.)

Leon: Damn damn damn damn damn damn. We are fucked guys.

Billy: Don’t you have a spare?

Leon: I would if I didn’t take it out to make room for all our shit.

Chris: Whoa Irony.

Billy: Well what should we do? Walk back to that gas station we stopped at a while back?

Chris: Are you serious? No that was like five hours drive back there we wouldn’t make that.

Leon: Damn he’s right, what are we going to do?

Billy: I guess we should just keep going out here and hope there is someone else exploring the house. That’s our only real chance.

Leon: Yeah that makes since alright let’s unload and head out.

(Leon pops the trunk.)

Jill: So what are we going to do?

Leon: We are gonna keep headed towards that house and hope somebody else is parked up in the clearing.

Claire: Wait, what? No way, why don’t we just go back to that gas station?

Chris: Because Claire that gas station way like five hours ago.

Claire: (Quietly.) I guess you’re right.

Chris: Just pray for someone to be up there babe, we will be ok I will protect you.

Claire: Ok.

Leon: Then it’s settled everyone out. Let’s get packed up and start moving.

(Everyone gets out of the car and grabs their things.)

Leon: Everyone got everything? We can’t be that far from the clearing.

Claire: Let’s just get this over with.

(They being to head into the darkness and are soon engulfed in it. The wind is blowing and rain is slowly creeping over the trees in a drizzle.)

Clearing – Night

Leon: Here it is, and look there’s a car here!

Claire: Thank god! I was so scared we would get here and there would be no one and nothing.

(They all run over to the car and look inside; there is no one around though.)

Leon: They must have already gone up to the house, let’s go find them and see if they can give us a ride somewhere.

Chris: Alright, or we could break in and hot wire this bad boy cause it’s a lot nicer than your piece of shit.

Leon: Fuck you man, let’s just get going.

Claire: No way I’m going up to that house. It is not happening; you couldn’t pay me to go up there.

Jill: Come on Claire, we will all be together it will be safe trust me.

Claire: I can’t do it Jill, I’m sorry but I just feel like if I go up there I am walking into my death.

Chris: Baby come on there is nothing to be scared of all the stories about this place are just superstitious old folks. There is nothing up there but an old run down house.

Claire: I’m sorry but I just can’t go up there.

Leon: We can’t leave you alone down here Claire, Chris would you…

Chris: Um no, I rode half my day away in that car so I wanna see this place. Sorry babe.

Claire: Well I can’t stay here myself!

Chris: Then looks like you should reconsider the house.

Claire: Oh you are such an ass Chris I don’t know what I see in you and besides…

Billy: Shut up, I’ll stay down here with Claire. You guys just get back quick.

Leon: Alright, here. (Leon throws Billy the keys.) We will try and get back as quick as possible.

Claire: Please get back quick this whole place creeps me out.

(Billy and Claire turn and start to head back towards the car.)

Chris: Alright lets do this shit, I’ll take point.

Jill: How long is this path supposed to be Leon?

Leon: Not that far from how I understood Barry. He said there are some trees down and whatever though so we will have to be careful.

Chris: Sounds good, who doesn’t like a little danger. I mean besides Claire of course.

(Jill rolls her eyes and the three of them being walking into the dark path of trees and shadow. As they leave the camera pans up and an outline of an old house can be seen above the tree line.)

Road - Night

Claire: God I hate this place, I am never going to let that idiot Chris talk me into another “adventure” as long as I live. I can not believe he just left me and went to that stupid house I hope those old witches get him that jerk.

Billy: Claire as much as I like hearing you nag on Chris we need to focus on getting back to the car. (Billy hits his flash light which is fading from dying batteries.) I really don’t wanna be stuck out here in the blackness.

Claire: Your right, how far was it back here do you remember?

Billy: I didn’t think it was this far but I wasn’t really paying attention.

(The wind picks up and a drizzle begins to come over the tree tops wafting in an odor in the wind.)

Billy: Hey do you smell that?

Claire: (Sniffs.) Yeah what is that? It smells like road kill or something.

Billy: Yeah (Billy sees a black figure step behind the trees.) th… that’s what I think it smells like to. Lets pick up the pace Claire I’d… I’d like to get back to the car before this rain creeps up on us.

Claire: Ok that sounds good to me. (Billy turns and begins to walk at a faster pace.) Hey Billy are you ok?

Billy: Yeah I’m great Claire (Billy gives Claire an awkward smile.) I just don’t want to have to go home all wet you know. (Billy forces a chuckle.)

Claire: Whatever you say Billy.

(The camera fades to blacks.)

Dark Path - Night

Chris: I can’t believe Claire wanted to miss out on this house, I am so psyched. You know what we should do? The people up in this house? We should scare them like bad (Laughs to himself.) Like make noises and shit that would be hilarious. You guys in for that?

Jill: Yeah that’s brilliant Chris lets piss off the people we need help from.

Chris: Oh you have no sense of humor, Leon what do you say buddy?

Leon: Jill’s right, that’s stupid Chris.

Chris: You guys are pussies, come on I wanna scare someone.

Leon: I tell you what, when we get back to the car we will give Billy and Claire a little scare but you have to promise not to do anything stupid up here. Deal?

Chris: Deal, this is gonna be epic. (Chris increases his pace and begins to get careless and trips over something on the ground.) Wow what did I fall on?

Leon: Probably just a rock or stick or something, Barry said we should watch where we are walking out here remember?

Chris: Right.

Jill: God it like having a little brother. (Jill whispers to Leon and they have a chuckle.)

Chris: What are you guys laughing at?

Leon: Its just funny you fell. (Leon still lightly laughing.)

Chris: Yeah well whatever, I think I can see something up there.

(Lightning streaks the sky.)

Jill: Let’s get a move on before this storm rolls in.

(They all quicken their pace and after they are out of shot the camera goes back to where Chris had fell and reveals a video camera. The camera then goes back to them as they come upon a big mansion like house. They open the door and there are is no one in sight.)

Chris: Damn! This place is huge. It may take forever to find those people in here.

Leon: He’s right, do you think we should split up?

Jill: Are you serious? This isn’t Scooby Doo I am not splitting up the gang no way no how.

Chris: And here I was beginning to think your girlfriend was never going to rattle Leon.

Leon: Which way should we take then?

(Just then a faint laughter can be heard coming from up the large staircase.)

Leon: You guys here that? It sounded like it was coming from upstairs. Come on.

(The three of them rush up the stairs and come across a hallway of doors.)

Chris: Well now what?

Leon: Shut up! Listen. (The three of them listen to attempt to hear the laughter again.)

Jill: (After a few seconds.) Leon I don’t hear anything.

(There is a loud crash at the end of the hallway and Laughter is heard all around the three of them echoing throughout the house.)

Leon: Did you fucking hear that? Let’s get the hell out of here!

Chris: Wait, wait, wait guys maybe it’s just those people trying to scare us like I wanted to scare them you know?

Jill: Wow Chris that may be the smartest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth.

Chris: (Proudly.) I have my moments.

Leon: F… Fine let’s go check it out but anything else like that happens and I’m bookin’ it I don’t care if you guys are behind me or not.

Jill: Oh look at my big strong man afraid of a little noise.

(They walk down the hall a little ways and see a book in the hallway, the text on the front reads “The Secret” by Rosh, Toka and Sabrin.)

Leon: You think this is what fell? It sounded to loud to be a book.

Jill: I don’t know but it looks pretty creepy (she opens the book and it is filled with pictures and diagrams of spells and castings and at the end is a epilogue for each of the three authors.) Who do you suppose these people are?

Chris: Isn’t it obvious? There were three witches or whatever and three names in a book about spells. So if I were a betting man I would say these are codenames for the Cornel Mustard, Humpty Dumpty and Jeffry Dahlmer.

Leon: Would it kill you to shut up and help us figure this out Chris?

Chris: Probably not but I’d rather not take the chance.

(Chris hears snickers coming from the door beside where the book was dropped.)

Chris: (Loudly and motioning for the guys to check out the door behind him because he heard something.) Yeah guys well it’s hard to tell who left this book here maybe it was the ghosts of the people who used to live here. (He is moving over to the door and has his hand on the knob and is giving Leon and Jill a countdown for when he is going to open it.)

(Chris bursts through the door hard but they find nothing but a single lit candle above an alter. The alter has a dust outline of what would fit the book’s outline perfectly and in the space under where the book once sat is carved in the wood, “Light of our Life.”)

Jill: Light of our life? What is that supposed to mean?

Leon: Who knows probably some witch thing, they were obsessed with living forever remember? Maybe they were trying some weird candle life thing I don’t know.

Chris: So your saying that if we blow out this candle maybe the creepy haunting of this place will go away?

Leon: How did you get that from what I said? I said I didn’t know what the candle was.

Chris: Or maybe if we blow out the candle they will come back to life, what do you think guys? Should I blow this bad boy out?

Jill: Chris get out of this room before you kill us with your stupidity.

Chris: Well since you asked so nicely bitch, I mean Jill! (Chris takes a deep breath and blows out the candle. Chris rolls his eyes after a moment.) Pft witches.

(Outside the door they hear very boisterous laughter and a voice booms “Welcome Home!”)

Leon: Well… that’s enough fear for me be seeing you guys! (Leon bolts out of the room, down the hall and then a loud thud is heard at the bottom of the stairs. Jill and Chris catch up to see Leon laying on the ground.)

Chris: What happened?

Leon: Nothing I.. I tripped.

Jill: (Putting her hand on her head.) Lets just go those people are probably just having a hay day with us right now.

Chris: See you should have let me scare them and this would have went the other way.

(Leon rushes over to the door and pulls on it to open but it doesn’t budge. He tries to pull it with all his might but nothing he does is able to move the door.)

Chris: Let me try. (Chris barrels over and give it his all but the door will not budge.) Fuck!

Jill: What’s wrong? Why aren’t we gone yet?

Chris: The damn door is locked! We cant even budge it!

Jill: Please tell me your just playing with me guys I freaked out as it is! I cant take this anymore now get me the fuck out of here!

(Laughter again fills the chamber with deafening loudness and out of the shadows at the top of the stairs forms three humanoid shapes, each with red eyes staring down at the three trespassers.)

Chris: You guys are creeps trying to scare us like that, well you got your kicks now open the fucking door before I have to come up there and make you.

(The three figures continue staring down at the trespassers and the one in the middle [the male and taller than the others] steps down a stair and beckons Chris to step up into the darkness.)

Chris: Your calling me out? Alright bitch!

Leon: Chris is that really a good idea? There eyes are fucking red man!

Chris: (Quietly.) We know some people are up here right? There was a car out there so this must be them and they are fucking with us and I’m not going to take it.

Leon: Alright but be careful they must be pretty messed up to mess with us this bad.

Chris: Don’t worry man I got this.

(Chris runs up the stairs to tackle the stranger, he jumps into him as the shadow man laughs. Chris jumps into the man and he evaporates into blackness as do the other two figures. Chris hit’s the ground at the top of the stairs with a large thud.)

Leon: Chris! (Leon and Jill rush up the stairs to check on Chris, he is laying on the ground wiping the dirt off himself.) Are you ok?

Chris: Yeah I’m fine but what just happened? He disappeared into nothing right?

Jill: Yes that’s what I saw but that’s impossible there has to be a logical explanation or something like a projector maybe?

Leon: I don’t know what just happened guys but I wanna get the hell out of here lets search this place for an exit.

Car - Night

Claire: God I’m so bored, how long has it been?

Billy: I don’t know like an hour I think.

Claire: What could be taking them so long? They have to have found that house by now.

Billy: Calm down Claire, they said they would be a while. They weren’t even to the house yet when we left them remember?

Claire: Well duh I remember, cause I was the scared one who wouldn’t go near it. I’m so stupid.

Billy: It’s alright Claire you were scared it happens to the best of us, let’s listen to the radio or something yeah?

(Billy turns on the car and the radio but all that can be heard is static, he shifts around for a while but there is only more and more static.)

Static Voice: Help… (A faint voice is heard among the static.)

Claire: Wait go back I think I heard something.

(Billy tunes the radio back a bit and the voice can be heard again.)

Static Voice: Help me, I cant breath. I need help. (Breaking in and out over the static.)

Billy: I heard it what do you think it means? (Billy turns up the volume on the radio and the two of them begin to listen more intently.)

Static Voice: Help me, they are coming. Help… (There is a silence for a moment and then a booming laughter and a loud voice comes over the radio.) Don’t step in the devils house! We serve to retain in this world! Nooooo! (The original static voice drifts off and cuts into only static.)

(After a few moments of silence Billy turns off the radio.)

Claire: Whoa, what was that Billy? I’m scared, let’s get out of here and start walking to that gas station, I don’t care how far it is.

Billy: Don’t be silly Claire, nothing can get us in here the doors are locked we are more safe in here.

(The radio kicks loudly back on and the booming voice from earlier comes back.)

Static Voice: Yes Claire, stay in the car where I can keep my eyes on you.

(The windows begin to fill with hundreds of bright red eyes all staring into the car windows and the radio begins to laugh loudly once again. Billy quickly reaches up to shut it off and turn on the lights of the car and as he does everything vanishes. There are no more sounds in the car and the eyes that light the outside are gone and the headlights illuminate nothing to be seen outside.)

Claire: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Billy! Billy! Get us the fuck out of here!

Billy: And how the hell do you suggest I do that? We have a tire ridding on the rim! We wont make it a mile! Just calm down and let me think Jesus!

Claire: I’m sorry, I’m just so scared! Please don’t let me die out here Billy please!

(Billy sits there and thinks while Claire freaks out in the back seat. The wind blows outside all is quiet.)

Mansion - Night

Jill: That cant be the only exit, this place is massive there has to be another.

Leon: Yeah but where should we look? And what if we run into those freaks again?

Chris: I’ll handle those freaks, they wont make a fool of me twice I’ll tell you that right now.

Jill: Of course they won’t no one fools Chris Lucas twice.

Chris: If I hear one more negative ass comment like that I will shove you down these stairs!

Jill: Why don’t you try tackling that worked well last time!

Chris: Oh you bitch!

Leon: Both of you shut up! We have more important things to do right now if you haven’t noticed!

(Chris and Jill grumpily agree and turn their attention elsewhere.)

Chris: Alright, where should we start this search then?

Leon: Well I’m not really up to date on this house’s architecture but most houses have a front entrance and a side or back exit right?

Jill: Sounds right to me, so head towards the back of the house you think?

Leon: Well I just think that sounds like our best bet.

(The three begin to walk through the door to the left of the stairs and they go in, it is just another long hallway. Doors are scattered through certain intervals in the hall and there is nothing but pitch black.)

Chris: More doors? You have got to be kidding me, well that settles it for me lets just wait for Billy and Claire to come looking for us.

Jill: If the doors are locked how do you think they are gonna get in exactly?

Chris: Her brilliance defeats me at every turn.

(They continue walking and laughter is heard from a door much like before, Chris hears it once again and decides this time to barge in without informing the other two of his intentions.)

Chris: AHA! (He rips open the door and hundreds of black arms grab him and pull him into the room, he screams for help as he disappears into the darkness leaving only his flashlight behind. The door snaps violently behind him.)

Leon and Jill: Chris! (They lunge for the door but it is locked much like before with the main entrance. Chris can be heard screaming and the laughter that has been heard the whole time is booming up the stairs and into the hall.)

Car - Night

(Claire is sitting in the back seat fidgeting violently while Billy sits in the front seat with his head in his hands in obvious deep thought.)

Claire: (Quiet but getting louder.) Billy, we’ve been sitting in this car now for about 20 minutes and um (Starts yelling.) when the hell are you going to give me this fucking plan you’ve been working so hard on!

Billy: You’re right, we cant just sit here we have to do something. Our friends could be in that house right now hurt or worse. Claire we have to get to that house.

Claire: Well let me think about your idea for a second. Hm…… yes…… there’s that….. (Screaming again.) Are you out of your fucking mind?! Whatever that was obviously came from that house so your idea is to go there and check it out?! And I thought Chris was the stupid one.

Billy: Well what do you suggest we do Claire? Sit around and hope that doesn’t come back? Hope our friends are still alive in the morning? Look you can sit in this car if you want to but I am going to that house.

Claire: (Yelling while Billy is cautiously getting out of the car.) What the hell am I supposed to do?! Wait for you in the dark by myself? Fine I am not leaving this car till I can see everything that is outside!

(Billy turns on his flashlight and takes a deep breath. The wind is still rushing through the trees giving them a very ominous feel. Billy starts walking down the road to the clearing, the way is now paved with branches and leaves. He hears footsteps behind him and shines the light behind then all around him but sees nothing. He quickens his pace to a jog while frantically shining the flashlight around. In the woods there are faces on each of the trees, the shadows dance around him as he continues to flash hit light around. Then in the forest he sees the dark figure from earlier, the figure takes a step in his direction and Billy goes into a sprint for the clearing. He reaches the clearing but to his shock the car that was once there is no longer there and in its place stands a cloaked figure. He quickly turns to run but behind him is another cloaked figure. He swings to hit the figure but the figure grabs his arm and chuckles at the attempt, with his other arm the figure stabs Billy in the stomach several times. Billy gasps for air and falls to the ground. The figure whispers in Billy’s ear.)

Cloaked figure: Only the devil has a life everlasting.

(The figure then walks away from Billy and Billy is grabbed by the jaw by a shadow hand and pulled into the shadows screaming all the way.)

House - Night

(Leon and Jill are still trying to open the door but to no avail.)

Leon: Ah! It’s pointless we have been trying for an hour.

Jill: You’re right, this door is not budging. Maybe if we looked around here something might help us break is down?

Leon: Yeah maybe but can you honestly say you want to go looking around through this house after what just happened? For all we know shadow man #2 and #3 could be right around the corner.

Jill: Well we can just sit here Leon (Jill starts to tear up.) we have to do something. We cant just leave Chris down there!

Leon: (Stands up.) Your right. Let’s start looking, check every room together.

(They begin to walk down the hallway when the door they had just been trying to open creeks open slowly and a black mist is coming out the bottom. They turn slowly.)

Jill: The… the door.

Leon: Well let’s go, we have to see if Chris is ok.

Jill: But the door just opened by itself Leon, it’s a wooden door and it just opened by it’s fucking self. I don’t really know if we should.

Leon: I know but you were just saying we need to go down and check it out and now we have that chance.

Jill: That was before the door opened by itself Leon did you not see that part.

Leon: Look we cant leave Chris down there. He’s our friend, we have to at least check it out. If you don’t want to then wait up here and I will be right back.

Jill: No, no, no I’m going with you. (Jill grabs Leon’s hand.)

Leon: Alright now lets go check this out.

(They start begin to walk down the hall back to the door, the black fog from the bottom of the crack has stopped and they slowly approach the door. Leon grabs the handle and slowly opens the door while shining his flashlight down the steps to the bottom. All that he can see is blackness.)

Jill: Are we really going to go down there?

Leon: We have to.

(As Leon takes a step onto the stairs they creek and something in the darkness moves.)

Jill: (Whispering with her eyes wide.) What was that? Oh Leon I don’t like this we don’t know what’s down there.

Leon: We know Chris is down here and that’s all that matters, now are you coming or not?

Jill: Yeah I’m coming.

(Jill squeezes Leon’s hand tighter as they walk down the steps and into the darkness with only their light to illuminate. Leon shines the light across the room and sees a black substance on the floor. He shines the light around the room but sees nothing, the darkness is thick and he can see only what appears to be a storage room. Jill sees the blood and gasps but Leon quickly puts his hand over her mouth and hushes her. They get to the bottom of the stairs and see only boxes, Leon shines the light across the room and Jill sees a glimmer of something in the corner, she gets Leon’s attention and points. Leon shines the light and they see it is only a doll seeming to stare at them. They begin to head in that direction but something moves behind them. Leon turns quickly to find nothing but the staircase and the same storage things. He turns back to head in the direction of the doll and the blood spatter. They continue toward the doll when they hear another noise behind them. They quickly turn around and this time they see Chris slouched over in the corner sitting.)

Leon: Chris! (Leon yells and runs to his friend.)

(Leon shakes Chris’ shoulder and Chris’ head rises. His eyes are a blank white and his face is covered in blood and cuts, his mouth has also been sown shut. Leon and Jill both jump back.)

Leon: Oh my god! Chris!

Jill: Wha…. Wha… what the hell is going on!

(Chris’ body then flies up in the air like a giant puppet, his legs and arms flail about and above him in the darkness the loud laughter from before can be heard.)

Leon: You… you sick fuck’s what have you done to him! I’ll kill you when I get my hands on you! (The laughter then stops and Chris’ body falls to the floor.)
Whisper in the darkness: I would like to see that.

(Leon is then grabbed by the shirt and pulled into the pitch black of the room, he drops the flashlight and screams loudly then his screams fade with distance.)

Jill: Leeeooonnnn! (Jill cries out then drops to her knees sobbing violently. After a moment she grabs Leon’s flashlight and begins to look in the room for the stairs. The shadows dance around her and her tears are dripping off her face. Whispers can be heard all around her in the darkness.) What do you want from me? (She sobs as she rambles around in the darkness. The whispers stop momentarily.)

Whisper in the darkness: There is only one way to remain eternal. Lives will be lost and the demons will have their day.

Jill: Leave me alone! (Jill yells into the darkness and the laughter begins again.)

Whispers in the darkness: You will be alone the rest of eternity so you may as well enjoy these last moments as we do.

Jill: Why? Why are you doing this? (Sobbing.)

Whispers in the darkness: Because dear child, the only way to live forever is to give life to the devil.

Jill: No, no, no you cant have my life you monsters! (Jill’s flashlight begins to fade and she shakes it frantically to keep the battery life flowing but it is no use. Her light goes out and she is alone in the blackness.)

Whispers in the darkness: It is already forfeit.

(Jill violently shakes her flashlight to make it turn back on but gets nothing. A figure appears behind her and stabs her in the back and she lets out a gasp. The figure throws her to the ground and then drags her out an exit in the basement. He throws her into a ring that appears to be some sort of spell. Jill screams and the figure takes off his robe revealing himself wearing only a pair of black shorts. His eyes are a piercing red and seem to be ablaze, his body is riddled in cuts that form red symbols and are all over his body and up his neck.)

Jill: What are you?!

Man: I am a demon and this house is my ground along with my sisters, and we will never leave this place. (He cracks his neck and enters the circle. Two other cloaked figures emerge from the darkness of the trees and when the man gets to Jill they set the circle ablaze.)

Jill: Please don’t do this I’m begging you. Don’t kill me I can help you. (Tears are strewn down her face and litter the ground.)

Man: I have no sympathy, no pity, no sorrow. (Thunder begins to roll in the sky and illuminate the scene. The man grabs Jill by the throat and begins to suffocate her until she dies and then the ground under her caves in and she is dragged down.)

Car - Night

Claire: (Sits crying in the back seat and swinging back and fourth.) How could Billy leave me and now its about to storm! This is the worst night of my life! (Rain begins to pour and Claire becomes more upset. She looks out the window to see if she can see any lights from the flashlights. Lightening strikes and illuminates three figures being belted by the rain from the storm. She jumps in the front seat and turns on the headlights still sobbing. The lights uncover the man and his two followers from before. His symbols on his body seem to be glistening from the rain that has been falling on them.)
Claire: That’s not them is it? (Claire steps out of the car and yells to the three.) Chris? Jill? Leon? (They continue to approach the car without response and Claire hops back in the car. She studies them as they approach the car and realizes they are not her friends. They are but a mere few feet from the car so Claire jumps out and begins to run down the road being pelted by the rain. The thunder and lightening strike down around her and illuminate faces in the woods evil and conniving faces all glaring at Claire and then whispers among the trees are heard. She continues running down the old dirt road but trips on a rock and falls to the ground.) Damn it! I gotta get the hell out of here! (As she gets up she looks back and sees the three gaining ground on her, she lets out a gasp and begins sprinting down the road. The faces she keeps seeing in the forest begin to take shape and form and join the three as they follow Claire. Claire then reaches the edge of what appears to be the world, it is what appears to be a cliff and beyond it there is nothingness. She looks down the canyon and then back at the parade of demons following her. She looks back and forth a few times then looks over the edge one final time, holds her breath and jumps. But instead of falling to her death she again hit’s the road and shocked and puzzled she looks back to the army of darkness behind her and they have all stopped. Everyone but the man dissipates back into shadow, he however takes a few more steps till he is right up to Claire who is shuffling on her back away from him. He looks down at Claire with his red eyes and takes one more step toward her but bursts into black fog as his foot lands. Claire looks around and sees a makeshift sign to her left that says “Black Estate”. Claire sits in shock for a moment over what just happened to her then gets up and begins running down the road back toward where the they had came. Then the screen goes black for a moment and the laughter comes up and booms and turns into the music for the credits.

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