Everything has a meaning

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just something i came up with when i was bored.

Submitted: August 27, 2010

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Submitted: August 27, 2010



Your sweet smile. The way your lip goes up. It means nothing to me. Your scent; the way it fills everything beside it without any effort. It means nothing. The way I look at you and the way I say your name. It means nothing. The way your tears accumulate in your eyes and then overflow and spill onto your cheeks when I hurt you; that means nothing. Your tears and you laughter make no difference to me. Your hands and your heart have no connection to me. Your pleas say nothing to me and you touch feels like nothing. You are nothing. I cannot understand the way that you always assume you are, in every possible way, right. With me, you are in fact, completely wrong. The way your hair smells after you have gotten wet is intoxicating. It means nothing. The way you yell and scream for mercy means nothing. It gives me a certain exhilarating feeling. It gives me the sense of being alive. I am alive. Am I? The way your tears follow a path down to your lips makes me ecstatic. Almost indulgent. The way you say my name as you look me in the eyes and say good bye mean nothing. The way i cry when I am done killing you means nothing. The way i look at your dismembered and emaciated body means nothing to me. It tell me nothing and shows me nothing. The way I slowly kill myself for you means nothing. I mean nothing. You mean nothing. We mean something. You must die but I must live. I must live to enjoy. I must live to enjoy your sadness and your suffering. I must live to smile at your agony and laugh at your pain. Your sweet melancholy fills the air around you and your hypocritical happiness leaves a trail behind you. I will follow that trail. And I will remember that scent. You mean nothing to me. I mean nothing. We mean something...

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