Santa Clause

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it's about Santa Clause

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



When I was little girl at the age of ten years old I found out there was no Santa I was so upset. When I was a baby to the age of nine I always believed in Santa Clause. Every Christmas I would get so excited because I got to open gifts. A month in November my parents and I would get ready for Christmas we would put up decorations and go out and get a Christmas tree. We would come back and get the Christmas tree up and decorate it.

We would always invite people over have dinner and open gifts because they couldn’t show up on Christmas so we would do it early for them. When I saw them open gifts I was crying and said where are my gifts. My parents would explain to me that they can’t be here for Christmas because they got other families to see on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I still didn’t understand why but because I was still young and didn’t understand.

My parents would say that they were going out and do grocery shopping and I would always say to them don’t forget that Santa is coming soon and they would laugh and say yes I know dear just calm down and Santa will be here very soon. I would get more excited because it was getting closer and closer.  Everyday I would see gifts under the tree but couldn’t figure it out why there was gifts under the tree but I checked them all but my name wasn’t on any of them I was very upset I started to cry and cry and my dad would always be there to comfort me and say that everything will be ok and Santa has your gifts up North and I said to him really he does so how can I go get them. He would say he comes on Christmas Eve and delivers all of his presents to good little girls and boys.

Only five more days of Christmas. My mom and I made some cookies and cakes for the holidays we always do that every year. We also leave cookies and some milk for Santa Clause. Now the Christmas tree is starting to get full of a lot of presents. And of course I was still snooping around looking to see if Santa has come and left me some presents but still nothing but my parents said he is coming very soon.

Four days left and we went to our other family’s house and had parties and Christmas dinners we would have ham and turkey and stuffing and potatoes. I was outside with my cousins and they were skating on their own pond outside because it froze from the cold and the water from the snow. I have nevered skated before and one of cousins came over to help me and I was so happy that she did. It took me a very long time to learn but my other cousins asked my parents if I could stay over that night so they could teach me.

Three days left for Christmas and since I stayed at my cousins I would forget about all of the gifts at my house my parents were at home and they said that if I wanted to I could stay for one more night so they could teach me to skate more I said I would like that a lot. My cousins and I skated for a while and my Aunt and Uncle said they wanted to go shopping and asked if I wanted to go and I said yes and I got excited because I love shopping love malls. Because we go shopping and then have lunch and that’s what I love about shopping.

Now it’s Christmas Eve in the day time and I was home and my dad and I went to put the rest of the presents under the tree. And I started to see my name and I asked how come there’s some presents with my name on it and my dad said to me that your parents can give you presents because we are your parents and Santa couldn’t get everything you want for Christmas I said oh ok. So off I went and I went to watch a little TV. My friends came over to play some games and watch Christmas movies with me until they had to go home and have dinner at their house.

Before my friends went home one of my friends said to me you know why theirs presents under the tree with your name on it so I told them what my parents have told me and they all laughed and said no that’s not why and I looked confused and they told me that there is no Santa Clause it’s a fake trust me go to bed but pretend you are sleeping and wait all night and listen. I started to have tears in my eyes and I was trying not to show the tears to my parents. Finally Christmas Eve night time before I went to bed I was able to open one gift and the rest I would have to wait and see what else Santa brought me and I looked at them and I ran into the bedroom crying. My dad came in and I told him what had happened and said what my friends said and he told me it wasn’t true and not to listen to them at all.

The same night had come and I stayed up half of the night trying to listen for Santa’s sleigh on the roof at my house. I slightly opened my bedroom door because I could here my parents roaming around the house and I looked and saw them putting presents under the tree and there was a lot of presents a lot more then there was before. I yelled and screamed at them and finally they said you caught us there isn’t Santa Clause and when you get older you will know when you have your own kids one day.

Christmas day I got to open all of my gifts and I was happy I forgot all about what had said and what had happen. I got everything that I wanted for Christmas and it was the best I ever had.

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