dark crimes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
crime of the underground world

Submitted: October 19, 2009

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Submitted: October 19, 2009



A man stands in a hotel in Vienna. Looking across an opera theater  he sees a bill board with tonight's show featuring  wild-fire.  The schedule time is  10:00 pm.  As the tall  man gather his set of  tools that  consist of  fire- weapons and sniper rifle he is ready to take the hit.The only problem is It's a  matter of time before he awaits the  phone  call.

(meanwhile back at a dark warehouse)

John Kaufman: Where I'm I. What  is this place .

Constantine: Can you see Mr. Kaufman. Feeling a little afraid under the weather. you only have yourself to blame.

(Kaufman is tied up and blind folded)

Kaufman: Looked i will get you your  money. Please just let me  have a little more time.

Constantine: Time is always on the clock. So  people such as myself and clients  alike , have  time  on the schedule.  It's marks on the calendar of every year . Ticking away all  the location where it is paid and receive. But in your case Mr. Kaufman your bills have been way  past overdue. how are you going to compensate your income?

Kaufman: looked  please don't kill me ! or how else are you going to get the money.

Constantine: Mr. Kaufman your absolutely right! i won't kill you. But you been a naughty boy lately.  So every bad behavior needs a little punishment.

Kaufman: What are you fucking planning to do?

Constantine: Easy let's play a little doctor. of course I'm the doctor and your the ill- treated patient .

Kaufman: No i don't want to play that fucking game! anything but doctor.

Constantine: Now now, calm down. I'm just doing a little experimenting. just a little arm or two the ears, legs and personal favorite the mouth.

(Constantine than opens the blindfolds off Kaufman and gives out a vicious smile)

Kaufman: What are you fucking going to do.

Constantine: easy a little experimentation I called  extreme torture.  This  type of exercising games  is very fun and exciting. Most  noticeably what the Chinese prefer filling in the water interrogation.

Kaufman: Filling in the water interrogation? don't tell me your going to put fucking water on my face all day right?

Constantine: Now why would i do that ? you think I'm a monster.

Kaufman: Yes your a fucking psychopathic  freak!

Constantine: No that's not my style. It's a little boring  and plain but i do  like a little pain. slow and torturing is my specialty.
Especially the needles and screws drivers.

Kaufman: What the fuck are you thinking Don't touch me.

Constantine: Don't be so frighten Mr. Kaufman. Just breathe and relax  and handle some endurance. Like the mochiancans strength and brutality. Now be patient and wait here so I  can get my special toolkit .

(brings out a white cloth covered in ash trays. He than removes the cloth and in lies, screwdrives, needles, saws, and medical kits serve for surgery)
Constantine:  Now let's begin the operation! it's a little ritual i picked up on a strange cult of the deformities and Saccha  villagers endurance of manhood. They would go  on these extreme condition of endurance and contest and  see how well their body can take the ritual. Apparently, those who survive are considered the protector of the villages. While others who fail either die or  castrated.  These shows the marks of honoring the victor.

Kaufman: Oh man what the hell i'm getting myself into. Don't tell me your going to take away my man hood.

Constantine:That's right  Mr. Kaufman. Castration seems to be fun don't u think.

Kaufman: Not when your  the fucking  one  whose getting their penischop in half.  This isn't no fucking BME pain of Olympics.  How's about i cut the fuck out of your own goddamn dick you wouldn't like that now huh u sick fuck!

(Suddenly Constantine stands up and smiles wickedly. Than as he stands he pulls down his pants and underwear and reveals his swollen and half multitated penis to the frighten Kaufman)

Constantine: Take a hard looked down there Mr. Kaufman. Pain is nothing to me. No matter what i do. i tried sticking needles in my mouth, tied barb wires around my waist and legs, and even poke fun of my manhole and Mr. Sticky. But it's still doesn't satisfy me. nothing will.

Kaufman: Man you are one twisted fuck. Why won't u get fucking laid or something. God knows your fucking pricks needs it.

Constantine: Yes sex and violence. Especially when killing them and also fucking them. feels very nice and wet. I think i'm going to cum right about now. But enough of my pleasures it's your turn Mr. Kaufman.  Let's start the party.

Kaufman: Looked i will get the goddamn money. Just let me have a phone and the cash will be delivered in no time .

(Constantine ignoring Kaufman's plea pulls down his  pants and reveals his shaking  penis)

Constantine: Now where do you want Mr. needle number one to  be stuck too? The left nut or right nut?

Kaufman: Please just fucking wait and listen. I can get the money just stop!

Constantine: I know any Minnie mighty mole which a nut shall  strike a pose, the left or the right.

Kaufman: Please stop!

Constantine: I'm guessing the right one.
(smacked the needle stuck at Mr. Kaufman right nut sac. To Mr. Kaufman horror he screams in agony)

Constantine: And the fun is just getting started.

(meanwhile back inside the opera house)

Ankleman who is Mr. Sal Gambino right hand man has  a heated conversation on the phone.

Ankleman: hmmm..  I understand. He's playing his little game of his again. (hangs up the phone)

Gambino: Constantine is at it again.  He needs to learn how to take it easy. But nevertheless, he gets the job done.

Ankleman: But i disapprove  his methods.  its embarrassing, and totally unprofessional. To break down a man all it takes is a little mentality. Not harming the body.

Gambino: Then tell me how would u handle my clients.

Ankleman: Easy but for now let's enjoy the show.

Gambino: Yes let's enjoy the rest of the night

Back at the hotel suite the tall shadow man waits patiently for the phone to ring. When the phone rings within a few minutes the man picks it up. his name is Akagi

Akagi: So do you want the hit?

To be continued......

© Copyright 2020 rbouncha. All rights reserved.

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