Clearly, You Are Not A Writer!

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Writers are not made. They are born.
My views on writing. I dont think everyone can be a writer cause if everyone was there be no one left to sell us paper.

Submitted: October 12, 2013

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Submitted: October 12, 2013



Well, I am just here to clear things up to people who consider or even think themselves as the best writers out there. When I am talking about best writers I do not refer to JK Rowling neither Suzanne Collins. Clearly, they are the best writers ever. I am talking to those people… those people who go bragging about themselves. ''Whoa.. I just wrote a story. Wait and watch, it's gonna be the top selling book''.

Now I will say '' Whoa Whoa! Stop it right there. You have high expectations? So confident about yourselves in the first place? ''

I am not asking you not to be confident. I am just asking you to stop exaggerating or should I say stop OVERACTING! 

Well… I suppose you did not get that. Let me shed some light on this subject in a few more sentences.

Writers are not like normal people. Yes that’s true, People find them weird. They act weird and do weird stuff. Even if you see them during exams, they are not even worried about it. Yeah! Not even a percent. They will have this ''springs'' inside them to write something or the other. Though they feel that their brain is gonna blast off to Mars with all those stupid math's formulas and stupid things filled dates and years to learn. They will write, they will type.

Don’t ask me about that! They will know it & not YOU.

They enjoy every single ounce of it. Yes, every single minute of it.

Writers and poets have a different mindset. They take the world in a different view point and I am telling you they are retarded and mentally disturbed. You hear that? MENTALLY DISTURBED! 

They are odd but that's just the way it is. That’s just the way who they are ' Writers and poets'. 

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