Return Of The Unwanted Dead

Return Of The Unwanted Dead

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



"My blood is fading...It is now, or never."Mysterious words scrawled across the school hall. In blood. By whom, they did not know. Why, they couldn't tell. Magarita school has seen some weird days, but when the ghost of a legend surfaces, it is up to a group of friends to find out who's behind the preternatural events. Yet evil lurks amidst the halls, and when one of their friends turns, the pursuit escalates until the kids are forced to search deep inside the school's woods for an answer.
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"My blood is fading...It is now, or never."Mysterious words scrawled across the school hall. In blood. By whom, they did not know. Why, they couldn't tell. Magarita school has seen some weird days, but when the ghost of a legend surfaces, it is up to a group of friends to find out who's behind the preternatural events. Yet evil lurks amidst the halls, and when one of their friends turns, the pursuit escalates until the kids are forced to search deep inside the school's woods for an answer.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Return Of The Unwanted Dead

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 25, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 25, 2013



This book has been edited and published. So basically, the book is slightly different from what is written here. 

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Chapter 1

Bad Things In The First Place

‘Ouch’ said Emma, as Stacie pushed her hard on the ground.

“Mind your own business,” muttered Emma as she watched Stacie flip her hair in the air and walk away.

One attitude person’ … words twisting in Emma’s mind as she got up and dusted her dress. She watched the curly hair and skinny legs bitch disappear into thin air.

‘Don’t worry’ a voice just lurked from behind which gave a startling shock to Emma as she froze in fright.

‘Hey its me’ said Eliza Kate as she flipped her long, straight brown hair back.

Oh my Gosh you just startled me. You know right I am not a brave person like you’ Emma said slowly. She stammered as she spoke.

‘Its owwkayy’ Eliza consoled. ‘Just tell me what happened?

’ Emma continued ‘That Stacie, She’s always behind my back’, tears rolling down Emma’s eyes as she sat down leaning back to a tree trunk which was almost red in colour.’ I don’t know what’s wrong with her, never did anything wr---wrroon---wrooonggg to h-er—er stammered Emma.

Her best friend got furious. Eliza was one brave and candid person. You could almost see that on her face. Today she had seen Stacie cross her limits, So she decided to handle the matter herself. A twinkle in her eye showed that she was up to no good.

I wonder what she does when she goes off alone’ thought Eliza spitefully. ‘Maybe I could follow her and find out’. She slowly said

‘Emma the hot sun will dazzle your eyes by the end of the evening, we need going’ Eliza said.

Emma still upset got up slowly. Both went back quietly to their respective classes. You could almost see Emma’s hair shine in the sunlight and that it made her eyes look browner. She was very pretty and had no spots. She was just about the height of their good friend Cedrick.

The sun rays could almost blind one’s eyes. A cold milkshake would solve the trick.

’Good afternoon’ the class wished in one voice as they watched their new teacher who wore moon-rimmed spectacles walk in. His brow twisted. He wore a bottom which was blue in co our. One could make it out by his face that this year was not going to be a good one.

‘Turn to page 36’ barked Mr Stein.’

'This is going to be the worst class ever’ murmured Fendi to Emma who was just seated to the right of her.

Cedrick yawned as he watched the hands of the tick-tocking to their slowest capability ever.

‘Hey pass this note to Emma’ whispered Stacie keeping her voice to the lowest as possible to Frank.

The note went from the one table to another and finally when it was about to reach Emma, a voice startled all of them ’What The Hell Is Going On???’.

They were all so lost in their little imaginary world that all of them froze like ice cubes all packed up. It was none other than their maths teacher Mr. Stein who was now frowning and his face started turning red as if a tea pot had almost reached its maximum melting point.

He walked to the table where Daniel was sitting and snatched the note, gave a bloodshed look, opened it in which a small message was written.

‘My blood is fading and if you don’t want to be my next victim you need to collect the drops of the Vascara’s tears. It’s now or never’


‘What rubbish is this Stacie? Detention for you OUT OF THE CLASS RIGHT NOW’

She turned red as she walked out of the class room. All the girls and boys were giggling to themselves trying not to catch the attention of the teacher. ‘Now class’ and before he could continue, the bell rung.

Chapter 2.

It Is Getting Crazier.

The whole class ran out for it was library period. The library was just a few foot steps away from their maths class. The teacher unlocked the door and opened the library for them.Red and black painted walls with about thirty painted shelves; all neatly arranged books…maybe about a million books and of course the horror books shelve was half empty as usual.

‘A small banner written in bold letters said ‘Silence’ which was hanging in the middle of the library room. There was complete silence. It felt as if everything was sleeping without snoring but curiosity about the Vascara and why Stacie had written up such a thing was still swirling in Emma’s mind.

She was timid. One could see her face all wrinkle up as her eyes flashed towards a cupboard which was marked ‘The Unseen’. She walked fast towards the cupboard and immediately started searching for a book which would solve the mystery behind Stacie’s note.

After ten minutes of searching she found an old and dusty book labelled ‘ Reason of the faded blood’. Her face lit up and quickly she started going through the pages of the book until finally she came across Page 59 which said –

The only thing that keeps the dead awake….

And the rest of the page was torn.

‘Shit’ the words just dropped out of her mouth.

Eliza just came about and asked what she was up to. Emma showed her what she found and related it with Stacie’s note.

‘Oh come on this is all rubbish, I said you right I’ll take care of her’

‘No you don’t understand! This is a serious problem’ blurted out Emma. A person who always used to be so quiet and all by herself was now burning with curiosity.

‘Okay Okay but right now our exams are approaching.. we need to focus more on that okay?’ Eliza was a lot into studies. She always topped the exams but Emma was totally the opposite of that. She was more into sports and reading story books.

Library period got over soon and it was Science period. The subject which she hated the most. ‘I’m bunking this period Eliza.. I’ve some serious business to do’

‘No you cannot you will miss the explanation’ said Eliza. ‘Oh common as if I even pay attention in the period’ said she. ‘Fine, do whatever you want I am off’

They waved and went in different directions.

The sun was bright to such an extent that it could blind one’s eye and was now beaming through the passage which was open on the both the sides.

Thud! Emma's head collided with the wall.

The sun rays had just dazzled her eyes.

’Where am I?’ she said slowly as her left eye just opened, still feeling dizzy she quickly gathered her bones and got up.

The entire room was spinning as if she was put up in a mixer to be mixed into small pieces.

‘We just found you fainted in the passage so we brought you here’ said Drake the head boy of the school.

‘You must be careful’ spoke a soft voice Carlos the assistant head boy said sweetly.

‘Uh umm thanks… I need going’ said Emma as she quickly gathered up all her courage.

‘Take Care’ Drake added.

It was lunch time.Emma quickly made her way to the mess and all the students were chattering in there.

‘Menu For The Day’

1. Chicken Fried Rice

2. Chinese Spaghetti

3. Bloody Human

‘Uh What? Are my eyes playing a trick? “Bloody Human”?

’ She rubbed her eyes again and this time it looked more of like blood dripping from the letters.

’ My Gosh is this seriously happening?’ words were still twirling and swirling in her mind. She just took a Vanilla Milkshake, went and sat beside Eliza.

There were five people seated. Cedrick, Fendi, Drake, Carlos and of course Eliza. The six of them were really good friends.

Drops of sweat were dripping from Emma’s forehead.

‘You alright?’ questioned Cedrick.

‘Me…Yeah me? Yeah Yeah I’m perfectly fine’ Eliza said without even pausing for a moment.

‘Wowie Okay’ said Cedrick suspecting her as he raised his left eyebrow.

’So, how about we all have a walk in the woods after classes?’ questioned Drake to all of them.

‘Walk in the woods? Yeah that sounds fun’ Fendi said.

‘Will you be comfortable with that Emma?’ Eliza questioned doubtfully. ’Yeah, I just hope we do not get any closer to the graveyard.

After lunch break it was a free period so Emma decided to go back to the dormitory and think all over it.

The door was creaky. She opened it and went inside. Her bed was placed beside a window. She went and lay on her bed. Her face facing the ceiling.

The words ‘My Next Victim’ and ‘Now Or Never’ were still circling around her head. An image of a dead person just flashed before her eyes. ’Aah’ she suddenly got up straight. This time more panicked and frightened than ever. ‘Why.. Me?? Why does it always have to be me?’ she thought. ‘No Emma you got to overcome your timid nature and start acting like a grown up’. Thinking still increasing.

Suddenly, she remembered what she had found in the library and where she set off and later found herself on the beds of the first aid room.

She got up and decided to find out what a Vascara actually was but suddenly another thought just swept in her mind.

‘What if Stacie was just joking? No wait but what I found in the library…but maybe that could have been just a story book’.

Chapter 3

Teacher Disappeared?

It was time for Emma to leave as it was biology class. She quickly combed her hair, walked quickly towards the door, opened it and hurried to her class. The bell had already rung. It did not take long for her to reach her class as she was a good runner.

On reaching her class, she saw a group of students standing and talking which almost sounded like a swarm of bees buzzing. She brush passed them and quickly went and sat on her place.

Ms.Clare still had not come to the class. It was then Emma got to know that their bio teacher just passed away.

'How can this happen?' Monita said loudly.

Then the whole conversation began. Emma sat back listening to what they were groaning and moaning.

'She went for a walk in the forest' said Blaire.

Swift continued then 'It was a sunny day and everything was just perfectly fine…like totally fine but no one actually knows what happened. It is just that she went to the graveyard and it has been 3 days and she has not returned.'

They did not have bio classes in the previous days so they did not know anything about it.

Emma's face went blank. Shocked at the words what the girl spoke about their teacher. She dropped the plan of going to the woods for a walk.

And suddenly a drastic change in her mind. She needed to find out what was actually happening in 'Magarita'.

Magarita was the name of their school.

She took hold of Eliza who was just sitting next to her and requested her to come with her to the library.

'Why Emma? Why?' Eliza questioned

'To search for the torn part of that book' Emma answered back.

Though not interested she still came. There was no one in the library. 'Silence' still written up there.

Only the walls could hear their conversation.

'Eliza, I know you don’t believe me but I swear something wrong IS going on in our school' Emma said 'And that Stacie is up to something no good.

'This is all your stupid imagination' Eliza said annoyed 'Nothing is happening. Just quit it will you?'

Emma again continued 'No, you don’t understand and if you don’t listen to me Eliza then forget that you are my friend or should I say best friend?'

Hearing that Eliza changed her mind and agreed to listen to her.

'Fine' Eliza said. 'What's the plan?'

'We need to find out the remaining part of the book and I suspect it to be somewhere here only'

They began searching. Behind books , behind cupboards, under tables and chairs until finally dust filled in the entire library.

Suddenly Eliza noticed that the bricks behind the shelf labeled 'The Unseen' could be moved.

'Emma, look here the bricks move!'

They both pushed the brick. The brick went inside and in front of there eyes opened a locker type thing. There was a small old paper inside.

Emma reached for it and took hold of the paper.

'WHO IS IN THERE?!!?' a voice came somewhere nearer to the door.

It was the librarian. They both hid. The librarian grew angrier for the whole library was messed up and books were shattered here and there.

She muttered ' I know someone is there and that person ; I am not gonna leave him or her. I am gonna punish the person who ever did this.Saying this she stormed off to search for the person who was responsible for the mess.

'Phew, that was close' Eliza said.

'It is not safe, we need to be going '

They almost forgot about the paper but Emma had managed to tuck it in her pocket.

Chapter 4

Dead Will Return

They started running towards the dormitory. As quick as their feet could take them. On reaching they noticed Stacie and they also saw her drinking red juice.

'Duck' whispered Emma.

After a couple of minutes she finally left.

Eliza said with a shocked face 'What was all that about?

'I don’t know! Was it blood or what?' said Eliza 'But wait we almost forgot about the note. Let's open it and see what is written in it'.

As she unfolded the note, words were written up in blood.

"Is The Tears Of V****** And The Dead Will Return"

'So that's the remaining part' Emma jumped happily.

Eliza continued 'I am so sorry. I did not trust you in the first place'

'Its okay' she replied quickly. 'We've got to inform the others before any other people or students disappear like that'

'Wait, we will inform our friends first then the rest later cause they will not believe us in the first place' Eliza said.

'But what if others disappear like that'. I don’t think that be safe'

'Hmm, you have a point which I support but right now only Cedrick, Fendi, Drake and Carlos only'

'Okay let's go' Emma said not even waiting for another minute to pass.

It was almost time. Arts period had already begun. They hurried to their class and it seemed that their teacher Mrs.Mc Terrany was in a very good mood that she was literally distributing chocolates to everyone. Noticing that they quickly got inside the class and sat in their respective places.

'Psst, Cedrick listen we just found something interesting' Eliza said

'Meet us behind the secret entrance of history doors after class' Emma added.

History doors were situated very inside the school where all old things and stuff were kept.

Now, even Cedrick was burning with curiosity.

'What must have happened?' words circling in his mind. He was so lost that he did not notice that their Defence teacher Mr.Micro entered their class. He was disturbed by a mosquito which was buzzing in his ear. It did not take long for Cedrick to realize Mr.Micro was announcing something.

'So, you all can enter your names before Saturday' Mr.Micro ended.

Being a brainwave he understood that it surely must have been another tournament and that he was asking the students to enter their names. Cedrick was always a champion in the grave egg hunt and he was sure he would his name this year too.

Suddenly, the bell rang. Everybody rushed out of the class and Cedrick went to the place where he was supposed to be.

'Psst,' a voice startled him. His heart pounded.

'It is us' said Eliza and Emma together in a cracked voice.

'Whoa! you people just sacred me' Cedrick said but now all normal.

'Listen' and they narrated what all happened.

'Oh my gosh why is this all happening we don’t need the dead. Listen, there's a history that theunwanted dead will return and that they would suck the blood of every innocent person. We cannot let that happen and Vascara is the leader. The drops of Vascara's tears can keep the dead awake but to do that we must kill Vascara himself or kill someone already dead but awake.' Cedrick related.

'You knew this much? And we didn't know that wow!' exclaimed Emma.

'Yeah but I thought it was all a joke and I needed a proof to prove that it was right and you have done it BRAVO!'

Cedrick said happily.

'So that means Stacie is a dead person but she needs the tears to be awake' Emma said in a cracked voice.

Eliza noticed Emma was frightened and taken aback cause Stacie had asked her to get the tears. Emma suddenly remembered about the Bloody Human written up in blood in the mess menu and told them about it.

Then suddenly Fendi, Drake, Carlos spotted them and came.

Cedrick continued 'If this all continues to take place then Magarita wont be a safe place any more'

Eliza said 'Then does that not mean everyone has to return to their homes and leave this academic year.'

'I am afraid so' Cedrick said with a sad expression on his face.

Fendi, Drake and Carlos did not know what was going on but before Emma could tell them, they were interrupted by the head master of the school.

'I don’t think students are allowed to be in this area! Cant you read 'RESTRICTED' written up here' he said angrily.

'We are so sorry we needed a private place to discuss something important' Cedrick said honestly.

'What is so important to you than studies?' The headmaster replied quickly.

'Sorry we wont repeat it again Drake , Fendi and Carlos said together in a polite manner.

'This time I am sparing you but remember next time I see you people lurking around here or anywhere else straight away suspension'

He walked away angrily.

'Phew! We are close to being expelled. Hope we do not land into any more trouble' said Eliza.

'Let's go to the school garden and discuss it over their' Fendi added.

They all walked quietly to the lobby and then entered the elevator which took them to the ground floor. It was a pleasant weather. The sun could barely be seen. They found an empty bench. Without wasting any more time quickly seated themselves.

'So what's our plan?' Cedrick said.

'But we three don’t know what is going on!' exclaimed Carlos.

Then Eliza started telling them all about it. After finishing---

'Oh Shit!' Fendi blurted.

'I know! Shit! That is what I have been telling all the time' Emma said but this time with a smile on her face.

'Listen let's drop this whole thing out. We will continue our mission after a week. Then our exams would be over so we would have a whole month of holidays.' Drake said.

'But you don’t understand this is a serious matter. Do you just want to se people disappear in front of your eyes and do you want to see 'THE RETURN OF THE UNWANTED DEAD' again?' Emma said very angrily.

'Fine fine everyone calm down! We all are really exhausted. We need to refresh ourselves' the head boy said.

'We will make the plan tomorrow' Eliza added.

And they all left for the dormitory.

Chapter 5

Food Calms The Six.

'Dinner time!' the speakers bellowed. Everyone started moving out for dinner. The sky was dark and the stars were twinkling in the sky. It could be seen from the big glass which was on the way to the mess. The mess was as usual filled with voices. The five friends made their way to their table.

The food was so delicious that one would feel like eating again and again no matter how full their stomachs would get. They forgot all about their mission and started talking on a different subject.

'You know I've learned to make cheese cakes' Fendi said.

'Wow! Maybe you should give us a treat you know' Eliza said in a joking manner.

Emma who was sitting just next to Eliza also started telling what she learnt to make.

'I've learnt how to make a milkshake'

Everyone started laughing. Emma joined too. Then Cedrick said 'Maybe I would like to have one. Everyone started laughing again because making a milkshake was a child's play.

A lame thing to laugh right? Cedrick said.

'Anways, let's get going.' Fendi added.

They ate to their hearts' extent and were full and could not take more.

They got up and started heading back to there beds. Tired …Very tired. It was bed time and the lights were already out. Everyone returned to the dormitory.

Within minutes everyone was asleep. Everyone except Emma.

Emma sat near the window thinking. The moonlight made her face glow.

'What is actually happening in our school?' words ran through her mind. Suddenly she was distracted by Eliza who was now widely awake. 'What are you doing all alone in the corner? No sleep?'

'I don’t feel like sleeping today'

'Why is that so?' 'Insomnia?'

'Hey! C'mon I don’t have a sleeping disorder. No way shutaap!'

'Then?' Eliza questioned.

'Was just thinking what actually is going on in our school and why is Stacie doing all type of stupid stuff?' Emma said scornfully.

Eliza's eyes danced.

'We can pick our brains tomorrow, right now we need a good sleep' she said yawning.

Emma yawned too. It's a human nature. When someone yawns you yawn back.

'Fine good night'

And they both went to their cozy beds for a good night sleep.

Chapter 6

Someone Is Coming

The next day dawned warm and sunny. It was breakfast time as usual. Everyone was half way to the mess.

Emma hurried and caught up with Eliza. 'Good morning Emma' Eliza said.

'Hey I've been thinking what if vascara wants me?' Emma said

'Don’t be an ass Emma' Eliza said.

Emma chuckled.

'Ill eat you!' Emma said to Eliza

Eliza giggled 'Oh really?' I didn't know you could do that?' Both acted childishly.

They made their entry into the mess…settled down at their usual places. Cedrick, Fendi and the rest were already there.

'Yo wassup' Fendi waved as she came with her breakfast.

'Nothing much Eliza replied.

'You know the headmaster is an awful temper this morning.' Carlos added. 'Why is that so?' Emma questioned. 'Some students have scribbled something on the walls of his room 'Carlos said.

'L-O-L, he deserves that.'.

'No!! What was scribbled on the wall was 'The dead is returning' and you know all that stuff. So he regards all this as rubbish and wants to catch hold of those kids who did it. But we know the truth.'

'Shit another message! We've got to do something cause we are the only ones who seem to have knowledge bout this Emma said.

' chuuuh' the lights of the school went off suddenly. Everyone was happy at the first sight 'cause classes wont be taken if there is no electricity in the school and they would be taken to the garden but suddenly there were scary sounds as if some ghosts or something were approaching nearer.

'Hide me! I am done for!' Fendi said .

'Don’t be a ninny! We are the ones who have to solve this if you start acting like a monkey then everything is done for.' Eliza said bravely. 'Or maybe a monkey wouldn’t be so scared at all' she added.

'Here! Carlos exclaimed. They all ran to the lobby which had a trap door exactly in the middle of it. Pulled the ring and jumped in the secret tunnel which led to the graveyard.

'Aaaaaaaahhh' they all were shouting as they slid their way down. There was always a secret entrance for reaching somewhere. It was no emergency exit but an entrance which was built long time ago.

Chapter 7


It was dark. Dark as coal. There were creepy sounds all around them. Although it was morning, everything had turned scary. . Bats were returning to their trees.. There were sounds of werewolves and bears. There were blood seekers in here. Deep inside the woods this graveyard had so much more to be scared of.

'I feel shiver me spines' Emma spoke as she held Eliza's hand.

'Now we need to find Vascara!' Carlos exclaimed.

'But what is Vascara? Is it some kind of beast? Or maybe it could even be a dead person.'' He added.

''Remember, what Stacie's note said? Vascara's tears .. Yeah, that's what it said.'' Fendi spoke.

'Listen, I feel that the tears are not just tears. It is blood! Cedrick exclaimed.

'Oh shit we almost forgot about that' Drake said.

'Hey! Blood Seekers means the dead who are awake….They need BLOOD! Fendi exclaimed.

'So, that means there is a dead person but awake in our school.' Emma said. 'And Stacie is dead'

'But how do we finish her off?' Cedrick added. 'Remember, what she wrote in the note? 'My blood is fading'

'We need a plan' he said enthusiastically.

'First, we need to find Stacie .. make her weak and force her to reveal who Vascara is' Carlos said.

'But do you think she will say?' Fendi asked with a question mark on her face.

'If only she was weak...Hey, maybe we have to keep her from drinking the blood. Maybe the more she drinks, the stronger she gets. Maybe that's why the only word we can call her is 'Dead Alive,' ' Drake said.

Suddenly complete silence spread. Silence…..and again silence….and then a high pitched SCREAM!

More like someone sucking blood of a person and that person was screaming.

'Let us follow that voice. Stick together' Cedrick said.

The plants were all dried up.

Slowly and quietly they started following the voice.

Suddenly Fendi screamed. There was a small pit and she fill right into it but when looked closer upon it.. it was more like a hard and shiny surface down. They helped Fendi to get up.

'What's this?' Fendi questioned with still terror on her face.

'Looks more like a buried treasure box' Drake said.

'Should we open it?' Eliza questioned.

'Wait, it could be dangerous.' Emma added.

'Stand back!' Cedrick said bravely.

'I'll take care of this.' He took out a pocket knife , plunged it into the ring of the box and with all his might opened it.

All of them screamed. Stacie was lying in it. 'You found the secret. I wont leave you. You all must die. You shouldn’t have' Stacie rose and said in a ghostly voice.

'RUNNNN!!!' Cedrick shouted. 'RUN FOR YOUR LIFE'

All of them started running scared out of their wits. In a few minutes all of them were quite far away.. away from danger. Away from Stacie.

'Stop! I cannot take it any more' Eliza requested.

'We need to keep going or else we will be one of them.' Drake said.

'But this was our plan. We have to finish Vascara first. So this all will be over' Emma spoke bravely.

'But where will we find him?' Drake questioned. 'Maybe we need to follow Stacie.’

Chapter 8


Before they could say anything more. Right in front of them was a enormous green colored body with huge amount of blood dripping from his eyes.

'Va...Va...Vascara' Emma stammered.

They were shocked to see something so huge , so scary with two front teeth which barely fit in his big mouth and an over sized bogeyman which they were supposed to kill . Cedrick acted quickly. "ATTAAAAACCKKK"

Each one of them had a pocket knife. They threw them at Vascara's belly and they all struck, but to no effect. Instead, he picked all of them with one bare hand and threw them down. They were all now moaning and grumbling covered in mud and dead plants.

'He's tough' Emma said with a nervous face.

'We have to find his weak point!' Carlos exclaimed.

'Try hard to remember something Carlos' said Emma.

'Remember Stacie can live only by drinking the blood of the Vascara's tears. That's her only source' Cedrick said.

'Yeah so?' questioned Emma.

'The blood drips from his eyes. The tears are his blood. So, that's the weak point.' Carlos said.

'HIS EYES' all of them shouted in one voice.

'Why didn't we think of that before?' Emma said.

They got up still covered in mud and gathered up their courage. There were some bows and arrowslying near them. Maybe some people were hunting animals there. They picked the bows and the arrows.

They aimed at his eye which still had a huge amount of blood dripping from it.

'At the count of three… One.. Two.. Three' Cedrick ordered.

Their arrows went flying right into his eyes and 'OUCH' pierced his eyes. The creature started moving like a phantom through the mists .... there was smoke ....he fell down trembling like a fish which is taken right out of water….Still grasping for breath….still trembling ... screaming and screaming until finally DEAD.

'HE IS DEAD ALRIGHT!' Carlos exclaimed. 'DEAD… YES DEAD.

'WE DID IT.' Cedrick danced happily.

The black sky started turning blue. The darkness vanished. Birds started tweeting in the sky. The whole place started getting to normal. The graveyard didn't seem any scarier now. The black clouds moved and the sky could be seen in view. Everything went back to normal. They were captivated, peppy and vivacious. What could make them even happier now? Stacie was dead


Once back at school they were declared heroes and heroines. Everyone cheered and clapped at their success.

The headmaster who had always hated them finally said 'Thank you all so much for your bravery.'

The next day they were given awards. Now there was no one to bully Emma for Stacie was no more.


The movie ended at last.

Katy , Swift and Suzzane were watching a movie at Katy's house.

'Great Movie' Katy said.

'Only hoping that whole thing does not happen in real life' Suzzane admitted.

'Yeah', Swift added. 'As if those things happen in real, Suzzane you're so dumb'

'Anyways, need to get going. Tomorrow's school.' Suzzane said.

They waved and left for their homes. Their holidays had ended and it was the beginning of the new academic session the next day.

Next day the school was filled with chatters of girls. Suzzane, Swift and Katy were standing and talking when suddenly Suzzane's eyes fell on a writing on the door which had been locked for years.




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