The Moonlight

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A poem with multiple meanings.

Submitted: May 08, 2014

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Submitted: May 08, 2014



The moonlight,

Casting shadows on the cool water,

The trees sway in the wind,



Forever reaching for the moon,

For the freedom,

Their roots so entrenched in the ground,

Their every cell longing to break free,

But going nowhere,

Why do they continue to grow,

Towards the moon,

where they will never reach?


The birds settle into their nests in the trees,

They shake and flutter in the cool breeze,

One bird is different,

This bird wants to fly,

Fly forever,

Feel only the wind under it’s wings,

Not the hunger in it’s stomach,

Nor the pain in it’s heart.


The lion waits,



For it’s mate,

The loneliness strangles the lion,

Like five supple fleshy fingers,


Working their way through his fur,

And grasping his neck in the dead of night,

Until he himself is dead.


The child rests in bed,

The covers wrapped tightly around her little body,

The cold of night biting at her toes and ears,

She cries,

She cries out,

For warmth,


A home,

The child cries,

For she has only the monsters,

To hear her cries.


The morning sun burns,

The trees awaken from their dreams,

They now reach for the sun instead,

They touch the sky,

Feel the heat of day,

And know that they only have one job,

To grow,

To reach the moon.


The bird stirs,

Pain from hunger devouring it,

It stands with difficulty,

Needing sustenance,

The bird stares at the ground,


The bird spots the worm,

It extends its wings,

Feeling the breeze,

Breathing the air,

And soars.


The lion hazily gets up,

Wishing for its mate,


The lion hears something,

The crunch of leaves behind it,

Has the loneliness finally come to kill it?

The lion prepares for death,

Lays on it’s side,

Facing the sun,

The lion feels the warmth of a beating heart,

It’s mate has returned,

They will always find each other.


The child awakens,

She barely slept,

She looks around,

At the small room she calls home,

For now,

She crawls out of bed,

Says goodbye to the monsters,

And hello to her mother,

She crawls in the bed with her mother,

In the early morn,

And snuggles gently against her mother’s chest,

Feeling her heartbeat,

Feeling the hunger in her stomach,

Feeling the love radiating,

Feeling the love from everyone,

Love from those who stock their fridge,

Love from those who heat their homes,

Love from those who love others,

Unworthy of their love,

Love from the mother.

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