Til My Dying Breath.

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Anastasia knew that Andrew was the one for her when he asked her to marry him at the age of four. but life gets in the way of even the most beautiful love stories.

Submitted: September 23, 2011

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Submitted: September 23, 2011



'Til My Dying Breath.

*So I'm having a little bit of writers block and decided to exercise my mind. I'm working on making the chapters of ATR and PT longer but unfortantly i just keep going blank. I hope you like this and feel free to give me honest feedback. I know it's not the best and i'm not really edting it..but i hope you enjoy it none the less. Thanks! -RH


I looked into the mirror one last time smoothing down my dress, making sure the bump didn’t show.

I was three months pregnant and more excited than I thought I would be.

“Hey Stasia you ready?” I turned around to see my best friend, and maid of honor Stacy grinning at me. “Of course I’m ready! I’ve been waiting for this day for years!” I replied.

The truth is, I have been waiting for years.

Andrew and I met at pre-school when we were both 4. He asked me to marry him underneath the jungle gym on the playground and we’ve been together since.

There was never anyone else for me.

We had graduated college the year before and moved to Chicago where we both landed the jobs of our dreams. I taught elementary school; Andrew was an accountant for a really nice firm.

I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but for us it meant stability and never having to worry about being apart.

The thing about Andrew is, he’s a closet romantic.

Looking at him, you’d never guess it. At six foot two, lanky with glasses his whole demeanor screamed “nerd”.

He enjoyed that about himself.

He spoke very matter of fact rarely made an assumption and had the most analytical mind out of anyone I knew.

Only I knew that he still kept the movie stub from our first official date at sixteen, or had a photocopied version of every yearbook I had signed.

In high school, nobody could see why we dated. I was a cheerleader with a lot of friends’ mediocre grades and an active social life.

Andrew was valedictorian who was rarely seen without a book in hand and who hung with the “geek squad”. The only time he ever went out was when I drug him with me.

The odds were stacked against us, but we made it. I never had a doubt in my mind.

He stole my heart at the age of four and I never wanted it back.

On the night before we left for Chicago Andrew picked me up and took me around town. “What are we doing?” I asked him.

“Going down memory lane.” And we did.

He took us to our old High School where we had made it against the odds. We drove by the movie theatre where we had our first date. He took me to the park where we had our first kiss, and lastly he took us by the pre-school we had met all those years ago.

“Come on.” He said to me, grabbing my hand and leading out of the car. I was worried we were going to get in trouble but he told me not to worry about it.

We hopped the fence and walked around the old playground. Underneath the jungle gym he once again proposed to me, this time giving me a ring instead of a lollipop.

It was beautiful and perfect.

It was Andrew.

So here I stood, a year later ready to walk down the isle and take his name; while carrying his child under my heart.

We hadn’t told anybody yet and lucky for me I was barely showing. I just didn’t know how to pretend to drink champagne without everybody noticing. It wasn’t a planned pregnancy but that hardly mattered. What mattered was this future person that was made up of half me and half Andrew.

So I gathered my flowers and walked out the room, ready to start my life with the boy I had loved forever.

The ceremony was perfect, with flowers everywhere and our friends and family settled in the church pews. I cried throughout the whole ceremony but Andrew just held my hand and promised to love me forever.

We made it through the reception and finally escaped for the honeymoon after what had felt like forever.

It was the perfect week full of sand, sun and my husband.

I loved how my bump showed in my bikini and I loved how Andrew couldn’t keep his hands off of it, constantly talking to the little person growing inside me.

It was a beautiful beginning to the rest of our lives.

And that’s when life happened.

We found out we were having a girl and pink exploded all over our house.

We fought for months on what to name her, until I was 8 months along.

We decided on the name “Anna Beth”.

Anna for my mom; Beth for his sister.

We signed up for parenting classes and bought every book known to man on raising a child and informed the family.

Everyone was thrill.

On the last checkup before Anna Beth was due to arrive the doctor told me something that turned our whole lives upside down.

During my check up they had found lumps.

I had two options. I could wait until after I had given birth to get a biopsy or they could attempt it before birth.

They only downside to doing it now was it could cause fetal distress but the baby was far enough to deliver if it came to that.

I chose to wait. And I didn’t tell Andrew.

A month later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

We were so happy but in the back of my mind one word kept replaying.


I knew the chances of me having Breast Cancer were high. It ran in my family.

But I was reluctant to ruin the happiness of my life.

The doctor kept urging me to schedule an appointment and finally I told Andrew.

Bless him, he stayed strong told me we were going to be fine and scheduled the

Appointment that day.

The news wasn’t good.

I indeed had breast cancer, but it had also spread to other areas in my lymph nodes.

They said I had about a fifty/fifty chance. They could remove the main tumor, and give me some Chemo but there were no guarantees.

I believed in winning against the odds. All I had to do was remember Andrew and Anna and I was determined to fight.

A week later I was in surgery.

A week after that my Chemo started.

Throughout it all Andrew was right beside me, cheering me on.

I gave it everything I had, but it wasn’t enough.

After a year of fighting with everything I had the doctors said there was nothing else they could do.

That night I held Andrew as he cried. It was hard seeing him this way, knowing I was causing all of this pain.

He brought Anna to me everyday and made scrapbooks filled of our life together.

Andrew promised that Anna would know me even if she wouldn’t remember me.

I was twenty-six and I was dying.

I was leaving behind a daughter I would never see grow up and a husband who I would never grow old with.

The end was closer than we expected.

I could feel my body shutting down. My heart beat was slowing, my breath hard to catch. This was it, this was the end.

I had so much more life to live, but no more time left to live it in. I always wondered what my final thoughts would be about. I wondered if my life would flash before my eyes or I’d remember a specific event.

None of those things ran through my mind.

Instead I thought about the future that would no longer hold me in it. Would he be okay?

I hoped so.

Andrew loved with nothing held back and I clung to that love as desperate as a drowning man would cling to a life vest. I knew that if I’d ask him to, he’d never find someone else.

But I didn’t want that for him.

Somewhere out there was someone in desperate need of love. I wanted that for Andrew. I wanted him to find someone that would love him as fiercely as I did.

He deserved that.

For so long now he has been my rock, suffering through things we never imagined; raising our daughter alone, while I was in and out of hospitals. I wouldn’t have made it as long as I did without him.

“Promise me.” I forced out. He leaned in closer. His blue eyes were shining bright with unshed tears.

I always loved his eyes.

“Promise what?” he asked softly.

With all the energy I had left I forced out the words I know he needed to hear to move on. “Promise… to love… again. Promise to…be...happy.”

I could feel my eyes closing involuntarily, desperately trying to breathe and hold on to just one more moment. Before I slipped away I felt a warm hand grasp mine, a whisper soft kiss across my lips and a murmur of I love you in my ear. And the words I wanted to hear.

“I promise.”

It was the sweetest goodbye of my life.

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