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A married couple worries about some news during the new year.

Submitted: December 31, 2013

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Submitted: December 31, 2013



“Happy New Year, dear,” the man said as he kissed his wife.  “It’s been a great 2013.”

“Happy New Year too, my love,” replied the wife as she smiled at him.

They were watching the fireworks on their window as they had their meal.  Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and some vegetable salad.  Good food, to say the least.  The wife never failed to cook good food, whether it was a New Year meal or just the regular hamburger.

“January 1, 2014.  Can’t believe time flies so fast,” said the husband.

“Yes.  And a couple of days from now we will have to go to the hospital, just in case you forgot the appointment with the doctor.  January 3,” the wife reminded him.  “We don’t have to worry about anything.  Just stay calm, dear.”

“I know,” replied the husband sadly.  “Why does it have to be so soon, I mean it’s the start of a new year.  There should be happiness, not anxiety.  Though I’m trying to be happy but two days from now is just too soon.  I’m was happy with you since the day we started having a proper conversation with each other.. And January 3?  Why not February or March?”

The wife did not reply, but he already seemed to know what she was thinking about.  The future.  The near future.  The changes that will happen depending on the news from the doctor’s office on the third of January.  Good news or bad news, what will happen afterwards?  Especially bad news.  Both of them finished their meals as the fireworks outside were dying down.  It was a little past twelve midnight and they were quite sleepy.  Maybe watch some TV before they sleep.  Watch some TV while talking to each other.  That was one thing they like about each other—no matter what the situation, they could just sit down and talk.  About anything.  The situation; how was work; what movie they want to watch.  Anything at all. 

As they sat on the couch to rest, the wife leaned her head on the soft pillow.  She held the remote control and turned the TV on to the news channel to look at the different places celebrating New Year.  They watched quietly at first, and then the wife began to talk.

“Isn’t it great, all these celebrations around the world?  I just love how they show those fireworks over the pyramids in Egypt.  Or London’s Tower Bridge.  Thank God for cable TV!”

“Yeah.  Nice fireworks,” smiled the husband.  “Those people must be all happy watching those in their countries.”

The wife, noticing the husband’s gloomy attitude, tried to make him feel better.

“You really should not worry about the news from the hospital two days from now.  Whatever happens, we still have each other.  You will always be my husband, and I will always be your wife.”

“I know,” replied the man.  And with that, the wife let her head lean on his shoulder.  She turned off the television and without noticing it, they both slept on the couch until the morning. 

The man, deep in his sleep had a vision.  A dream.  A dream that was so clear he thought he was actually walking on top of the clouds.  From a distance, also on the clouds, he saw his wife.  In the dream it was just the two of them in the vastness of the clouds and they slowly approached each other.  And as they met, they embraced tightly and kissed each other and said that they would love each other, no matter what happens.

As the first and second days of the new year passed by, the man was beginning to worry more.  He could not sleep and eat properly, and he felt as if he was losing his life on the days building up to January 3.  His wife wanted to cheer him up, but still, his heart felt heavy and gloomy.  They both took a leave from work on January 2, just to rest.  Anyway the visit to the doctor’s office would not take more than a couple of hours, said the husband.  They just talked about how they met.  Their first date.  The first movie they watched.  All the happy memories.  This made the husband even more gloomy, but at least they were together through everything.

On the day of the scheduled visit to the hospital, the husband, feeling quite uneasy but trying his best to keep calm, embraced his wife tightly.  As they entered the doctor’s office, both of them sat down and spoke to the doctor about the “verdict.”  They held hands as the sat in front of each other and both of them felt a little uneasy, no matter how positive both of them were.

“Hi, Phil, Michelle, how are you?”

“We’re good,” said Phil.  “Can’t help to feel a bit worried, but we’re fine.”

“That’s nice to hear,” replied the doctor. 

Phil and Michelle looked at each other, as if saying to one another “I love you.”  They have been through good times and not-so-good times, and they know that they can handle anything.  Phil was playing with Michelle’s hands, keeping both of them comfortable.

“Well, I have the results here,” the doctor said, pointing to the folder in front of her.  While saying that, she also turned her computer monitor toward the couple, wanting to show something.  Phil and Michelle were quite anxious now, and Michelle was about to break down.

“The thing is, as I checked the results over the past week, it showed no indication of a tumor at all.  It was a false alarm.  You are not sick, Michelle.” 

With that, Phil went on to embrace his wife.  They were so glad that it was very good news to begin the year and Michelle could not stop her tears of joy. 

“That’s good news, I guess,” smiled the doctor.  “Now you can leave me alone in my office because I want you to go on a date today.”  This led to laughter from the three of them as the couple left the doctor’s office.

“Thank you, Dr. Schmidt,” said Phil.

“My pleasure,” replied the doctor.

The couple felt so relieved that they did not know where to go or what to say to each other.  They knew though that this happiness they felt now could not be replaced. Ever.

“Let’s have brunch at the coffee shop over there,” said Phil, pointing right across the hospital.  Michelle nodded and smiled back at him.

As they were having their meal, Michelle suddenly asked Phil something.

“Why were you so worried the past few days?  I was the one whom the doctor thought had a tumor, not you.  I should have been the one who was more worried,” smiled Michelle.  “Why should you worry?  Even if I passed away because of my false alarm tumor, I’m sure you could definitely meet another woman,” she said shyly.

“The thought of losing you worried me the most.  I just could not live with that, I don’t know if I could even move on if I lose you.  I am just so glad that you are not sick,” said Phil.  “I promise to love you and take care of you as long as we live.”

“Me too,” said Michelle.  And she rested her head on his shoulder, smiling and feeling so blessed.

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