Adavance Scout #1

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A scout for a pending invasion, crashes near the Williams Farm in Iowa.

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



April, ‘13





Issue #1

By Robert Turner




New Life (Part 1)


Korr Taa

Waking up this morning on station dispatch #3320 with sadness, the same sadness I get every morning of a new assignment. Another planet to scout, to conquer, another culture destroyed, more beings taken slave by the Raque Empire, and to make it worse this time it’s a planet that my people of Tecto, from my planet of Tectan has visited in the past to share our ways, the ways of the warrior, of beliefs and of honor generations ago.

I sit up in bed look around my assigned living space on the station, others here decorated, and then there’s me. I don’t see the point leaving my walls empty. I don’t enjoy what I do and it’s not like I have a choice. There isn’t that freedom for us to choose what we want to do. I was put in the Advance Scout Department and that’s where I must be. The only one of my kind that was ever assigned here, Tecto’s are more suitable for their first line warriors. We train our whole lives in the Tecto-mec or the way of a Honorable warrior as it is normally called, a way my people have lived since the beginning of time, the only difference is now it’s being used for the Raque Empire to conquer the universe.

Well, time I get dressed and down to the Pod, I take my time before every departure, like I said I don’t enjoy doing this; seeing what cultures are and then watching it die is hard but that is all there is for us anymore. Taking the short walk from my living space to the pod my stomach turns knowing what I’m about to do again, but even more this time being that it is KoTin that I am being sent. One of the largest planets to hold life, the third planet in its nine planet solar system, my challenge piloting the Pod is an Asteroid Belt just outside the fourth plant for its star. I gear up and enter the pod like any other time. Over the communicator the sergeant comes over and starts the count down, then with a force only second to that of a pull of a black hole I was off, hitting the inter-spacial travel gate in just zintite from Station #3320, and with that I am off to a planet that just sixty generations ago my people traveled to as a free people, and like normal the stases takes effect just inside the gate.

I awaken from stases with my ship being rattled by small asteroids, “This is not right, why did the gate open me up in the asteroid belt. It was calculated to open 3 zintites before.” I grab the controls and set course for the KoTin and at the same time going manual to avoid best I can being hit by any more. Unfortunately luck is not on my side just as I set the coordinates of my landing spot my ship collides with one of the larger asteroids, everything goes black.


Eric Williams

Another day, another early morning, it’s times like these I miss being in school, time to get up and get down to have breakfast with the two old men, my Grandpop and my pop. The work is never done on a farm, we are like the post office no matter if there is rain, snow, heat, whatever the weather is we work, the big difference is that we don’t get the holiday’s or government days like Presidents day off like they do, oh and it’s a lot more work.

After breakfast the two old men and I head out, stopping at the barn to give the cows and pigs a quick feeding before heading out to the fields. Its fall, time to harvest the corn. Oh how it is to be a farmer in Iowa, I’d rather be a rancher in Texas or somewhere minus the cold. Four hours in to the day, we are talking nine in the morning something streaking through the sky catch’s my eye. I watch as it flies through the sky leaving a tail of smoke behind it, now normally I wouldn’t think anything of it except this thing was getting larger in the sky and as it flew over me it shook the tractor and I stopped the tractor and continued to watch it, until I lost sight of it behind the tree lines in Grandpop’s back forty acres that was to swampy to farm. I might have lost sight of it, but I saw a dust cloud explode into the air. I pick up my cell and give my dad a call, who was up at the barn with Grandpop, “Hey, Dad I think a plane or Satellite just crashed in the back forty.” “I heard something, Eric stay put me and Grandpa are on our way.” My dad’s truck about ten minutes later comes tearing up outside of the field on the road we made to get around the farm with vehicles. As they pull up to about where I was Grandpop rolled down his window and yelled for me to jump in the back with my sister. Emily, just two years younger didn’t have classes at the University today. Must have been in the barn with the two, I jump in the bed of the truck where my sister was already sitting.

We drove as far into the back forty as we could, and didn’t see anything, so we decided to go the rest of the way on foot. I knew it shouldn’t be too hard to find what crashed but I never thought we would find what we ended up finding. A real life space craft, at first my pops thought maybe it was an escape pod from the space station, although not American the writing on the side was like nothing we ever saw before. “Maybe it’s Russian.” My pops guessed, of course my Grandpop’s shot that down, “Son that isn’t Russian, I never seen writing like that before and I have seen Russian.” Pops, Grandpops, and I stand back from the craft wondering, debating what it could be when the three of us hear from the other side of the craft my sister Emily yell, “Dad, come here there’s someone inside injured. I see them through the broken part of the ship.”


Emily Williams

As dad, grandpa, and older brother argued as what this bullet shaped thing as big as my dad’s truck was I decided to make my way to the other side, I noticed when I got there a big chunk of the thing was busted open, inside there was sparks flying and someone in a space suite, I noticed he was still breathing and badly injured so I called to my Dad. The three of them made there way over to where I was and we managed to get the guy out of what we can see now is some kind of craft. We carefully set him just out side of the craft, not wanting to move him to much worrying we could do more damage then good, Eric calls 911 on his cell as dad and I carefully take of the guys helmet to check the guy out best we could, what we found shocked us both, he looked very human but is skin was more a dark gray like ash, his hair as white as snow looked more like actual straw then hair being it was thicker and harder then our hair, seeing what we seen dad looks at Eric and tells him, “Eric hang up the phone,” Eric at the time had his cell in the air moving it around, “I don’t have a signal out here anyway dad.” My dad then looked at my brother and me and told us to stay here with the guy, as he and my grandfather walked of a little way off. As they walked off my brother walked over to where I was and saw what shocked us. “Dude what the hell is that?” “I don’t know Eric, but whatever it is we can’t just leave him out here to die.” A few moments pass before my father and grandfather return, “Ok kids we are going to carefully take him, to the truck and up to the farm and put him on that cot in the shed, Emily you and your mother are going to do what you can for this poor soul. Grandpa will stay there with you just to be safe. Eric you and I will come back out here and get his ship and take out to the old barn we don’t use anymore to hide it. I consider calling someone but who knows what anyone will do with him if they get there hands on him. We must do the Christian thing and do the best we can do for him and not tell anyone about him. Do you two understand me?” Dad asked us, “Yeah Dad” I told him proudly my brother’s jaw still on the ground just nodded in agreement. We then carefully pulled off dads plain.


Korr Taa

I came too just in time to see Land approaching, all the alarms going off letting me know that I was about to crash, so I acted as fast as I could trying to slow the pod down as much as I could, I was successful to slow it down so as not to completely destroy my pod and of course me inside, but I knew it was going to hurt no matter what, last thing I saw before it all went black was large brown and green vegetation.

Next thing I know I’m having beings that look a lot like my kind, just the skin color was a bit off. I noticed that before it all went black, actually I was only getting bits and pieces of what was happening, cause the next time I opened my eyes my helmet was off and I was staring up at a blue sky with white clouds, and was in something moving, thinking a ground vehicle since if felt so bumpy, next moment I’m in some kind of structure with two long haired of their species standing over me and an older short haired one standing off to the side holding something.


Greg Williams Jr.

It’s been three days since the crash and the alien is still unconscious, the ship hidden away in an old barn not in use anymore, and no one has been around, causing trouble looking for any of this. I decided to head to the shed and eat my lunch and take over watch of the alien. Emily my daughter and Mary Ann my wife joined me, as we were finishing my lunch my father Greg Sr. walks in coffee in hand, and it was like he timed it perfectly, just as he sat at the table we were at the alien began to move, and I mean more then the little movement we have seen the last three days, my daughter and wife sprung up from their chairs to the side of the alien using all the know to check on him, most of which was guessing being it wasn’t human, and not only did he open his eye’s he sat up and looked down touching the bandages covering the areas he was injured, then looking up taking time to look at all of us he seemed to try to talk “Keen New ga toe lon knee” then hitting his chest he finishes with “Korr Taa” no idea what he was trying to say although I think he said his name is Taa at the end of it cause he did hit his chest before like to say I’m Taa. My father behind me has made his way to the gun in the corner of the room and has it ready to defend his family. As I looked back to see dad grab for his gun I missed something cause as I looked back I heard my wife scream and my daughter Emily on the floor. The alien looked up at us and with words we understand tells us, “I mean you no harm, I didn’t hurt this one I touched, I just made a mind link to learn how to speak in your words.” With that Emily sat up “Dad I’m fine just a little felt like it took my breath for second.” Alien looked at us and says “like I said I mean you no harm, I took a risk and hoped you would not take action on me, but it was a worthy risk so that we would understand each other, I like to introduce myself I am Korr Taa.”

End Part One

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