Adavance Scout #3

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As Korr Taa is settling in on earth with the Williams.

Submitted: June 19, 2013

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Submitted: June 19, 2013



June, ‘13




Issue #3 

By R.D. Turner

Edited by

Nicole Wolfe


New Life (Part 3)

Korr Taa

I slept pleasantly for the first time in my life since being with my family, before knowing of the horror that is working for the Raque empire. Last night I spent a wonderful evening with Daughter Emily, just talking. It was nice, I mostly just listened, I learned a lot like that this was a farm were they work hard and for many hours, I also learned that Daughter Emily was studying to be what she called a Veterinarian. I wanted to share my stories with her but I just couldn’t bring myself to say anything about what I have seen or why I came here. I was awoken by voices of the Williams Clan walking by to start there day of work. So I sprung out of bed and decided I would try to lend a hand, opening the door I asked the voices walking by, “Could you use my assistants, Greg Junior?” I must have surprised him as he just looked at me for a moment, “Sure Korr Taa you can tag along with my son Eric today.” I was pleased that I could try and help the beings that helped me, “Greg Junior would you take me to my ship today?” “Yes, Korr Taa someone’ll take you down later, in fact I will have Emily take you down to the old barn after she gets back from school. Now Korr Taa Eric is in the house finishing up breakfast if you’d like to get something to eat you can meet him in the house get a bite to eat then get to work with him.” I nodded in agreement and headed to the house, I walked in and Son Eric was at the table eating and Wife Mary Ann was at the cooking device, neither noticed I entered, so I must stand in the doorway until invited in as Tecto custom dictates. From the other side of the room entered Daughter Emily, as she saw me she smiled and as I saw the smile a little warmth came over me. “Korr Taa, why don’t you join me for some breakfast” she asked me, as she acknowledge me Wife Mary Ann and Son Eric both were surprised to see me standing there. “I would love to join you Daughter Emily, but Greg Junior only wants me to get a bite of food before I join Son Eric on his day of work.” Son Eric didn’t seem pleased to hear that I was working with him, “Wait dad said you were going to work with me today?” Son Eric asked me. “Yes he told me to come in and get a bite of food then to join you, so Wife Mary Ann may I have this bite of food so I can get busy”. Wife Mary Ann than turns and hands me a dish full of food, “Here Korr Taa sit down at the table and eat.” “Wow that’s a huge bite of food Wife Mary Ann, you can take that down in a bite?” with my question the three of them looked at me and seemed overjoyed by what I was saying as they made a noise that gave the impression of Joy. “Korr Taa a bite to eat is just a saying we use, my husband was just trying to tell you to get something to eat.” I didn’t understand fully but I took the dish I was given and sat at the table with Son Eric and Daughter Emily. “Greg Junior also told me that once you get back today Daughter Emily that you would take me to the ship.” “Ok, Korr Taa when I get back from class I’ll come find you and take you down to the old barn.” Emily smiled again and I found myself hoping the smile was at the thought of spending time with me.


Emily Williams

Driving home from classes today I found I couldn’t wait to get home and take Korr Taa to his ship, the excitement of seeing the alien ship with the alien was just running through my body all day. Maybe today I can hear some of his stories of the grand adventures he was on, in his life time. The things he must have seen, and part of me just couldn’t wait just to see him. Once home I went in the house, changed out of my good clothes into my work clothing then set off to find were Eric and Korr Taa was. On my way out of the house I ran into my dad, “Hey Hun how was class today?” “Same old same old Dad” “Ah, well I told Korr Taa that you would take him down to the old barn when you got home, he is with Eric over putting hay in the loft.” Well guess I didn’t have to search dad made it easy and with that I headed down to the hay Barn. When I got down there I see Eric sitting there at the door way of the hay barn, figured they must be on a break. As I got closer I heard what sounded like Eric trying to explain to Korr Taa what certain things mean. Once to the Barn I noticed Eric may have been on break but Korr Taa wasn’t, he was picking up the Hay bales and throwing them up into the loft like he was pitching a soft ball. “So your going to let Korr Taa do all the work as you sit here?” Eric just looked back at me and replies, “I started off helping but frankly I was slowing him down. No joke, look at how fast he is going.” “Yes, Daughter Emily I asked if Son Eric would remove himself, I wasn’t trying to be mean but I work at a faster rate then without him. I am almost done just these two more bales and we can head to the barn Daughter Emily.” Korr Taa said, “He really did ask me to get out of his way, and who am I to stand in anyone’s way. You know sis I thought the old man was nuts to have him work with me today but he made everything go faster, he’s even a fricken cow whisperer. He stood there looked them in the eye touched there forehead and told them to do something and they listened like a dog takes orders, couldn’t believe it, Pops and Grandpops couldn’t believe it neither.” Korr Taa then throws the last to bales up into the loft and walked over to me, as he did I saw him smile for the first time, it was nice almost like he was smiling at me and that sent a shiver of happiness through my bones.

Korr Taa was awful quite on our way down to the barn, I gave him time to talk as the night before I really didn’t I did all the talking, not really sure what came over me but I just couldn’t stop telling him stuff last night, so not to make him think that I like to do all the talking I gave him all the time to talk and he didn’t say a word, maybe he is just the quite type. At the old Barn I open the big sliding door and there sat the ship, as soon as he saw it Korr Taa moved towards it looking at the damage. After about an hour of looking it over he grabs what to me looks like a duffle bag. I was surprised to see that as I guess the duffle bag is universal, he fills it up with a lot of electronic things that I of course didn’t have an idea what they do also it seemed it had clothing already partly filled. The last thing he grabbed also was recognizable to me. I swear it looked like a sword like in my brothers Japanese’s ninja or samari films. “Ok Daughter Emily this is all I could salvage” Korr Taa says as he closes the bag, which by the way just closed at his touch no zipper or anything. “Daughter Emily don’t worry this” holding the sword “isn’t something to fear, yes it’s a weapon and yes I am affective with this but I mean you no harm with it. You see in our culture this is what the child is given by his elders on his last day of child hood.” With that he hooks the sword on his closed duffle bag and swings the whole load over his shoulder.


Korr Taa

Once I got my equipment to where I am staying I asked Daughter Emily if I could be alone, and she just smiled and left me to myself. In what the Williams clan calls the Shack I open up my bag and take out the Mec Meg, a small device that fits comfortably around the wrist silver in color looking like jewelry when in reality it holds an artificial intelligence. It was damaged in the crash, and I need to get it working as it is the one piece of equipment that does almost everything you would need. That’s why I grabbed all the rest of the devices and parts of the ship I could, to use as parts to repair my scanner. I get to work and luckily it wasn’t as bad off as I assumed as I got it working in a short time. “Greetings Korr Taa of Tectan.” Still working “Glad to see you are still working my friend.” “recalculating…. On the planet designated Kotin….. wrong destination on Planet Kotin…. Ship crashed damaged beyond repair….. Korr Taa Station #3320 as tried to connect with us many times, would you like me to respond now?” “No Tec lets not, turn off all tracers and never establish connection.” “Tracers are not active, although location was sent to station #3320 before crash.” “Tec are you tracking any ships in area?” “Scanning……. No singles of anything not foreign to the planet outside ours.” Good maybe Kotin isn’t a thought for now, I know it won’t stay that way, Kotin may not be on there radar again for another generation or two.


3 months later

Korr Taa

After another day of hard work I sit down with the family for dinner, as we eat I look around at the table and a great joy comes over me. As this family that didn’t know who I was just took me in and made me apart of there family. The connection I have made with each of them has been the most pleasant thing since the days I spent with my own family. No connection then the one I have shared with Emily, how silly I felt when she finally told me that Daughter wasn’t really a title that need to be said in front of her name, have spent most nights in my new living space, that they call the basement, talking and sharing with Emily. The connection I had made with her is the greatest connection I have ever made. After dinner Emily and I went for a walk down to the stream, we sat on a large rock that was near the stream and we had another nice chat when in the middle of she lend over placing her head on my shoulder, at that moment I got the warmest feeling all through my body then catching me off guard she kissed me, there was not words I know that can explain what came over me. The most wonderful night of my life, on the walk back to the house she held my hand we said our good nights and went our separate ways, once in my living space, I posted everything in Tec which I have been doing since he became active again, just in case one day I get the chance to share my stories here on Kotin with my family, although I can see I may always miss the family I was born too I will not miss my new family that is why tonight I will perform the ritual of Judunk, were I shed my connection to my god Boen’s gift the hair that we grow from birth to death. I must shed my hair as I shed my connection to the way of my people and accept my new Life here on Kotin.



“Station #3320 this is Mic-May I have broken through the comet belt and will be arriving on Kotin in 1 Parc Zintite. Once there I will find what happened to Scout Korr Taa and complete his job.”


Conclusion of New Life

Next: Arrival of Mic Mayy

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