The Green Hat Issue #2

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Our Story, moves on as Jackie Tate the looks for them man that's causing the problems for his Red Punk Gangs. Green Hat continues to clean the streets up.

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013






May, 13’




The Green Hat

Issue #2

By RD Turner

The Hunt Part 1




Abandon Factory 2:00 am

In a abandon factory, a mans arms tied to a meat hook, he hangs just with the tip of his toes touching the ground which next to him sits a car battery and jumper cables, he has spots that looks like burn spots all over him also is has light cuts all over bloody and bruised. In the back ground a black BMW with its lights shines lighting up the place, standing next to the hanging man stands another man in a fine black suite, red dress shirt with black neck tie and black sun glasses, his arms hung to his sides. A few feet from the hanging man with is back to him stands the man called Jackie Tate, in his black suite, red dress shirt long red neck tie with white cross on it. The end of a cigarette lights up as he sucks the smoke in to his lung, then his left hand grabs the cigarette out of his mouth and drops it down in front of him he steps on the cigarette, still holding the smoke he in haled in his lungs, then after just a few moments he exhales along the smoke leave his lungs, Jackie then turns to face the man hanging from the meat hook, and as he turns you see in his right hand he holds a machete. Jackie begins to walk towards the hanging man.

“Now I told you this was getting old, you denying knowing anything, so I was only going to give you until I finished my joint to fucking tell me what you knew, and you don’t say a word.”

“That’s because I don’t know anything Mr. Tate!” the hanging man replies

By this time Jackie is standing right in the face of the hanging man,

“Oh really, So isn’t Detective Jackson not on the case?” Jackie asked in his thick European accent

“Yes he is,” he replies

“And are you not the man the assigned to work with him, Officer” Jackie ask as he places the machete against the face of the hanging man.

“I am yes B-but,” comes says the officer before Jackie interrupts him,

“So you am I suppose to believe that the police don’t know a fucking thing about this man in the Green Hat?”

“That’s right Mr. Tate”

Jackie just closes his eyes for a moment then he moves his neck in a way to crack his neck, he then open’s his eyes and replies,

“Well then, I hope they find your fucking head for your funeral, if not guess it will have to be a closed casket” with that he in on motion slices the machete across the neck of the officer. The machete only cutting half way the neck of the man blood shots every were including on Jackie Tate’s suite, Jackie drops the machete looks at the blood that landed on his suite and turns to his associate and says,

“Guess they won’t have an issue finding his head, I thought for sure I could make it all the way through, Leave him lets get my jacket to the cleaners get his god damn blood of my suite and figure out who the Fuck this man in the green hat is.”

Jackie Tate then walks to back door of his BMW with his Associate just in front of him, who opens the door for Jackie to get in the car; the associate then shuts the door and gets into the driver seat. The car then pulls off and as it leaves the factory darkens with barley any light, so little that the dark covers the horror that just took place.

Fast Stop Market 2:45 pm

The clerk at the fast stop Market sits be hind his counter reading the paper, not having to pay to close attention as there is only a single individual in the store at that time, and that one individual is Detective Bret Jackson of the Clear Water Police Department Gang Unit who is in the shop every day, today he is trying to decide between the Fast Stop Hot Dog or the Fast Stop Burrito, when busting through the doors of the store is three members of the Red Punks, all in red hooded shirts with the hoods up, red bandana’s cover there faces below the eyes, one wearing Jeans, one with black cargo shorts on and the third wearing grey sweat pants. The one with jeans has a pistol the one in the shorts holding a shotgun the third man also has a pistol and a red pillow case.

“This is a stick up we want all the cash in the cash register.” Hearing this detective Jackson drops to the floor hiding behind one of the snake cake displays and the end of the shelving units, looking through the opening between the shelves to assess the situation.

“well don’t seem they noticed me, now how can I get the drop on them,” Detective Jackson wonders to himself, then to not be seen he slides down out of sight, before having time to think he hears, “Surrender, before you get hurt” looking around the corner of the display again and sees the Three Red Punk members stop in the tracks as the are now joined in the store by a man in a fine black suite, white dress shirt, green bow tie, black cloth covering the hole head and hands, a green top hat sitting on his head, and holding a cane. The guy with the shotgun takes a shot and the Green Hated man just spins out of the way, the shot gun blast exploding the cigarette case, in what seemed like one motion the man in the Green Hate kicks the pistol out of the man wearing the jeans hand striking the man in the chest with the shocking end of his cane rendering him unconscious, and avoiding a second shotgun blast, that this time sends lotto tickets flying everywhere, throwing his cane at the guy with the shotgun striking him in the throat and at the same time hitting a successful leg sweep on the man he just kicked the pistol of the hand off, following the leg sweep in a seamless fluid motion bringing his right hand over striking the man in jeans in the throat making him gasp for air. The green hated man then springs in to the air landing on his feet next to the man with the shotgun who was just pulling the trigger for a third shot but the cane hitting him in the throat took him by surprise just enough that the Green Hated man got the jump on him kicking the shotgun as he shot making the third shot to the ceiling, as bits and pieces of the ceiling falls on the head of the man with the shotgun, the green hated man grabs the shotgun out of the hand tossing it a few aisles over, following that with a stiff left kick to the punks gut and grabbing the back of his head and forcing it down introducing the punks face to his the green hated mans right Knee.

With the three men seeming out of action the Detective pops up with gun drawn just in time to see the green hated man grab his cane tip his hat to him and disappear out the door faster than the Detective has ever seen a man move. The Detective runs out the door after the Green Hated man and just gets out three steps when realizing he already lost him. So he turns back into the store, seeing the Green Hated mans Card in the door grabs the card and turns his attention to the three Red Punk gang members and detains them until back up can return to take the Punks into custody.

CWPD 3 rd Floor Gang Unit 4:04 pm

Detective Jackson sits at his desk on his computer looking through what he has on the green hat, The phone rings and the Detective answers, “Detective Jackson Gang Unit,” “Detective this is Lieutenant Fisher down in booking, those three robbery suspects you had brought in, I don’t think they were there to actually rob the place.” With wonder in his voice Detective Jackson ask, “I was there they were defiantly robbing the place, what else would they have wanted.” The voice on the other side of the phone answers, “Well we found and envelop down the one guys pocket, they were paid to capture a target the picture of the target is you sir. I’m no Detective but I believe they followed you in there to take you.” “Alright, thanks for the update,” Detective replies and hangs up the phone and gets up from the desk. Detective Jackson then walks to the Captains office and knocks on the door, from the other side of the door the Captain Yells “Come on in Jackson.” Detective Jackson then enters the office and shuts the door behind him, and makes a motion to a chair, like to ask if he could have a seat. “Yeah sit down Jackson, what do you have on your mind?” “Well sir, just got a call from booking and they told me those men I detained at the market today, may not have been there to rob the joint, they told me they found evidence that they were there to capture me. Now when it was going down I believed that they didn’t even know I was in there, I was way off on that one Cap.”  The Captain sits back in his chair with a puzzled look then says, “Well what dose someone want with a detective from the gang unit?” “Well Cap I have put away a lot of there brothers, since coming to the Gang unit two years ago I’ve been putting Red punks away left and right.” The Detective mentions, “Yes but why now, what’s different now?” Captains ask and only get a shoulder shrug back from the Detective. Captain picks up his phone and dials a couple of numbers, “Sergeant, send Wayborn and Cline to my office.” Then hangs up the phone, “Wayborn and Cline Cap, How can they help?” the Detective ask, “ I’m having them on protection duty and they will be with you every step you make,” Rolling his eyes Detective Jackson replies, “Cap I do-” “It’s not a request Jackson, this is one of those orders I make sometimes.”

Green Hat Hide Away 6:00 pm

The ,am that wears the Green hat, sits on the bed eating his army rations, logged on that briefcase computer, <Another hard fought day on the streets, the Green Hat’s job doesn’t ever seen to be done. Abe I think it’s time for me Steven Trout to become a member of the Clear Water Community.> then he types a few random letters and numbers and enters enter, <Sending….> appears on the screen, he then shuts the computer throws the container he was eating his food into the trash and turns on the TV.

On the TV is a breaking News story, “I am Kim Yu of channel 6 news, we have a developing story, as one of Clear Water’s Finest was found dead, with signs of torture hanging in this abandoned factory, the name of the officer has not been released just yet, stay tuned to Channel 6 News, the Bay area’s number one News...” TV goes black as the man who wears the Green Hat turns off the TV. “Give the police time to vacate the area then the Green Hat will do his investigation.

© Copyright 2017 RD Turner4. All rights reserved.

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