Green Hat #1 "Lets get to Work" (Story block "origins")

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Citizens of Clearwater are sad, broken, and beaten down with the vale of Darkness of crime over the heads. What they don't know is a new day, a new light, a new hope has just arrived to help bring them to a new era and try and give them peace.




May' 15

Story Block


Story by R.D. Turner

Art by Erin Honeycutt





“Let's get to work”


“Crime and bad lives are the measure of a State’s failure, all crime in the end is the crime of the




Just outside the City by the Bay Grill, one of the more popular spots to eat off the Clearwaters Pier, a nice couple that looks to be in there seventies are out to get some lunch, as they do daily since finding out about the testicular cancer. Their nice day is interrupted by three members of the gang called the Red Punks, One walking slightly in front of the other two. With a bright red Mohawk, black jeans and black leather vest no shirt underneath. A chain runs from his left nostril nose ring to his left ear ring. Two behind him both wearing black jeans & black shirts, one has a red bandanna around his neck and the other wearing a red hoodie.

“Look what he have here” the one with the mohawk says, “a nice looking old couple.... I bet you two grew old together... well do you two want to keep growing older together...” he finishes with a smile on his face and showing he has a gun in his pants that was covered by the vest.

“Please young man take our money... Just don't... Hurt my wife or I..” the old man seeing the gun pleads.

“Well me and my pals here want more then your money old man... we wannnnnt.... hmmmm..... to be entertained, so tell you what you two follow us down this ally so it is just a show for us three and we will let you go no harm to come to you or your old bitch.” the three gang members laugh.

Not having a choice the old couple follows the three down the ally keeping very quite, the three gang members lead them to a dumpster where they point to a spot on the wall at the end of the dumpster that faces further into the ally.

“Stand there, so no one sees what is going on and gets hurt trying to play hero.... what am I talking about this is Clearwater” the man with the Mohawk looks at his companies and ask, “Now how can these two entertain us..... Let us thi.....”

“Why don't you let these two go and entertain yourselves with me.” comes from a deep manly voice just above on the fire escape, there stands a man in a black full body suit that looks to be taken right out of the comics that covers from head to toes not showing one inch of skin. Also wearing a forest green trench coat and a slightly brighter green fedora on head, the man leaning on a black cane with a round gold top.

The three gang members stand there with looks on there face that showed that they didn't know how to react to this,

“Who in the hell....... What the...... Who the Fuck do you think you are?” the gang member with Mohawk ask with a snicker.

“I think I am the one to show you some fun.” the man in the green fedora replies as he jumps over the rail of the fire escape landing in the ally next to the man with the Mohawk. Who stands there with his two fellow members stunned that he jumped down.

“Now let the fun begin,” the man in the green hat says as he reaches and grabs the chain hooked to the nose of the Mohawk one, ripping the chain of the face with enough force that the nose ring and ear ring rip right out.

“AHHHHHHH! You Son of a Bitch.......” yells the punk with a mohawk grabbing his nose the Mohawk orders “Kill that son of a bitch,”

The man with the bandanna pulls out a knife and charges the man with the green hat on his head the one with the Hoodie reaches for his gun.

The man in the Green Hat avoids the Knife as it is thrust towards him and grabs the arm just below the elbow of the arm that is holding the knife and using the punks own momentum against him he slings the punk with the red bandanna into the the the punk in the red hoodie who just was beginning to aim. The impact between the two made the knife and the gun fly out of reach. The punk with the Mohawk only focusing on his own pain till this moment see's his comrades starting to get off the ground looks up at the Man with the green hat with a look of anger and charges him himself. The man with the green hat side steps and places the cane out just far enough that it trips the charging Punk.

The punks that were thrown together now back to their feet have different ideas, as the one with the red bandanna charges after the man with the Green Hat as the one with the Red Hoodie goes for the gun that he threw when one of his partners in crime were flung in his direction.

As the Bandanna punk gets to the man in the Green Hat he begins to throw jabs but his punches are meet by blocking blows by the man in the green hat, who after several blocked blows again grabs the Punks arm and whips it behind the Punk until their was a hug crack noise. By this time Mohawk was back into the fight but like the other ever thrown punch was blocked by the man in the Green hat. Once a opening was seen the man in the green hat slams the ball end of the cane into the back of the knee of the Mohawked punk, sending him to the knee and followed with the man in the green hat's knee meeting the back of the punks head.

Now in another part of the ally the punk with the red Hoodie finally finds his gun but by time he picks it up and lifts it up to aim the man in the green hat made up some of the distance and knocks it out of his hand again with a well placed blow from the gold ball on the top of the cane that was thrown at him for that purpose, which the man in the green hat followed it up with a flying elbow to the punks face which made him end up on the ground again. This time green hat pulled two zip ties out of his trench coat, one he zipped tied the punks arms behind him and the other zip tying his feet together, at a speed of a rodeo roper.

With one taken out of the fight the man in the green hat stands up and looks over the other two and getting a lay of the land, like a chess player looking for his next move. With the punk wearing the red bandanna on both his knees hold his shoulder that the man in the green hat snapped and the punk in the Mohawk motionless on the ground, the man with the green hat takes a breath and slowly walks to the other two starting with the guy with the hurt shoulder and zip ties his arms and feet and repeats the process with the knocked out punk with the Mohawk.

Once the Punks are taken care of the man with the green hat approaches the old couple who stayed there during the hole thing to scared to move.

Tipping his hat to the couple he says, “You two are now safe, law enforcement is on there way so I bet after you answer a few of their questions you can be on your way.”

the Man in the green hat then turns and begins his walk towards the fire escape.

“Thank you young man be safe” comes from the elderly woman as the man in the green hat jumps up grabbing the bottom step of the fire escape he slings himself up to the first landing of it and at top speed he gets to the top of the building where again he looks at the old couple takes off his green hat and gives them a bow before placing the hat back on his head and vanishing out of there sight.

The man with the Green hat on top of the building and out of view of all on the streets below places his left hand to his left ear,

“Wheels how long till the cops arrive”, he ask

“Responding unit is 5 minutes out Max,” a voice answers back.

“Good keep a eye on the situation...... where to next?” the Man in the green hat ask,

“Will do and Albert says to take a breath you are in the clear at this moment..... but we are keeping a eye out for any other trouble and will let you know” the voice in the ear comes back

Not one to sit still the man in the green hat decides he will keep moving so he will be ready for the next encounter but has he is leaping from on roof top to another and and running the length of the next roof top to leap to the next his mind starts to think back, to just a year ago when he was a United states Marine and the few hours leading up to his last mission.


It was in the middle east he was the Captain Maxwell Fisher, the mission to go in and clear out a cave of insurgents. Captain Fisher had 4 men under his command, and was proud Marine, this was his final days of this enlistment and he was planing to relist after this mission. Max and his men are sitting around in a group relaxing, bullshiting before it was time to gear up.

“So Cap, what are you going to do when you get back state side?” First Lieutenant Rutherford ask,

“Well I am going to take in a Bills game, I miss going to the games.” Max answers with a smile

As First Lieutenant Rutherford the from the Boston area was a Patriots fan, a rival of the Bills.

“Cap, what are we getting ourselves into this time?” a worried Sergeant Trick ask

“We are doing something our country is asking us to do, we are solders we do not question our order we just do” replies Max

“I don't Cap I have a bad feeling this time.... I mean I'm not questioning anything just a bad feeling” Sergeant Trick responds back,

“Hey Trick, you are not alone the five of us have been together for a long time, we are a family. Trust your training trust your family and we will get through this just like the last hundred times.” Max replies trying to re insure all his men.

That memory makes Max stop in his track on the edge of a roof, he mumbles to himself “Trick I should have trusted your feeling more.”

The man in the Green hat, Max takes a breath and begins his running and leaping building to building patrolling Clearwater.


On the other side of town in a mansion stands a man looking out a large pain window. This man is wearing the finest black suit with a silk red tie. His hair so fine and short that he almost looks bald, clean shaved, you would think he was just another high paid businessman if it wasn't for how he held himself just looking at him you could see he is a dangerous man the instant intimidation factor just pulses off this man.

“Master Tate, The man you were waiting on has arrived” a servant says,

The man in the fine suit, Tate with out saying a word turns and heads into the dinning room where there are five other men in fine suites spread out with backs just of the walls. One man also in a fine suit standing to the closet chair to the door where Tate was entering. The dinning table was long enough to accommodate eight on each side and one at each end. Standing in front of a seat at the far end is a man wearing a fine black silk shirt with top of the line leather jacket the man has long black hair and skin almost as white as snow. He is flanked but two men in cheaper looking suits.

“Master Tate, it is a pleasure to finally meet such a powerful and dangerous man.” comments the man all in black

“Yes, well now that I am established over her Don-Jo, it was time for me to meet this man that I am told has all the ears of whomever you need.” answers Tate in a Eastern European accent. Tate unbuttons his jacket to sit more comfortable in his chair as he does sit a gimps of a gun holster is seen.

“Master Tate I have connections in everything you may need and I don't know the right people I do know the people that know them and no one.... I mean no one turns away from Don-Jo.” answers the man very smugly.

“Yes, well I heard something like that.... umm so you have the man I need to make sure the job is done?” ask Tate

“Of course, he is arriving in Cape town right now to personally escort it here.” Don-Jo replies

“Excellent, well lets eat to celebrate this fine new friendship... Bring on my mothers Fish Eye Soup” Tate demands but with the name of it makes the man standing to the left of Don-Jo cringe. Tate seeing this looks at Don-Jo and says, “Why don't your men have a seat and join us?” no sooner is the request is out of his mouth does the man who cringed shake his head no. “Oh I see my favorite dish is to delegate for your American stomach hmmm.... My Mothers recipe not good enough for your fucking American snobbish eating ways.” With that Tate Stands and as he gets up he grabs his golden gun out of the holster and without seeming to aim shoots it just as it gets to the air, then he slams it on the table as he sits again. The man who cringed then falls to the ground dead of a bullet that hit him between the eyes.

“As I was saying why doesn't your men.... I mean Man join us. As my men clean up the mess.” Tate says.

Don-Jo last man sits at the table awaiting the food. The man standing next to Tate leans down and says also in a eastern European accent,”Jackie I thought we were working on that temper.”

smiling Tate responds “Yeah I will start tomorrow.... You know me best old friend and that I could not stand for, denying my mothers famous soup without even trying it. All he had to do is take one bite if he didn't like it....”

“You would have Shot him where he sat.” Interrupts the man to his side.

“Well like I said you know me best.” Tate replies with a smile.


The Man in the green hat, Max not having anymore issues that day joined his team back at there headquarters coming through a entrance that leads from the sewer. There to meet him is a man in his forties nice looking man with a nice blue suit clean shaved his black hair just parted slightly to the left. He looks almost like a high society man from Britain just the way he looks and hold himself.

“Well first good day on the job Max” The fine dress fellow says with no British accent.

“Not much happening out there Al.... Did wheels get anything on this Red Punk gang?” ask Max who is now hanging is hat on the wall and starting to undo Velcro on the back of his neck so he can pull the mask part of his uniform over his head.

“Go ask him yourself, he is at his work station with Julie” Al answers back

Max then places his cane in a slot in the wall that is one of 6 slots and hangs up his trench coat. He then peels his uniform down to his waist as if fits almost like a wet suit that covers from head to toe and a little thicker. Max then heads into the situation room, that looks more like a rec room, with kitchen like area to the far side a pool table in the middle a nice couch that have soft looking recliners on either side and a big screen TV hanging on the wall the in the far corner is a computer set up that any computer geek would dire for. With twenty monitors and three key boards and enough gadgets it takes up the whole Large corner of the room. There sits a a guy in a wheel chair with dreadlocks to his shoulders glasses and wearing a t-shirt that reads “I live and Die by the roll of my 20 sider” next to him a Stunning twenty year old brunette girl wearing a blue dress.

“Wheels, Julie what did you find out?” ask Max

“Well, it was only four years ago that there where three gangs that ruled the streets of Clearwater, with the three gangs fighting among themselves the cops had a easier time keeping the law. Then something happened and the three gangs became the red punks the only gang in town. Now working together it seems the cops just couldn't keep up so some gave up and got lazy or became dirty.” the guy in the wheel chair they call Wheels answers

“Yeah and there are only a few good cops still in Clearwater, and stranger thing is some how even though Clearwater is the worst crime ridden city in a America it is staying off everyone's radar. Never making a list or being brought up by anyone anywhere.” added the young lady named Julie

“Well keep digging, and keep a eye on the city...” Max says as he begins to walk off then turns back and counties “Hey good work, get me if I am need I'm going to get some shut eye” then walks out of the room.

“Dad, the group want full reports as soon as possible,” Julie tells Al

“Thanks Hun, I'll get right to them now.” Al responds kisses his daughter on the top of the head and heads to his office.


At a the Clearwater university a professor walks out the door with a box of his belongings. He stands at the stairs in front of the university taking in the view of the campus by himself.

“Clearwater has not heard the last of Mick Cane, It is only how much time will go by!”

He says with a smile, He then walks off with a ticking noise coming from him.


End of #1


Look for

Story Block “Origins”

Green Hat #2 “TICK”


May 19th, 2015

Submitted: May 01, 2015

© Copyright 2022 RDTurner . All rights reserved.

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