The Camp of Outcasts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Will be updated as is written. This book is about a land called Reach it has 4 Reaches, Ground Reach, Water Reach, Under Reach, and Sky Reach. If you recognize any of those please do not get mad I had no idea if any of the names were taken. It involves the adventures of many friendly characters! There is some language so parental guidance is advised.

Arion Chpt. 1


Arion was a boy walking through a town looking for a place to stay, being an outcast he was wandering Ground Reach, in desperate search for food, shelter, and someone to care. He continued walking down the main street when he saw a man in all black robes looking at him from above on a building. He dismissed it and kept walking down the street but after a few minutes he saw him again this time on the other side. He called out,

“Hey! You! Why are you following me?”

The man ducked behind the building and ran, Arion decided to just follow him since he had nowhere else to go. He followed the man until he ducked into an inn window. He ran into the inn and the inn keeper ran up to him,

“Hello! Come you need room yes?” Before Arion even had time to answer the innkeeper was being dragged up the steps to a room when he was up there he saw the man walk into a room “This is your room!” He points to the room the man went in.

“But someone else was there!”

“Don’t be ridiculous! go in!” He ran down the steps and was off.

Arion reluctantly entered the room and saw nothing, he heard a door close and whirled his head around seeing the door latch. He slowly walks over and opens the door. When he walks in the closet closes and Arion opens the door.

“Hi.” A low voice says

“Why were you watching me?” Arion asks

“Well it didn’t look like you knew what you were doing, or where you were going so i decided to follow you and see how it turned out.”

“Well-” He interrupted by the yelling of a man.


“Oh no!” The Man in the robes says “You gotta hide me!”

“Why would I do that?” Arion asks

“Because otherwise I’ll kill you.” He holds a knife to Arions neck “out the window”

Arion is in shock wondering what's gonna happen next. The guards burst in the door as they fly out the window onto the roof.

“STOP!” The guards yell but its too late.

When they are on the roof the man holds Arion over the edge. Arion is in a panic as the man threatens the guards.

“Let me down!” Arion yells in a panic.

“No you need to-” A bolt of something comes from one of the guards hands and Arion and the man both pass out.

Arion awakes in a cell, through the iron bar walls he can see the man.

“Finally awake I see.”

“Yea, thanks for the update” Arion says

“Alright.” A guard walks in “ You there, boy, you're free to go.” He opens the door and Arion walks out.

As Arion walks out of the town later he sees the man at the gallows. He wonders to himself what would happen if I saved him? Arion sees his face turning purple. Arion knocks out a guard, and steals his bow he aims the bow towards the rope holding the man and shoots.


Zulfrock Chpt. 2


In a town near the northern end of Ground Reach, a half elf, half orc, walks out of a building and begins walking home. He lives in an elfish town which is not good because the elves of Ground Reach despise orcs. He is constantly under attack from the people in the town and is treated like an outcast. On this particular day though his life will change. As he walks home he sees a two foot tall lizard being chased up a tree by children throwing rocks at it.

“Hey you children!” he yells “You better leave that lizard alone.”

“No way, you Chenite*.” They begin throwing rocks at him

He charges at the children and they run screaming the lizard falls and runs. He begins to walk home and when he gets home and goes to sleep he is awoken in the night by a rock flying through his window. His father runs in asking, “What's going on in here!?” another rock flies through almost hitting him “ get out! His father and mother run out, but with his wide frame he gets stuck in the doorway. Fire flys in the window and he ducks. Suddenly water flies in the window putting it out. He finally makes it outside and sees a tall man with brownish hair, although it is hard to see from the light levels. Also a girl with blue hair. The man runs up and grabs Zulfrock saying

“You have to leave!” Zulfrock sees his dad and mom being taken so he runs with this man not realizing he's following a complete stranger. They continue walking, they come upon a path roofed by hundreds of trees. It’s late now and Zulfrock hears noises from above. Suddenly a lizard jumps down onto him from above.

“Hi!” he says cheerfully “My name is Zwerin! I live at the place we’re going.”

“Sadly.” the tall man says

“Who are you people?” Zulfrock ask

“we’re a group of ‘outcasts’” the tall man replies “I’m Hathrasil”

“Why are you on my head?” Zulfrock asks the lizard

“Because I like it on peoples head it allows me to see above my normal height!”

“I see. Where are we going?” Zulfrock asks

“Here” Hathrasil says opening a grass covered door. They enter a giant courtyard full of 40 or so people walking around the majority of which surrounding a giant bon-fire in the southern end. They walk up and sit down people start telling stories about why they are there.

“uhm, where do I…” Zulfrock looks at Hathrasil laughing at someones joke “Hey Hathrasil?” he says sheepishly

“yes?” he replies

“Where do I sleep?”

“Andrawn can show you.” he says


“Me.” a grim voice from behind says he turns to see a man in blue robes with a hood up “This way.” he leads him down a cave where others are and into a room with a dresser and bed. “This is your room.” he walks off

later that evening he returns to the fire and a girl with some potions on her belt comes to the fire with a worried look on her face.


“What?” he asks

“Andrawn is missing we have to find him!”

“Maybe hes in the pantry!” Zwerin says, they all look at him like hes crazy “Maybe he wanted some bread, or a new friend.”

“Actually,” Wyryn says “ I think I heard he was going to town tonight.”

They all walked into town to the first place they would think he was, the mage shop. they go in and see Andrawn looking at scrolls on a shelf.

“Why are you here?” Hathrasil asks angrily under his breath.

“I’m a mage stupid! Can’t a mage go to town and look at scrolls without being chased by his ‘caretaker’ and sister? Evedentally not!” he says getting louder and madder

“Calm down.” Zwerin starts but are interrupted by Zulfrock falling into a rack of shelves.


Kodd Chpt. 3


The arrow hits the rope and the man falls down. there is a brief pause then people run and scream guards spring into action, the man runs with Arion out the gates Arion is seperated from the man once they’re outside the gate, and loses him.

Later he sets up a campfire even though he has nothing to cook and its a warm summers night. He slowly drifts off to sleep with his ackpack beside him. When he wakes up he sees the pack is slightly rooted through and he sees the man with his back turned from Arion sleeping. Arion walks over and sees a cooked rabbit with half on a plate half on the fire keeping warm. Arion grabs the half over the fire and devours it having not eaten for two days. As he finishes packing his bag the man wakes up.

“Don’t go!”

“Why?” Arion asks

“Because I have no supplies I won’t last a day.”

“Why should I care you’re the man who tried to kill me!”

“I was scared people do things when they’re scared.”

“Well I’m leaving!” he says and walks off

“No! I can give you protection” Arion keeps walking “Help with hunting” Arion keeps moving “A place to live!” Arion stops.


“I have a place full of outcasts like us. If you leave you’ll never be able to come.”

Arion thinks about this wondering if he should go with this newly met, he decides “What could I lose?” so he goes with this man.

“My name is Kodd, whats yours?”

“Aredin” He lies

“Any fool can see through that lie.” Kodd says.

“My name is Aredin.” He says

“Fine. Until you stop lying I will call ‘boy’.”  Kod replies slightly angrivated

“My name isn’t boy.”

“Whatever.” Kodd says and keeps walking.

They walk silently through the forest for sometime until it begins to get dark.

“Arion.” Arion says


“My name, its Arion”

“Nice to finally know.” Kodd says. “ I think we should set up camp.

They proceed to set up camp until the sun is orange behind the horizon.

“Lets go hunting.”

They go hunting and when they get to a field they see a Cino the elephant sized tiger, with spiky horns.

“Mmmm.” Kodd says “Dinner.”

“Ok I guess.” He reaches for an arrow but his quiver is empty.

“Don’t worry” Kodd punches upwards in the air, a blue glowing crystal flies up from the ground under the Cino. Kodd falls to the ground.

“WHHHAAATTT??????” Arion says running out to the dead cat as the crystal dissipates. Arion runs back to Kodd “What was that”

“Huff… magic… huff” he says wearily.

“Well, lets get it back to camp.


Andrawn Chpt. 4


“Oof” Zulfrock says crashing into the rack, a staff with orange crystals in the end falls on his lap.

“Why did you bring this oaf?” Andrawn asks angrily

“Oaf?” Zulfrock says offended “Atleast I’m no magic wielding milquetoast!”

“What are you doing?!” A frantic shopkeeper says.

“Hey its him!” 3 elves from behind say and start throwing things at them.

“Go!” Andrawn yells shooting a black bolt at a elf and takes control over his body.

Zulfrock, Hathrasil, Wyryn, and Zwerin run out of the town as Andrawn catches us as they run off.When they return to the camp the group disperses and Zulfrock goes to his room and goes to sleep.

Zulfrock awakes to giant cheerful eyes staring at him.

“Hello!” Zwerin says. “ You’ve been asleep for hours! It’s 5 in the morning!”

“And why would I wake up at 5 in the morning?” Zulfrock begins. “And why are in my room anyhow? I could’ve sworn I locked the door last night.”

“It was locked.” Zulfrock looks to the door seeing the lockpicking tools on the ground. “Those were to difficult so i removed the lock.” He now notices the lock mechanism lying on the ground.

“Get off me.” Zulfrock says learning to just go with whatever this crazy lizard throws at him.

He follows Zwerin to the center of the camp to the center fire and have some extremely large eggs for breakfast. Zulfrock wonders what could be in the egg, but he dismisses it. After breakfast Zulfrock asks Hathrasil what this place even is.

“Its a camp of outcasts.” Hathrasil starts “We’re just people who have been rejected by other cultures.”

“HATHRASIL!” Zwerin yells running towards Zulfrock and Hathrasil. “They bandits are back!”

“Oh no Hathrasil says and runs off towards the commotion.”


Submitted: December 25, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Reach. All rights reserved.

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