Island surival

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Two teenaged boys stuck on island fighting to survive
Will they make it through the vacation that went wrong or will they dry up under the hot sun?

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011





As the gentle waves took James and Harry onto the soft smooth sand, the great sunshine beat over them. They lay there for at least an hour until one of them a woken from a deep sleep. Harry nudged James trying to get his attention, he was successful and they looked around in amazement! Where were they? How were they here? How did they get here? These were all questions razing through there confused minds.

It was no good for Harry and James just lying there so they decided to get up and explore this magical and mysterious island. Of course they had to find food to eat and shelter for the night ahead so they had their eyes peeled looking for something suitable. Harry looked and scanned his pocket trying to discover anything to contact the outside world, but that was no good, all he found was a few sweets and a torch.  

Let’s carry on Harry demanded. All looked bad until they saw a torch in the distance at the top of a very tall tree. Suddenly both Harry and James were sprinting towards the tree hoping they weren’t the only ones there. When they arrived at the tree they saw the torch but nothing interesting. They both studied the tree harder. ‘What’s that’? Shouted Harry. There was a tall wooden ladder climbing up the tall tree. Who put this here?

They climbed to the top of the great tree, nothing interested them at first but that was all soon going to change! James looked behind him and there it was the great city of Morsoon. The city was huge. Many Orks lived in this grand city. Orks were small looking humans with 3 hairy arms! Harry and James were spotted by the Orks on look out and a loud bellowing alarm was raised.

The two friends were taken to the king Ork! He was very surprised to see him and were quickly taken to a nice fresh bed and served with stuffed pork!! Why were they getting treated so well? Suddenly there was a large bang outside the city and there many Orks running around screaming down in the city centre! What was happening? What was outside the great city walls of Morsoon! Harry and James raced to highest point of the tower and discovered that there was great flock of humans.

Were they getting rescued? The Orks had a great army and so the army went out and try and see what was going on. Suddenly there was great voice coming from the speaker on the other side of the wall. Everything other than that James and Harry couldn’t remember because they were spayed by some kind of spay and out cold!

The next morning both Harry and James woke up in their normal beds and both were puzzled. Was a dream or were they rescued by the humans. A few minutes later Harry tried ringing James and he asked him about everything. But James just laughed and laughed and said he was pathetic. But in his pocket were sweet rappers and a torch…


By Tom Read

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Island surival

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